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Hopper Divorce

Here Comes Peter Cottontail ...

3/9/2010 9:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Hopper's divorce is epic nasty ... and now we've learned Dennis' lawyer has pulled out his most potent weapon -- a chocolate bunny rabbit.

We've learned Victoria Hopper's lawyer, Sorrell Trope, fired off a letter to Dennis' hired gun, Joe Mannis, demanding the return of various items, including a toothbrush, dog bowls and coffee mugs.

According to official documents obtained by TMZ, Mannis sent Trope a gift basket filled with sardonic goodies, including a chocolate bunny rabbit, dog bowls and a Spiderman toothbrush.

Lawyers bearing gifts are frowned upon, so today in court, Trope came to court -- gift basket in hand -- and said thanks but no thanks, and left it in the courtroom hallway on top of the trash can.

Take that, Spidey!


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Crazy white folks!!

1657 days ago


This whole business is becoming very petty and nonsensical. Someone needs to take the high ground.

1657 days ago


All this over a dog bowl,coffee mug & toothbrush ..Where the Toilet paper??? LOL...Dennis let her have the cheap things..GEE! they make out like the HOLY GRAIL they are fighting over..I'm thinking the both of them are living in their childhood..They say,"ONCE A ADULT TWICE A CHILD"...I remember when i was growing up I would hide the other sibling toothbrush and they would holler she got my toothbrush....

1657 days ago


He should pee pee on her toothbrush and then give it back.

1657 days ago


It's awful when relationships get this bad. When a couple gets to this point, it's hard to remember the feelings that brought you together and the good times you shared. I would advise Mr. Hopper & family to stop the hate ( somebody has to ) and allow this woman sufficient support and property. It's not like it can't be afforded her. I'm sure that her, and Mr. Hopper's, current actions are fueled out of hurt & fear. So.... end the negativity, show a little humanity and save yourselves a little dignity. It's shameful the way you're BOTH behaving towards each other. Also, I believe that Mr.Hopper's family's actions are fueled by pure greed. Anybody that has feared for their future understands clinging to simple things like laundry baskets, cotton-ball holders and simple household items. Neither of these two people should be reduced to such a level. Dennis, if your as ill as it appears you are, don't allow your final days to reflect a bitter, controlling, greedy man. Rather allow yourself to share the generosity that you yourself have enjoyed in life. Victoria, channel your energies away from the fear and hate that consumes your every thought. Both of you are too worried about getting even, rather than getting right. Sadly, the day will come when your earthly opportunities to do so will have passed. Please, both of you, share a little dignity and respect. You both have enjoyed blessings that most of us will never realize in our lives. Perhaps you should honor those blessings instead of choosing to dishonor.

Please.... remember all that was good....

1657 days ago


I wouldn't want to share my chocolate either.

1657 days ago


Ahh that wonderful sanctity of marriage! I can see why gays aren't allowed to marry -- we obviously wouldn't take marriage as seriously as these two poster children for holy matrimony...

1657 days ago

Rosarita Rivera    

bka62223, Thank you for your kind words. I feel so bad for this woman. She is the mother of his daughter. She has been married to him for so many years, a lifetime in Hollywood. He needs to do exactly as you say. He is publicly humiliating the mother of his child. How sad to end your life this way.

You're just lovely. Very wise words. :)

1657 days ago


Wow. You sound way too smart to be posting on the website.

I do agree with you.

1657 days ago


In other words, the lawyers are behaving childishly.

1657 days ago

B. Mull    

Bet no one here knew what 'sardonic' meant before this post. TMZ, making America smarter, one word at a time.

1657 days ago

Up with It    

What a stupid thing for her lawyer to do. This is a serious matter, she needs to have an attorney that is taken seriously. Trope is nobody's dummy and Hopper has the meanest streak of all.

1657 days ago


You are very sensible. I had to double-check I was on TMZ after reading that. Well done.

You are of course right but I know I'd have a hard time giving anything to someone I hated so much.

It is a shame it has come to this, but who knows what sort of words and actions led up to this. I can understand it and all I can say is it's a shame, especially for someone who - at one stage - you fell in love with.

1657 days ago


dennis hooper is a weird, creepy, selfish SOB..I hope she gets hIM BIG$$$ She put up with his crazy BULL SHI$ 4 many many years..he is so weird and UGLY, OLD smelly drunk, drug addict..Take his money Victoria $$$

1657 days ago

Basic Human Rights    

LOL oh please! "Mother of his child". The woman is a trashy golddigger who prostituted herself out to a man 32 years her senior so she would never have to work a day in her life. And she gave birth to a child to seal the deal. "Mother of his child" SNORT.

Victoria Duffy is nothing but a whore. And Dennis Hopper is a mean and nasty creep who PURCHASED his anorexic whorish wife. She was working as a WAITRESS when SHE approached OLD MAN Hopper and told him of her financial troubles amid a rub and tug.

There is no love there - there never was. She was his appendage - a much younger woman who he spoiled and pampered and sent on shopping sprees until she became TOO OLD TO MATTER. Dennis, or his savvy, greedy daughter put an end to Vicky's gravy train. As it should be. Marin may be greedy, but Dennis' money is her birthright as she is his daughter. Vicky is just a slut who was for sale, sold herself, and now needs to be disposed of like yesterday's trash. She's ugly now and she looks like a witch. She's overstayed her welcome.


Or find some dying man in a nursing home who is half blind and will think she is a catch. Women like Victoria Duffy are a dime a dozen in Hollywood - cheap sluts who latch on to much much older men who will "take care of them".


1657 days ago
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