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Lindsay Lohan -- How to Impress a Judge

2/18/2010 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's DUI progress hearing was in court today, so here's a pic that will surely impress the judge: Lindsay leaving a club in London -- today at 4:30 AM!

Fact is ... Lindsay didn't have to show up in Bev Hills court because she's attending her alcohol ed classes as required. Her lawyer, the effervescent Shawn Chapman Holley, will take care of business.

Cheers, Lindsay.

UPDATE: We were just in court. The judge gave Lindsay a thumbs up on her progress report.


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Lindsay is a cocaine addled drunken sperm burping gutter slut.

1671 days ago

Wild Honey Pie    

How do you become a has been at such a young age? She needs to make a real comeback soon!

1671 days ago

Nancy "O"    

4:30 A.M.???? Unable to make a ourt appearance but she is in compliance? NOT! Lock this crazy biatch up Judge...enough with the celebrity card!

1671 days ago


She's so ugly, gross and trashy! She should be on Celebrity Rehab! Awhile ago there was a big thing how she's under 21 so why is she getting served..I don't know her age now but these places should get introuble for serving underage celebs. Normal places would get fined or worse for serving underage normal people. Celebs should be no different..especially since alot end up having drug/alcohol problems so young..nice role models, huh?

1671 days ago


So what's the story here? You start off by insinuating she's doing something wrong, then go on to say she's done nothing wrong. I swear TMZ staff are a bunch of little bitches just like Perez. Were any of you liked in school or did you spend most of the time stuffed in a locker going hungry because someone stole your lunch money. I guess as long as you're taking a swing at someone you're happy..whether it's warrented or not.

1671 days ago


1671 days ago


good luck to her......being out of control is for chumps

1671 days ago


Being in London at 4:30am is like being out around here at 9-10pm. She doesn't look sloppy drunk, in fact, she looks fresh faced and happy. Glad for her! She needs to get her life back on track. Enjoy it, don't destroy it girl!

1671 days ago


Glad to hear that she is sober and doing so much better.

1671 days ago

Obama is a socialist    

What a mess... Who dies first? Lohan or Amy Winehouse???

1671 days ago


From FIBiker:
"Lindsay is a cocaine addled drunken sperm burping gutter

You really need to open up a little more on your feelings get more in touch. Stop holding back. We know you can come up with funnier descriptions then that.

But that one is pretty LMAO!!!!

1671 days ago


Was not going out a stipulation of her DUI conviction? If not what the hell does it matter if she's going out!! Was she even intoxicated and more importantly did she even drive after leaving the club? No story here but you a get a C for effort.

1671 days ago


TMZ if you remember the last time Lindsay was in court with this judge Lindsay was completely wasted and the judge ignored it and said Linds is doing good.

Seems safe to assume the judge is an addict themselves.

1671 days ago


The judge was paid off!!! That's why he continuously gives her the thumbs up when 1.) she shows up in court wasted or 2.) is out partying it up in clubs and bars when her court date rolls around.
She looks like s h i t and has no parents willing to do for her what Britney's parents did. It's only a matter of time for Lindsay.

1670 days ago


Obviously the dumb judge doesn't frequent TMZ!

1670 days ago
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