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Corey Haim Approached by 'Celebrity Rehab'

3/10/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Haim was approached in the last 10 days by the casting company for "Celebrity Rehab" ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Dr. Drew's show tell us casting producers called Corey. They say he was "extremely defensive and insulted, saying, 'It's the last show I'd ever do.'"

Our sources say the 3-minute conversation ended with Corey saying, "I do not need help."

We're also told the casting producers spoke with Corey's mom last October at an autograph convention, pitching the show.


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Haimster.......I am so sad to hear about your passing. I hope your family will be able to pick up the pieces and go on. I am 38 too, and you went far too young. You had a whole life ahead of you yet and things seemed to be back on track. We all went through some type of stuff when we were young. I was abused when I was a child (for 9 years) and it took me some years to get over and I still think about it. It will be wound that will never heel.

While watching The Two Corey's, I was hoping you were back on track. I loved the show and I hoped that you and Feldman would have done another season.

I hope you have peace now and you will be missed.

R.I.P. Haimster

Jill in Wisconsin

1667 days ago


Like nobody seen this coming. I'd rather learn from people like Health Ledger, DJ AM, Brittany Murphy as opposed to learning anything from Corey! Really! I'm not saying his life was any less valued but C'Mon Son!

1667 days ago


How sick that fame whore Drew Pinsky is now saying he tried to get Corey on CelebRehab but he refused. Who would want the whole world seeing your struggles, other than Drew’s fellow fame whores that get paid to go on that show.

1667 days ago



Rest in peace, Corey.

1667 days ago


How can 2 weeks with Drew Pinsky rehabilitate anyone. What a joke. And why is Drew releasing this confidential information that he approached Corey Haim to do his show? How unprofessional. Oh wait, he's more of an entertainer than a doctor so why not divulge medical secrets to get media attention.

1667 days ago


To "One Who Knows". Start watching shows like Intervention and you may start to feel sympathy for these people instead of being mean. Have you ever lived with a drug addict or an alcoholic? It's a living hell and there is nothing you or they can do about it until they hit rock bottom. I feel for these people. They can't handle life like you or I can.

1667 days ago


In the last photos of Haim he looked like Mickey Rourke; sad how he degenerated over his life. When I saw "Lucas" I thought he had some real potential as an actor. He could just not hold it together, I guess.

1667 days ago


9. This makes me so mad! He needed help. It was obvious to everyone. Why didn't his family intervene? I swear if that were my daughter, I'd help her get off drugs and make something else of herself besides being an actor and I would never let her go. I'd give her all my attention. That's what Corey needed - people who cared about him. The Oakmont apartments are apartments set up for actors and wannabe actors who come to L.A. from other states to audition. His mom probably wasn't even paying for that apartment. Probably just living off her son. This is so sad.

Nicole - I forgive you for your ignorance. Most drug addicts have people who care about them. And these people want to help. One person CANNOT GET ANOTHER PERSON OFF OF DRUGS if the person doesn't want help - which is what Corey had stated. I'm gonna ride up to you on my high horse and kick you off yours.

1667 days ago


Haim never wanted help and always denied he had a 'problem'. Of course it was a drug overdose, jeeze people. And why should Feldman open up about Haim's molestation when Haim himself wouldn't? I hated Haim the moment he blamed Feldman for his problems because he was a kid and being molested and Feldman did nothing, even though Feldman himself was a kid and being molested. Haim spend his whole life as if everyone owed him something, those who tried to help were not just shut down but flat out attacked. Haim chose pills over friends, family and life... his choice.

1667 days ago


yeah im bickering - why do people post messages to Corey Haim on a public site? jebus doesn't have internet! Stop showboating you big fools.

1667 days ago


Why on earth would the Dr. Drew show approach his mother? He was an adult.

1667 days ago


Someone said he was gay and may have been struggling with his own sexuality. Is that true?

1667 days ago


this is not a surprise or a shock. I just saw him this time last year at a convention and he was trashed the whole time. He was acting obnoxious and entitled. I have photos of him stumbling around and chasing underage girls. I mourned the loss of this actor back when he was an actor and fell on his butt and never had the courage to get back up. This is sad, but not even a little surprising.

1667 days ago

31337 one    

From the sounds of it he should have been on Intervention not Celebrity Rehab

1667 days ago


It was CELEBRITY FIT CLUB not CELEBRITY REHAB!!! Geez...get something right, will ya?

1667 days ago
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