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Ben Roethlisberger Photographed With Accuser

3/8/2010 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger had his arm around his accuser before the alleged assault ... and she had a big grin as she wrapped her arms around him. No doubt Ben's lawyer -- rightly or wrongly -- will make hay of this.

We now know the accuser's identity -- we will not post the picture in this story. A photo of the two taken at Capital City bar in Milledgeville, Georgia shortly before the alleged incident shows a cozy scene -- at least at that moment in time.

Of course, a photo never tells the whole story, and the mood could have darkened in an instant. Police sources tell TMZ the woman claims Roethlisberger sexually assaulted her in the women's bathroom.

And, other women in the bar also posed for photos with Roethlisberger before the alleged incident.

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Ms. Hysterical    

Why is this guy always hanging out with women so much younger than him. He's almost thirty but he's always around people in their early twenties. The big tough football player seems a little insecure. Can't you get girls your own age Ben?

1636 days ago


smells like a shakedown to me.

what some women will do for a few minutes of fame and a few bucks these days.

so she was seen crying - shes acting! its all part of the game.

TMZ seems to be obsessed with this story because they have nothing else to report on.

It's ironic that TMZ was the leader in breaking stories, most often cited and credited by major news services.

With the wake of the Fatney and Blohan stories, *real* celebs stopped going to clubs, and doing stupid things in public etc. Only the B-listers and below do their best to be seen in public.

TMZ has run out of steam and has resorted to unrealistic journalism i.e. national enquirer like quality story captions. Or repeating stories time and time again with actually nothing new to report - just to fill up website space and hope for site/advertiser hits to make a profit.

When you have to verbally assault a celeb to get a picture, you have a problem. When you have to stalk the same celeb day after day, you have a problem. What can one picture tell that the one shown the day before can't?

Bottom line - TMZ shot itself in the foot, its 15min of fame gone, and this is all we have to look forward to from an outfit who came out of the gate running.

1636 days ago


Nobody knows what really happened so how can anyone yet be sure if he is innocent or guilty yet. Thats what the justice system is for. Although, when you have money it talks the big talk and walks the big walk. Everyone in America should know this after the OJ trial. I am not saying this guy did it but does anyone know? Who cares if she poised for a picture with this guy he is a famous football player.... If a little girl poses with her favorite football star is she asking to be raped? If you think so that is truly sad. People pose with stars all the time does not mean they want to have sex with them. It is wrong though to call this girl a "whore" or "goldigger" so now women who claim sexual assault are whores so sad. No wonder so many children are sexual molested or raped and never tell anyone for years. This is giving little girls or boys more fear to not come out with sexual abuse because there afraid they will be called hurtful names, and prosecuted by people who really don't have the place to say anything. I am not saying this guy is guilty, but let a court decided that. Don't be calling this women a whore, or making obscene comments or threats. Because more than likely she will drop the charges and have more scaring if this did happen. Thats not ok. If someone is accused of sexual assualt most of the time it happened. Let the court decided, if this man did sexually assualt this women he needs to be put away. I agree with tmz not to post her picture she is supposed to be the victim. I understand why they wouldn't post it for for other reasons as well. Oh and this will no way ruin this mans career if he ends up not being guilty, hello Micheal Jackson, Tiger woods, etc etc. Sometimes scandal makes a person even more famous and they still had or have careers. So don't say it will ruin his career.

1636 days ago

hot snot    

to the one calling me a racist now....PAH-LEEZ. I said the other day he was the wrong color to be a rapist. did they check to see if Tiger was there that night too? Don't call me a racist now, i always have been.

1636 days ago


The soap opera begins in Milladgeville Georgia.
Get used to TV news trucks and newspaper reporters hanging around. This is like Hollywood's come in to town for 'nothing ever goes on here in nowheresville USA.' 'Do ya like boiled peanuts Mister Reporter?'

1636 days ago

dirty diana    

yeah every now and then a white boy messes up and acts like a black one, but you asked for that one.

1636 days ago


Ok so we all know this guy isn't that bright. Remember he's the guy who was riding a motorcycle without a helmet...Probably because of his celebrity he's had a few girls who didn't quite mind him messing with them and has probably lost touch with when to and not to cross the line...I think this one is legit..The first one not so sure...

1636 days ago

Wake the hell up    

I have some interesting trivia for you all who are gettin pissy about the race card! Turns out mexico has a problem with Educational supplies being available. They cant afford to have drivers ED. and sex education in there public schools any longer. Turns out they only have one donkey.

1636 days ago


Looks bad for ben, seems like he was in preditor mode that night. Why was he in a collage town bar looking for younger girls who we all know are really alot younger than there fake id's say they are. What a perve!!

1636 days ago


I never make a habit out of passing judgement on people,but this really needs to be said,when are these IDIOTS(especially ATHLETES) going to stop being so STUPID by constantly putting themselves in compromising situations where these pitiful excuses for women can exploit them for money.I wasn't there so I don't know what happened,but anytime a female uses RAPE just for financial reasons is basically spitting in the face of all the women who have been sexually assaulted.I hope the REAL truth comes out and if Ben is innocent,then shame on this LITTLE GIRL for doing this;and as for you BIG BEN,GROW UP club hopping is out dated and down right dangerous for rich athletes like you.You have millions of dollars and a huge house,if you want to hang out, invite some of your boys over and keep your ignorant behind out of these dang clubs.There I'm done!

1636 days ago


Of course TMZ has a picture of her they bought and paid for it from another college student. This girl does not deserve the type of treatment she is getting. A rich, famous guy came into that bar knowing that the girls would be awed but NO means NO. She isn't after his money. In fact she would like nothing more than for that night not to have happened. Her name should be private just the way any victim of a crime has their name kept private. I know you wouldn't want your wife, sister or daughter to by talked about that way. I hope you never have to know how that feels.

1636 days ago


How do we not know Ben is not the victim here? Boys will be boys, but women contain ultimate right to claim foul whenever they damn well please. No one knows what fully happened, its all under investigation. I dont care if you honestly think this woman would never lie, I can easily say I dont think Ben will ever lie, it doesnt make me or you right. No one knows, its all being investigated...

Its unfair to call her the victim at this point and treat her as one. So meanwhile, we all bash and ridicule the possible victim while the possible guilty one gets the right to secrecy. Give me a damn break, if that makes sense to anyone, you need to get your IQ checked.

1636 days ago


deport him back to Europe

1636 days ago


It's not like this is the first time this has happened. Once a sex offender ALWAYS a sex offender!! It doesn't matter how many times he gets away with it. One of these times he's going to try to "assault" the wrong woman and she's going to throw his big fat ass in jail once and for all. Then his team and his sponsers are going to drop him like a sack full of rotten potatos which is what he is!! Karma is a b--CH baby hope he enjoys the same treatment in jail!!!! He's going to be the one crying "assault".

1636 days ago

hot snot    

Rachel...who cares if he is ugly? When has an ugly rich guy NOT been able to get any crotch he wants? Look at Tiger. One of the ugliest multi-breeds on the planet and he still bangs the money hungry club grubs. Fact is that most women will do ANYTHING for money. Either spreading their legs or spreading rumors when it doesn't pay out for them. Im a chick...i know how low we can go

1636 days ago
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