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Jon Gosselin Settles Up with TLC

2/17/2010 2:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TLC and Jon Gosselin have settled their respective lawsuits against each other .... TMZ has learned.

Jon Gosselin Settles Up with TLC

TLC sued Gosselin claiming Jon violated their contract by talking smack about the show and appearing on rival shows for pay.

Gosselin countersued TLC, claiming the network caused him to suffer harm to his "reputation."

Terms of the settlement are confidential.

Jon and Kate


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I agree with #38's post. I feel that TLC realized that Jon and Kate
's relationship was doomed. And they made a deal with Kate (because most side with the mom) and felt they could make a show with her and the kids, easier than Jon and the kids. I don't blame Jon, if you truly watched the show and not just the kids, he was treated like a flunky and kate totally bullied him. She is spoiled and he loved her and wanted to please her and come on with 6 babies at once and the two twins, his head was probably spinning. She totally told him what to do and when to do it. We may have see some hissy fits out of him but it was just how she was emasulating him. She is some piece of work, she saw the money and she has gone for it. They did not need that million dollar home to raise those kids. She wanted it. There was a show that showed them house hunting and he said it would be nice but they didn't need all of it. And when she started to dress, and expect the best, he decided he would do it to and she reacted by degrading him. The press and TLC have made him look like the bad guy and they did it in hopes to keep making money off of kate. And she doesn't care that he is the kids dad and all that she just cares about how she can profit. She has been given the best lawyers, and everything she needs, I believe by TLC so they can keep profiting. They knew the money was with the kids and if they hit Jon hard enough he would have to give in. Leave the guy alone. If you guys really look at it you could see it. And if you lady's really look at it kate is like those spoiled, selfish women that uses whatever she can to grease her own pockets and self esteam. I can't stand her and if anyone calls her a good mom they need to look again. She looks board and snaps and bosses anyone and everyone. The only ones she is nice to is TLC. And now this dancing thing is a joke. She lost the talk show. Jon I believe has been able to stop any future shows with the kids. So now she is dancing. Using the kids money to build a dance studio. Who's the one out of control......He's not using the kid's or the money that was made to further his wallet. Wake up world. Just because she's cute and can play it, doesn't make it true.

1696 days ago


in other words he can pay his support now with the earnings?

1711 days ago


Oh my God, enough about that douche bag already. I am SO over him!!! He needs to grow a set, and be a father to those eight children...

1711 days ago


The only one that caused harm to Jon's reputation was Jon. TLC didn't make him whore around, or talk to Paps, or make the decisions he did.

1711 days ago


CRAP! Jon if you sold your children out to save your stinky butt& your stubby thing you are a low life dad.....

1711 days ago


its a Pennsylvania thing i think post 7

1711 days ago


The douche is loose...

1711 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

So....the grade "A" douche probably settled by letting them film Kate and the kids again. He needs help to pay his child support.

Spineless fish he is...

1711 days ago


I heard Kate may have her own show on TLC...Im guessing without the kids. Im sure Jon wants that too.
They made SO much money from that show and got SO many things for free. Her tummy tuck, trips, clothing, probably part of their gigantic house and Im sure much more.
They don't realize that they signed on to be on TV. It was okay for them to air the good fun times. They don't think about any bad times that may happen and be aired.

1711 days ago

Concerned American    

Please don't tell me we are going to have to look at him again!! It's been so nice not having to look at that ugly piece of crap on tv!!

1711 days ago


His reputation??? LOL
It's been so nice with the Gosselins out of the news. Let's keep it that way!

1711 days ago

Setled or not, this douche-bag's so-called career is over.

1711 days ago


This guy is such a grade A loser! Why does anyone pay him a thing!!

1711 days ago


This greasy loser hasn't been near his kids for a month while he trotted around with his fat, ugly little girlfriend in Park City and Hawaii. You can bet you will see his kids on TV again-he sold them out so he can continue to be a lazy loooooooooooooser.

1711 days ago


Jon looks that way because his mother is Korean.
His kids have Korean features too.

1711 days ago
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