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Stun Gun Mess Connected to Jackson Divorce

3/4/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson's messy divorce set up a series of events that led to a knock at Katherine Jackson's door by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services ... TMZ has learned.

Jermaine filed for divorce from Alejandra Jackson in 2004. They fought hard over child support. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Jermaine pressured Alejandra to live with the couple's two children -- Jaafar and Jermajesty -- in the Jackson family home in Encino. Alejandra claimed in the docs Jermaine wanted her to live in his mom's home so he didn't have to pay her support.

In legal docs filed last year, Alejandra complained most of the support money she received was from Katherine, frequently in the form of gift cards from Ralphs supermarket -- the very same place Jaafar bought a credit card so he could purchase the stun gun online.

Alejandra has been living in Katherine's home, along with Jaafar and Jermajesty, Genevieve and Randall -- the latter two kids were born during Alejandra's marriage to Randy Jackson, Jermaine's brother. Another minor, Donte, is living in the home -- a child the Jackson's essentially adopted. Add to that Michael Jackson's three kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket and 79-year-old Katherine is juggling responsibilities for 8 children.

Turns out 26 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms came in handy. Who knew?


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1. Chad johnson Ochocinco caught in the buff is MUCH more interesting than wackos

Posted at 3:08AM on Mar 4th 2010 by Meetu2nyte

Read more:

And still you couldn't help but get in here to read! Harvey is right to throw the Michael Jackson name now and then, people will flock like mad just to have a glimpse of the article. Meetu2nyte you're sadder than sad my dear!

1671 days ago


Encino may be Katherine's home but it was Michael's property. Alejandro got financial support from Katherine?? Katherine got her money from Michael and she still gets money from Michael's estate. So, the bottom line is...Michael is STILL supporting all these parasites. No wonder he wanted little or nothing to do with his family. As for Jermaine.....GGGGRRRRRR. He's a complete leech. Get rid of Jermaine's kids. The house is for Katherine and Michael's three children not for the million of hangers-on. Jaafar seems like a VERY jealous young man and needs attention before it's too late. Today a stun gun, tomorrow....who knows what??

1671 days ago

shid i wish i would    

Hell Naw. Didnt Jerminfestor make some $$$ off that wack azz reality show, and didnt he and the victim/MRS have a home. He had the nerve to say he wanted more kids **throws TV across street**
2300 Jackson Street Always Home ome. Not Hayvenhurst. *PLAN* $29.99 U-HAUL take Alejore and all 5 of those children (3grown) and move. TODAY!!!! Visit like normal people. Talk about wearing out your welcome. Wait for an invite to come back its time to turn in the clickers and keys. Talk about sorry. UGH BOO BYE

1671 days ago


The Jacksons are trashy low-life bottom-feeders, how sad for Michael Jackson's kids to be sucked into their sleazy lives. And why is an 80 yr old woman caring for EIGHT children?

1671 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

Sparky Jackson and the Electric Blanket Boogaloo.

LOL! Sounds like a Tom Wolfe Novel.

1671 days ago


You know, MJ could've lived 40 more years in Indiana.

Unluckily, he had to live for the world of backstabbing idiots such as his lazy mother, "friends", JOE & his mentally-deficient brothers.
In the last 2 DECADES, where're music recordings of these LIVE brothers? So-called talented family?
The JERKMaine Jackasson family ignored MJ. Now everyone abuses the kids, BUT Michael was treated like the worst criminal
when he wanted sick kids to survive!

1671 days ago


This is EXACTLY why KATHERINE requested more money from the estate, in order take care of this posse. It is the trustees responsibility to step in and see how the money is being spent. Thank goodness, impaired as he might have been, Michael had the good sense to appoint trustees that were professionals and not family members. Could you imagine if Katherine (and Joe) would have had immediate control of the entire estate. New Bentley's all around!!!

1671 days ago


..But you know more people than that live there? and even more stay there from time to time...TMZ you havent done enough 'research':P.Plus most people living in that house ARE adults :) Not only Katherine takes care of the children.

1671 days ago



1671 days ago

capt andy    

all you boneheads complaining aboput social services being in that household are wrong,,if you ask me they need to set up a sattilite officve in that house..i heard on the news last night up to 14 kids are living in that house at any given time,,kids by different brothers and same mothers and fighting and drinking going on,,and when are these kids going to school..oh those poor poor children of wackos,,he must be spinning like a turbine in his crypt after hearing these things on the im sure his custom crypt has all the good things like a microwave,cable tv ,internet,telephone.etc etc etcim sure they are keeping katherine drunk on cheap wine and spending that money like nothing else..and just where is diana ross and latoya and janet while all this is going on..seems like they are never around..joe really needs to step into the situation and kick some jackson ass

1671 days ago


Jermaine should start talking care of his own responsibilities rather than dunping them on the poor old mother who needs rest.He is going obout talking Michael,we all know his aim.I say stop Jermaine,you can never evr be MICHAEL,AND LEAVE YOUR MOM TO CARE FOR MJ'S KIDS.You just make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1671 days ago

kathy 40    

I don't want to bash the Jacksons, because after all they lost their son and brother. Except for that EGOMANIAC, Jermaine. He just said in an interview in Holland, when asked if it was true that his family is taking advantage of MJ, money- or otherwise:
"Michaels is succes, is Jacksons' success. There would have been no MICHAEL JACKSON without US". This is how arrogant the guy is. Why won't the family stop him wandering about REPRESENTING them and MJ? And why is it always JERMAINE, LATOYA OR JOE being interviewed after MJ passed. These 3 are exactly the ones who helped the Tabloidpress bring him down and hurt him so much. Sorry to say this, but right now I think they would be better off with their birthmother Debbie Rowe. They would be OUT of the limelight for a change. Katherine is MJ's mother he loved so much, but reality is that she is too old to bring up those kids by herself. So now she must depend on a nanny, her 60-year old daughter Rebbie and a disfunctional twice-ex-daughter-in-law. Since 25 June 2009 I cry everyday for MJ's kids. Imagine being with a Daddy who adored them, took care of them like a mother usually does, and now this......RIP Sweetheart, we pray for your 3 little Angels!!

1671 days ago


This whole family is so f@cked up it's ridiculous. All of them...every single one of them is a useless mess. The Mother doesn’t have a chance looking after these kids. They should all be sold for science experiments.

1671 days ago


I don't believe this story. On the Jackson family Dynasty series which aired a couple of months ago the couple appeared to be happily married. As far as the amount of people staying in Katherine's house who cares it is her house no MJ is gone. Those are all of her grandchildren not just MJs and I would hope that she loves them all the same. Where would some of us be without the help of our grandparents. And I am sure as children MJ3 enjoys playing with other kids. MJ did not hate has family that is crazy. They have stuck by him throughout all of his legal battles. I think like all of us at times we get fustrated with our family but at the end of the day those are the people who have our back. He even mention how he loves all of them in This is It. So as far as the critisium of the family it needs to stop because they are not perfect and neither was Michael.

1671 days ago


The press need to stop beating up on the Jackson family. Most families have problems with teenagers, especially boys. So this is not unique. Not like the kid murdered anybody like those Columbine kids or the Menendez boys.

1671 days ago
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