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Roethlisberger Case - Cops Comb Bar for Clues

3/9/2010 2:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops involved in the Ben Roethlisberger investigation went back to Capital City bar in Georgia yesterday and searched the restroom for clues ... sources tell TMZ.

As we already reported, the alleged sexual assault took place in a bathroom in the bar. "The cops were all over that bathroom," one source told TMZ.

And Capital City bar -- where the alleged incident occurred -- was closed Monday.

The alleged accuser is under 21. She was legally allowed to be in the bar but not allowed to drink. Law enforcement tells TMZ the alleged victim had been drinking and "alcohol is a factor in the investigation."

Sources say the authorities are trying to find out if the woman was served at any of the local bars.

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So what if she was drinking. rape is rape. Just because she drunk does mean she wanted it...

1692 days ago


I feeL bad for the girl. If she was raped, to have TMZ and media treat her like a slut is disgusting and evil.

1692 days ago


look he can any almost any girl he wants sure he is gonna hit on some girls and yes if he raped her he should spend the rest of his life in jail but come on... they are just money grubbing whores trying to make a dollar like those tiger woods girls.. what can they gain from ruining a life cept 15 mins of fame... if your saying right now but his wife should know... well okay if they felt that his wife should know tell her not the whole world...

1692 days ago


How can alcohol be a factor - except for the fact that you are an even bigger sh*t if you take advantage of a girl who is not sober. You don't touch an intoxicated girl, period. And in any case, you ask, you don't assault. And an assault or a rape is just that, it's not an "incident".

1692 days ago


Shane, you are too much in love with the word "whore". You are slandering a person you know nothing about. Your contempt for women shines through (and that goes even if you should happen to be a woman yourself).

1692 days ago


This girls just lookin to get money she knew he had a pending civil case so she said he raped her..They prolly messed around in the bathroom and since she knew there were no cameras came up with an unprovable story..Theres no way the police will be able to prove this either way so how bout an old fasion lie detector..I know they dont stand up in court but if one passes and the other fails hello durrr..

1692 days ago


I feel really bad for the girl.It is highly disgusting

1692 days ago


FYI - in general terms, it doesn't matter if a well-known person can "get anyone he likes". If he's a bully, he is still a bully. Bullies don't take no for an answer, be it a spoken no or a woman trying to get away from him. He feels entitled and he probably knows nothing about women anyway.

I don't know if this one is guilty or not, I am just telling you the way it too often works.

1692 days ago


These young girls are out for one thing. Money! She knew Big Ben had another case pending and saw a chance to make a few bucks herself. If she is only 20 and had been drinking she was breaking the law and should be arrested for underage drinking. My opinion is she saw her chance for fifteen minutes of fame and took it. Go Steelers. A lot of people support you Ben.

1692 days ago


Sexual assault and violent behavior against women have nothing to do with sex and whether he could willingly find women to please him. He may be a predator in the sense that he needs to control women and dominate them to get off. Doesn't matter if he's popular, good looking, rich,etc. People with these issues have to force it on women to get off and so although I don't know him, I have seen him on interviews and have heard some things through 3rd parties. He comes across very arrogant, almost sociopathic, and for that reason I think he may have a problem with women. I think when there's smoke there's probably fire.

I don't want to try and convict him on a message board, but I think someone needs to look into his behavior and history a little because this seems like a pattern to me. Just my 2 cents.

1692 days ago


It just defies common sense that someone who recently dodged a bullet on a similar accusation would repeat that kind of behavior. Especially considering how identifialble he is in a social setting like that. If it really happened, he...or anyone else...should be prosecuted, but I just can't see anyone being that stupid and I'm quite sure NFL bigwigs have been "counseling" him on how he needs to behave in public ever since the first alleged incident.

1692 days ago


Couple thoughts.. First of all there isn't such a thing as an alleged accuser. Second, in the womens bathroom.. AT A BAR!? Did he do this with an audience of 10 other women?

1692 days ago


Conduct unbecoming of a professional. I really hope the pittsburgh steelers drop his sorry ass, and give him his outright release, and no one else picks him up. DUMB ASS

1692 days ago


Wouldn't that not help her case because she admitted to underage drinking? Also, drinking lowers your inhibitions. Who really wants to admit to having sex willingly in a bathroom in a bar?

1692 days ago


The reason alcohol is a factor is because the definition of sexual assault (in GA), which is what this is being looked at right now, states that sexual assault is any type of sexual contact without the recipient's consent. If she's incapacitated by so much alcohol, and/or her mental and physical ability was impaired, she may not have given consent.

1692 days ago
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