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Tiger Woods' Wife -- Branded!

2/18/2010 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren may not be wearing a wedding ring, but these pictures are the most powerful proof yet she's behind Tiger Woods.

Elin is swooshed out in Nike gear -- the company that stood behind Tiger. It's more than coincidental that Tiger was snapped yesterday with his own Nike accoutrement.

The pic was taken as Elin picked her daughter up from school this AM.

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Crosseyed Mary    

No wonder he was steppin' out on her...she dresses like a teenaged boy from the hood.

1708 days ago


Naturally this is going to make me forget Nike's complete abuse of third-world labour and make me rush out to buy their obscenely overpriced goods.

1708 days ago


Quit judging people you lifeless fools. Go worry about your own lives I don't think Tiger being a huge man whore and his wife and himself work things out is anything anyone but them have to worry about.

Hate tiger all you want, leave her out of it. Nobody but them know what really even happened so stop being brainless fools and insulting the poor women.

Take it out on Tiger otherwise STFU.

1708 days ago


of course it's all about the money for her. it's nike that butters tiger's bread and hers down the road. she makes me sick.

1708 days ago


for those who think this is just a coincidence,

remember that everything is orchestrated and controlled in tigerland. boost nike and diss accenture which is currently sponsoring a golf tournament in arizona. it is so quintessentially tiger.

the problem is people are cynical about him now and all this is forming a backlash on not just him but on his wife as well.

elin has no personality of her own apart from tiger so she is sticking with a life that is far better than what it could have been without tiger's money.

if elin stands with him tom, then that's confirmation that she really is a gold digger.

1708 days ago


Puuuhhh-lllleeeeezzz she was going to work out and she already had nike gear big whoop

1708 days ago


This is truely pathetic. Pimping Nike all of a sudded.

1708 days ago


Although the media is reporting that Elin Nordegren will not be attending Tiger’s press conference, the more I think about it, the more I feel that Elin may attend and I would not be too surprised if she did.

1708 days ago


cause they get all there sh!t for free! that's why she's wearing it!


1707 days ago

Sonney Dey    

He likes the skank tail just like Jourdan, Magic, Barkley, and countless outer Superstars do. What's the big deal!?!

1678 days ago


shaking head unbelievable...guess folks have short memories..you really want to dump on Woods family?? ok what he did was wrong in everyone's eyes but is he the first? will he be the last? don't think so! this is an issue that has to be solved/settled between wife n husband not the whole world...do we have all the details? most likely not!! think about the not so far past of others that could not keep their zippers zipped...were they kicked out of their lively hood? was their family torn apart?
last but not least...would YOU want YOUR family/personal life spread across the news? across the TV? around the world? do YOU live in a glass house??

1676 days ago


elin, pls stick to ur marriage. your man has made serval mistakes but no one ever said marriage was easy.he really loves u.
would love to get in touch with u

1682 days ago
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