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'Price Is Right' Suit - They Called Me 'Wide Load'

3/1/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A former "Price Is Right" model claims the show was so cruel about staffers becoming pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage from stress and abuse.

'Price Is Right

Brandi Cochran claims she became pregnant in 2007 but didn't tell anyone because she was afraid of getting fired. Brandi claims the stress was so severe, "that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage."

Brandi claims when she told a producer about the miscarriage, the producer told her, "It's natures way of getting rid of a bad baby."

In late 2008, Cochran became pregnant again. She claims, in the lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, a producer put his hands on his head when he learned she was having twins.

In the docs, Brandi claims when she walked past a producer he said, "Wide load coming through."

Brandi says she had complications from the pregnancy and went on disability. She claims she was eventually squeezed out of her job on February 23.

Brandi was a prize model during Bob Barker's reign as well as Drew Carey's.

CBS had no comment on the lawsuit.


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Yeah ok, we believe you.

1696 days ago


I guess 200 facelifts weren't enough to keep her job.

1696 days ago


seems like she is trying to get some money, and she probably didnt even have a miscarriage, how can they prove that? could of been an abortion....just like tila tequila...ugh that girl....would make interesting gossip fodder! why does no one cover her?? HA

1696 days ago

ray ray    

"The Name is Right", she is a wide load. And not much of a puss on this one either.

1696 days ago

ray ray    

Kim Kardashian's butt is so big, its taking up the whole message board for the story. So I have to leave a comment here. That's a nice mansion you and Reggie have.

1696 days ago


What I find most puzzling about this is that it seems that ALL the Price is Right models sue the producers eventually. What the hell is going on over there?

1696 days ago

TOO BAD SO SAD :-p    

Ms Cochran, if you read these comments, please just disregard the cretins here. Unfortunately, there are certain people who are such losers, they are compelled to lash out for no other reason than to be obnoxious.

Truly sorry for your loss; & being victimized by the infamous legacy of chauvinism on The Price is Right.

1696 days ago


PRICE IS RIGHT must be an easy place to sue.

Come to think of it I was there once, yeah, now I remember.

Tripped down the stairs when my name was called.


1696 days ago


Time to set up the college fund for the twins. It's people like Brandi that is causing this country to go down the toilet quick. Choke on your settlement sweetheart.

1696 days ago


6. Armageddon coming soon God will rid the world of all the white demons walking the earth turning red in the sun showing their true colors. Prepare yourself for the day of reckoning.

Posted at 6:46PM on Mar 1st 2010 by Sam

Sam...thanks for the warning...I just sold all my stocks...

1696 days ago


She should have quit her job the first time. The stress was so severe, and then she is pregnant the second time and has a miscarriage due to the stress on her job. Sorry, but I think she should have known better to find some alternatives before it affected her pregnancy.

1696 days ago


Is it just me or dose anyone else think that if you are a model and you get pregnant then dont expect to keep your job. Lets be honest here your job is to stand there and make me want to **** you and well most men dont want to **** a lady who is pregnant. Second really get a sense of ****ing humor, I mean really people are so sensitive about the most little things these days that i wonder if they dont take offence to stuff just so they can sue , i mean you are having twins you are going to be large at the end of it, so you will be a wide load.

1696 days ago


Miscarriages are awful, but I'm sorry, this is just stupid.

'In the docs, Brandi claims when she walked past a producer he said, "Wide load coming through."'

FFS just shut up. So because a producer, aka, someone that you knew, made an entirely INNOCENT joke about the fact that women, and not just YOU, get larger when they're pregnant, you're going to site it as a reason that you had a miscarriage? Really? REALLY?

MUCH worse jokes have been made about pregnant women. If you have such thin skin that THAT joke caused you an apparently insurmountable load of grief, you have NOBODY to blame for your stress but yourself. It was a JOKE lady. Jesus.

Whatever idiot lawyer you hired that thought this was a good case is just as big of an idiot. I hope the stress of the lawsuit causes you to gain 5 lbs, so that you can cry about how life is so cruel and it's the end of the world.


1696 days ago


I enjoy the spammers and no-real-comment commenters and know that life is right with them amongst us.

She's a pretty lady.

1696 days ago


As long as a lawsuit is treated like a lottery ticket in this country we will have lying, conniving, distgusting people like this chick. Only costs a few dollars to file and the possible payout is huge. Make this woman pay the legal bills of the The Price is Right after this is hopefully thrown out of court and maybe she will think twice.

1696 days ago
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