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Sean Penn --

Lifesaving Hero in Haiti

2/26/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn is personally responsible for saving two lives Thursday during a rescue mission in Haiti -- a woman and an orphan child badly injured in the rubble of a collapsed building ... TMZ has learned.


Penn -- who runs the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization -- drove an hour and a half with his daughter Dylan to rescue a woman and child who were trapped in rubble outside Port-au-Prince, possibly from an aftershock.

An eyewitness tells TMZ Penn helped extricate the woman, who suffered leg injuries, and the child, who suffered head injuries. Penn drove them in his truck to the University of Miami hospital camp in Port-au-Prince.

We're told Penn waited while the woman and child were treated for their injuries and then took them back to his place.

The woman and the child have nowhere to go, and Penn won't leave them until they have a safe place to go.


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This is such a planted story. He drove 1.5 hours to help dig this woman out of the rubble? Please, with all that's going on in Haiti, there were no people there to help and she had to wait for Penn to show up? That's the biggest joke I've heard. It's a complete fabrication for publicity.

1699 days ago


BULLSH!T I don't believe this story at all. This guys is an idiot and will do anything to get people to think he really cares. People, he don't care!!!!

1699 days ago


Its great to see a celebrity who is usually on the other side of the lens helping those in need! Sean Penn has always lended his help to those who are unfortunate!

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1699 days ago


It's amazing that he can be such a great humanitarian, and yet such a jerk. Here he's waving to the media, yet now he's got a case for attacking a photog in L.A. Jekyll/Hyde, I guess.

1699 days ago



1699 days ago

stinky mcgee    

Camera! Action!!!! Oh, wait - it was for humanitarian reasons, not publicity... yeah. right.

1698 days ago


No, what pisses "us" (read: Americans) off is that Penn is an Anti-American who makes his money IN America! It's really sad that you (both) hate America so much. Go pedal your politics somewhere else-like Huff Post. You are a typical progressive. Demeaning anyone who has a different opinion than you by using your standard Alinsky MO. You are attacking how people write, what they say, etc. The WAY people write isn't what is important here, it's what their message is. People are sick of people like Penn who ridicule our country. If he hates it so much, why is he here?
I happen to love his acting. I think what he is doing in Haiti is heroic. He's not doing it for press, he's doing it because he cares about the people that are suffering. I even understand his violent attacks against the press, at times. But he is the most un-American man, and that pisses me off.

1698 days ago


That look of self-satisfaction on his face is disgusting. He needs to fade into obscurity in Venezuela.

1698 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

jajajajaja......and he drove uphill both ways on severely muddy roads in blinding rain with waterspouts in the area after he got a call from Hugo pleading for his really!!!!! Fix our economy and solve our domestic problem superhero.............

viva Argentina!!!!!!!!!

1698 days ago


'ol balls sure loves groveling to the stars.
At least Kooky is sometimes funny; but balls is just hairy and sweaty.
Do his parents know he is still up? Do they care?
Crack is whack

1698 days ago


Sean Penn comes off as a great guy who really gives a damn.

1698 days ago


After several attempts, I finally tracked down balls.
You'll never believe who it is!!!!
Think in the closet.
Think very feminine acting.
Think rehab bound.
You got it!!!!!

Sad isn't it????
But we do love a good jerky boi story..

1698 days ago


Go Sidewinder!!!!!
You da man!!
Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1698 days ago


Just an obvious question: So, someone had to tell Sean that two people were trapped an hour and a half away, to which he drove an hour and a half to reach. What did the people or person that knew that these people were trapped do during this time that Sean could do, but they could not?

Or was it that the indigenious actually freed them from the rubble and he ran up there in his truck to haul them back?

Just wondering is all.

1698 days ago


#3 Steve:

Right on!

1698 days ago
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