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Roethlisberger Accuser Drops Out, Goes Home

3/9/2010 10:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger Sexual Assault Ben Roethlisberger's alleged sexual assault victim is at home with her parents after dropping out of school, TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources tell us the 20-year-old woman dropped out of Georgia College & State University over the weekend.

We're told her folks picked her up in Milledgeville and brought her to the family home outside Atlanta.

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Ka-ching, ka-ching. Now her folks think they will have the money to send her to Harvard! This could all be one big scam!! We will soon find out when the evidence is in and publicized.

1660 days ago

capt andy    

big ben needs to spend some time in prison with his cell mate bend over.....he will get all the bathroom stall loving he will ever need,,,if the steeelers had any balls they would cut this child molesting butt loose and if ben gets convicted he will have to registar as a sex offender in every state he plays in..why is some 30 year old hanging in a bathroom stall with a girl barely 20 what a loser..maybe he is related to that dude in california who killed that girl jogging...if it was my daughter i would pay someone to break that freaks leggs and bend his pee pee

1660 days ago


Where there's smoke, there's fire.

1660 days ago


Oh no! I wish she didn't drop out of college; that's too drastic. I hope she gets the help and support she needs and gets back into those university halls.

1660 days ago

Grandpa Giggles    

Let this be a lesson to the young gals out there. At 20, you should not even be in a bar. Another thing, just because you get star struck when you find out someone famous is in the room, resist the urge to trust them and be extra friendly to them just because they are famous and loaded with cash. You do not have to hang out with them. They still are strangers to you. Lesson three, do not go into a room alone with someone you just met. And lesson four, invest in good self defense courses. If someone makes advances toward you that you do not agree to, take them down.

Regardless if this is true or not, this gal has lined herself up for a really nice payday. But is it really worth it?

1660 days ago

dirty diana    

guilty... i smell mo money

1660 days ago


Hey Ben did you call Tiger and ask him for some tips to get your accuser to drop out of her $uit. What's in your wallett.

1660 days ago


Guess I'd quit school too if I had a potential million dollar lawsuit going. Who needs school when you figure to get a million or more from some sports star?

1660 days ago


Check one she has pics of her w/the guy both of the a bit in the bag and she is hanging all over him.
Check two he is famous and rich and likely has fems falling all over him
Check three she may have been flirting, she may have said no and the truth will hopefully come out but not matter what the truth or outcome she is going to be a very wealthy girl. Of course she dropped out of college, her lawyer demanded it to show her suffering and she no longer needs it for the funds coming her way.
If he truly raped her, burn his azzzz...if not well she is proof there is good money in being beautiful and stalking dipcrap sporties or celebs to create this very situation.

1660 days ago


At 20 you CAN be in a bar in Georgia.. just not allowed to drink liquor! And second of all why should women not go out and have fun? It is the young woman's fault that some animal decided to raper her?

She dropped out of school because she is in the middle of a CRISIS! Obviously those who believe she dropped out because of a supposed 'payday' have never attended college or you would have a more rounded view of the world and you would have a clue about the type of mental commitment completing college is.

am an instructor at a small university and if this happened to one of my students I would recommend withdrawing from the University for the semester and then returning in the Fall. At 20, she needs to take the time to heal mentally and physically in addition to give the media some time to realize there are no 'leads' at the school and get bored and leave. This young lady has possibly been brutalized in a filthy bathroom stall, have some compassion. It is not uncommon for 18-23 year olds to hang out in bars in clubs, what is odd is that a 28 year old man would be hanging out with 20 year old female. What could they possibly have in common? As I read these comments I understand why so many women never come forward and rarely have justice when they are raped.

Sick Sad World

1660 days ago


First of all if the young girl -- that wouldn't probably do a thing like that at all, would lower herself to go into a bathroom or hall with some guy she just met, cut me a break !!! Have you seen these college girls lately, check out high school girls -- sometimes it is not always the boys at all. Trust me I have seen high school girls at proms and Oh my, my !!! There would be alot of people blushing !! So please don't tell me it is all him. Everybody has judge him already, so does it really matter anymore !!!

1660 days ago


Here come the "if it were my daughter" lines

Of course if it was your daughter you would have raised her better than to get drunk in a bar at 20 and slut all over some giant guy she has never met and to never walk off to the bathroom or other areas w/o a buddy.

Booze lowers your inhibitions, your response time and reflexes---sounds great for a young girl in a bar full of football players. Safety first is avoiding the potential, sticking in pairs and knowing how to defend yourself.
I never understand why people go from mildly buzzed to plastered and then wonder why they lost control of the situation they found themselves in.
If the deed was done as stated by the victim it was not about her and he would have done someone else had she not started the sequence of events...so lesson for "your daughters" do not take that path and think before you drink as the men are rarely at the bar to bond with their fellow man.

1660 days ago


Has anyone come out and said they saw him walk into or out of the bathroom after her? The bathrooms are always packed in a bar and there is usually a line waiting to get into a stall. Come on, it's a girls bathroom...in a college town.

1660 days ago


Why is it that society labels someone as guilty if a female accuses them of rape? Is it b/c it is such a terrible crime, that we would feel bad if we didn't take their side despite evidence?

My bet is that she is in it for money.

1660 days ago


If she was the “poor little victim” everyone thinks she is why would she get a lawyer? Because all of this is laying groundwork so she can try and get money from him. Women who do this for money make me sick. And don’t think they’re not out there.

1660 days ago
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