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Erin Andrews -- No Mercy for Peeping Tom

3/12/2010 7:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews is outraged that her convicted stalker, Michael David Barrett, will ask the court on Monday for probation after his creepy peeping tour of Erin's hotel rooms.

Erin Andrews

The "Dancing With the Stars" beauty tells TMZ, "He is seeking the mercy of the court. He did not show me or any of the other victims any mercy."

Erin's lawyer, Marshall Grossman, was even stronger, saying, "I think it would be a travesty of justice for this man to walk free. It would be a license for others to engage in similar predatory activity."

Grossman goes on ... "It would send a terrible message to the other 16 women known to be victimized by him in the same manner."

Prosecutors are asking the judge to sentence Barrett to 27 months behind bars.

The sentencing hearing is set for Monday. Erin says she'll be in court and she'll ask the judge to throw the book at Barrett.


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They should give him probation and cut him loose. His biggest crime is that the video was crappy. He doesn't deserve to do time.

1593 days ago


27 months is not long enough for this creep!

1593 days ago


@ #1 exactly.. I mean the guy's a creep sure, but they act like he raped them or something. I mean come on now.. "He did show us mercy" really now?

1593 days ago


*didn't show us mercy

1593 days ago


Ok. You that want this lout to go free. I bet you people wold be singing an entirely different tune had this happened to YA"LL! Get real & off the DRUGS!

1593 days ago

Black Power    

You dumbasses who believe that his crime wasn't too bad are idiots. I'm sure if he did it to your sister or wife or mother would think different. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you have fantasies about your own siblings. What ever the case, the guy did this to many women which makes him a habitual sexual pervert. You may feel fine with his actions because he actually didn't touch the women, but he is criminally wrong with what he did, and if he had not been caught, he would still be doing the same thing. But I guess that's alright with Post #1 and #3.

1593 days ago


I am so SICK of hearing about this woman and man.This media hungry woman is a nobody who is trying to become a somebody through sympathy.She is trying to spin it like this was the most terrible thing to ever happen to anyone.

1593 days ago


yeah, he does need to be put away and think about what he did.

1593 days ago

Tom Veil    

He did break the law but if not for this, no one would have heard of her and she would never be on DWTS.

1593 days ago


Please ... Andrews used her sexuality all over Monday Night Football, but cries foul when guys want to see more of the pooty. I don't condone what this guy did -- it was wrong. But she's a hypocrite.

1593 days ago


she's not hot. who cares?

1593 days ago


He's a gross creepy pervert and should go to prison. I bet he has done more than just peeped, but just hasn't been caught. I hope they get his DNA and check it against unsolved rapes.

1593 days ago


I love this guys movies. He should have won an Oscar for that great footage of the lady dancing naked in front of her hotel mirror.

I wonder if Erin still dances without her panties on dirty hotel floors?


1593 days ago


#11: Right. On. The Money.

Is it a coincidence that Erin Andrews has done numerous DirectTV commericals and 'dancing with the stars' after this went down? Was she doing these types of things before? NOPE. Google some images of her: this chick goes to MLB spring batting practices wearing short skirts and high heels! And you can't tell me that her doing her hair in the mirror NAKED wasn't staged. Who does their hair in the buff when you have to get dressed afterwards? The answer? NOBODY. EA can front if she wants, but she's as big of an attention whore as any of these reality stars whose sex tapes get "leaked". She used her physical assets to get shine on ESPN, then used the video to propel her career even further. This man shouldn't go to jail because it appears (to me anyways) that EA helped stage the whole freaking thing.

1593 days ago


Our long national nightmare is finally over. Who are these people again?

1593 days ago
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