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Cops: Big Ben Accuser Was 'Hysterical'

3/8/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman accusing Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault was "hysterical" when she spoke with cops ... this according to a source at the Milledgeville Police Department.

We're told Ben's accuser arrived at the P.D. with three other women. According to a source at the police department, Ben's accuser was extremely emotional and looked like she had been crying for hours.

Ben's agent, Ryan Tollner, said on Friday, "we are skeptical of motive." Our source begged to differ, saying Ben's accuser did not look like a girl who was making it up.

Roethlisberger has not been charged.

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I live near Pittsburgh, and have dated some beautiful women who know Ben (and the other steelers). I am constantly told about how rude and cold Ben is to people, and how he expects women (servers at bars and restaurants) to just "sleep with me or go away". I've heard it multiple times from multiple women.

He's still a badass, though. Women are liars, therefor I still take bens side despite those comments.

1668 days ago


Hopefully, there will be a full and proper investigation -- investigating such things as whether the woman who testified that his first accuser is lying was paid off. If he is found guilty, he should do jail time and not be allowed to play in the NFL again.

It's time these professional sports leagues take a stand and not allow those engaging in this kind of behavior to represent their league.

1668 days ago


Sounds like TMZ already has Ben convicted.

TMZ= alleged victim-Judge-jury-executioner.

1668 days ago


Any woman, at anytime, anywhere, can accuse any guy of sexual anything and destroy a guys life and these sluts know it.

1668 days ago


If Ben where white, he'd be in jail by now.

1668 days ago


Who knows what happened? Perhaps they were fooling around in the bathroom and she didn't want to go further and Ben wouldn't take no for an answer. Or maybe they had sex in the bathroom and he treated her like crap afterward and she was upset so she cried rape. I doubt she was thinking the whole night that "I'm going to have sex with him then accuse him of rape to get his money." There needs to be evidence along with the accusation like bruises etc. Regardless, let's wait for the facts to come out before calling out either Ben or the woman/victim.

1668 days ago


Legal drinking age in Gerogia is 21 at last check.... Whats this 20 year old doing in bars ?

1668 days ago


21 to drink, 18 to get in a bar in Georgia.

1668 days ago

Jerry Martin    

He can kiss his career goodbye. What a dumbass.

1668 days ago


he might not be guilty of rape but he is guilty of extreme stupidity. Find yourself a girlfriend Ben and stop hooking up with these skanks. It shouldn't be that difficult being a rich quarterback. If you continue having sex in bathrooms and hotel rooms with strangers you are going to end up broke, in jail, or both. Leave the skank hookups to the Jersey Shore, you are better than that. They have it perfected and won't get charged with rape because nobody would want to publicly admit they hooked up with them and there is no money to go after.

1668 days ago


Ben once got busy in a Burger King bathroom....... "allegedly"

1668 days ago

Rip It Up    

Hey Ben, perhaps your penis is too big and these ladies just can't take it. They tell you to stop, but you've got to "finish the project". I'm just sayin'.

1668 days ago


the first accusation that was made was laughed at by people who new her. This one i dont know about. But to be honest who would be that famous and that willing to take pictures. not to mention already having some scandolous women lie about something like this. Then go and do something like this.....idk i think he is probley innocent...but then again u never know

1668 days ago


Rape isnt about sex its about power. he may have women throwing themselves at him but that does not mean he is not a rapist. i live in pgh and every one here is so dumbly blinded by steelers football and hero worship for the guy that he could be caught redhanded and wed somehow find a way to excuse him. ben is an ungrateful douchbag who complains about pittsburgh and pittsburghers and we still worship him. Wake up pittsburgh. instead of demonizing the girl and saying she is a golddigger or she asked for it face reality.hes not a good person. and everybody calling that girl a slut i hope no one u love ever gets raped

1668 days ago


Sounds like she is just out for the money. electronic cigarettes

1668 days ago
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