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I'm With CoCo Artist: My Life Has Totally Changed

3/14/2010 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The artist behind the famous two-tone Conan O'Brien logo is rolling in dough now that his image is the face of CoCo's upcoming comedy tour -- and it all started on Twitter.

Artist Mike Mitchell tells TMZ that Conan's producers approached him about using the image to promote the former "Tonight Show" host's "Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour" -- and he's earned enough money off the deal to take a very, very long vacation.

He wouldn't go into the specifics of the deal, but said Conan's people made sure he was taken care of.

Mitchell still retains the rights to the image -- which was originally posted to the Internet via TwitPic -- and has been selling bracelets and t-shirts with the logo to benefit Haiti. According to Mitchell, he's raised over $25,000 in Haiti relief so far.

Also, with all the publicity, Mitchell says he's been inundated with requests for more original work. No word if Jay Leno's on the waiting list.


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Oscar in Miami Beach    

The USA should make Haiti the 51st State and so adopt the darn country once and for all.It is costing the USA more in donations than the Health Care Bill.And what about Chile?.Nobody cares,so when venezuelan Chavez and brazilian Lula have the upper hand in South America the USA cannot complain since they have ignored Chile and its tragedy.The chilean earthquake was 500 times stronger than Haiti's.Chile had 3 tsunamies and aftershocks as strong as Haiti's earthquake.The USA has done didilly.So,do not expect the southamerican countrues to back us up in anytrhing around the world.Bad policy from Obama.Bad policy.

1684 days ago


If this guy wasn't talented, his work wouldn't sell...
Congratulations on the success...

Team Coco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1684 days ago

Rebekah Dalbey    

This is a great image and Mike Mitchell should be very proud! What a great idea to raise money for Haiti while also supporting Conan. I'm with CoCo!!

1684 days ago


Lets put things in perspective here. On Conan's Twitter account he has 6700+ followers and Jay Leno has 37000+ followers....So that is why he fell 40-50% behind Letterman and that is why Leno is number one on the Tonight Show!!! See it is all about money and how many people watch the show..not t-shirts and catch phrases. If you didn't watch the show every night and you run around with the CO-CO logo, your a FRAUD!!! TMZ keeps this going only because of the JMZ jokes on LENO'S show. I bet if LENO had used TMZ directly on HIS show then we wouldn't see a thing on here! KEEP it up TMZ..KEEP getting your pound of flesh!!!DISH IT OUT, CAN'T TAKE IT!!

1684 days ago


You do great work, Mike. Congrats to you for Conan recognizing and choosing your work. Thanks for raising funds through your art work to raise funds for Haiti.
Team CoCo!

If I recall #4, TMZ seemed rather partial to Leno. The old man got his job back so be happy. Besides, didn't I hear Dave beat Leno in the ratings, either this week or last, both?

1684 days ago


So let’s follow the logic here…I really want to understand. Conan goes to NBC 6 years ago and says, “Hey, I am getting big offers from other networks if you want me to stay then I want Leno’s job.” NBC says well in 6 years Leno should be ready to retire and we will give you the job if you stay. Conan gets a fat contract and stays, Jay gets told he is going to retire. Jay is not happy but that is show biz! Leno hands the hands the show off thinks he gets 2 years at 10 pm. Both the Tonight Show and The Jay Leno Show fail and Leno is canceled and the Tonight show falls 40-50% behind Letterman (way to go Coco supporters!). NBC tells Conan that Leno is going to 11:30 and Conan gets to keep the show he fought so hard for until Jay’s contract is up. Now, here is what I don’t get…Conan had a CHOICE!! He could have stayed till Leno’s contract was up! He could have forced NBC with the help of his (so-called) FANS to push LENO out! However, Conan CHOSE to QUIT!!! NOW the Tonight Show is number one again and Conan lost his gamble. In the end many mistakes were made, to lay ALL the blame on Leno is not only short sighted but just stupid. The only fault I can find with Leno is he should have NEVER agreed to step aside in the first place and told NBC and Conan 6 years ago to go pluck themselves. My other problem is NBC told Leno that Conan would be okay with 11:30 and they had not even asked him. NBC has since admitted that they did indeed tell Leno that! Conan’s contract allowed for the Tonight Show to be moved back and this is what started all the mess. So, where did it all start? “Hey NBC I have a better offer and I want the Tonight Show!!!” Conan is a smart and funny guy who has ambition, so to think he didn’t go after Leno’s seat is just moronic!! To all you Conan fans remember when you get your next chance, don’t mess it up and then you can prove how good COCO is! If you can’t push Leno out of 1st place then we will all know you are full of it!! Just like you all said The Tonight Show would fail..yet it is Number 1 again by 3 million viewers. Leno has to be doing something right!! Keep it up JMZ!!

1684 days ago


So, what's your point Mike? lol ..
Jay said he was going to retire and didn't. Team CoConando! That's beside the point of the article dude. The artist remember.. He did good, got a break and he's helping Haiti. Props to him!

1684 days ago


To Mike (#5) above,
You are misrepresenting Leno's and Conan's twitter followers:
You say: "On Conan's Twitter account he has 6700+ followers and Jay Leno has 37000+ followers...."
In fact, Conan has over 660,000 followers. Conan surpassed Leno's pathetic 37,000 followers in a mere two hours.
As a result, why should we believe anything else you say?

1684 days ago


Good job! Congrats!

1684 days ago


"...he's been selling bracelet's..."

1684 days ago


Take a hike Mike, who's gonna read your essays? Not even dead people would have the time.

1684 days ago



1683 days ago


Go away Conan. You're not funny. The ratings showed it and your cancellation proved it. Dave is funny. Jay is funny. You are just annoying!!!!!!!!!

1683 days ago


can't stand Obrien. Please GO AWAY 4 EVER............


1683 days ago


"The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" wasn't "cancelled". Conan wasn't "fired".

1683 days ago
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