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I'm With CoCo Artist: My Life Has Totally Changed

3/14/2010 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The artist behind the famous two-tone Conan O'Brien logo is rolling in dough now that his image is the face of CoCo's upcoming comedy tour -- and it all started on Twitter.

Artist Mike Mitchell tells TMZ that Conan's producers approached him about using the image to promote the former "Tonight Show" host's "Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour" -- and he's earned enough money off the deal to take a very, very long vacation.

He wouldn't go into the specifics of the deal, but said Conan's people made sure he was taken care of.

Mitchell still retains the rights to the image -- which was originally posted to the Internet via TwitPic -- and has been selling bracelets and t-shirts with the logo to benefit Haiti. According to Mitchell, he's raised over $25,000 in Haiti relief so far.

Also, with all the publicity, Mitchell says he's been inundated with requests for more original work. No word if Jay Leno's on the waiting list.


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Jerry Martin    

What a great story! And Conan O'Brien has become a national symbol of class. I love the guy more than ever.

1685 days ago


The NBC affiliates wanted leno out, not O'Brien.

Conan helped his crew out during the writer's strike... what did leno do?

1685 days ago


The artist didn't begin to capture just how ugly Conan is.

1685 days ago


Mike created a great image. Congrats on your success!

1685 days ago


Bring up the it! See this is the short memory of you COCO fans...READ! Your conan crossed the line with jay!!! Jay paid his staff just like COCO..Stop playing the we are saints game! NBC is the evil doers here! If you had watch Conan from the start and your so-called 600K followes (not nearly that number listed) would have watched the show then he would be on the air right now!!! YOU FAILED CONAN. Like CONAN himdelf said on the air.."Where have you been" HE QUIT...NO one has signed him..right? MILLIONS watch the Tonight show...ever play poker? I'll see your 660K and raise you 3 Million...Face it, you are a small number that fell behind Jimmy Kimmel..Jimmy Kimmel!!! Think of it, you guys lost out to Jimmy Kimmel...hang your heads low!!! Conan could have taken over for Kimmel and not even a bite..So keep spinning it all you want. The facts are the facts and the proff is in the contracts..or lack there of!!!

Late night hosts Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien are set to resume their talk shows without writers. An NBC executive says “there are hundreds of people who will be able to return to work as a result of Jay’s and Conan’s decision,” but one imagines dwindling ratings have something to do with their plans. David Letterman, meanwhile, may work out a deal with the Writers Guild that would allow his show to come back with writers.

1685 days ago


Unlike most of you brain damaged COCO supports, I can think for myself. I am a fan of both Conan and Leno. What I am pissed about is how the MEDIA and the rest of you are full of crap. If you read the FACTS and stopped being lead around like DOGS then you would see that these men are pawns. IF you don't like LENO that means nothing..They both got jacked here and I wanted to see them both walk away. NBC doesn't deserve either one! Now the problem here is you guys just lash out cause your told too. You follow the crowd! I HOPE Conan gets back on the AIR and I hope he does well. Unlike most of you so-called coco fans I actually watched the Tonight show and have almost every night for over 30 years. I supported Conan from the start and everyday until he left, I also support jay. WHY PICK SIDES? NBC messed this up! Now pull you head out of you butt and stop thinking like a robot!!!

1685 days ago


The fatal mistake you made was you guys turned on LENO and his supporters. You grossly underestimated the size and power of his fan base. If Conan and TEAM COCO had joined up with LENO then they both could have gotten what they wanted. Jay wanted out of his contract (no competition clause) and that would have left Conan all alone. NOPE you did something really stupid, you turned on the very people who supported you at first. The LENO fan base was very pissed at NBC for what they were doing and you guys saw LENO as an easy target! Conan started it and then realized his mistake after one week. Then came the "HO's" bit and the attempts to try to deflect it back to NBC...TOO LATE! Conan has since made it very clear that he blames NBC! Every statement he put out lays the blame on who? N B C. For this to have worked out Zucker would have had to allow Conan to stay and Leno to leave, or Leno to retire from TV. He only retired from the Tonight Show!! Not TV! If you watch his announcement in 2005, he looks pissed! He should be!

1685 days ago



1685 days ago


Translating....your an ass!!!If you can't discredit the message, then discredit the messenger, right? "well your just a big stupid doo doo head!..I am going to starbucks and listen to my Timberland CD on my IPOD!" Then guys going to toss yourself on the floor? Too bad you don't and JOBS!!! That way you could move out of your parents house!

1685 days ago


the poster is a reminder that conan was never in the drivers seat he always rode shotgun, ha ha

1685 days ago


BTW, I follow Conan on Twitter just to see the garbage he's dishing out. I'm not his supporter, so numbers can be deceiving.

Conan is recycling old jokes. He used the connecting his freckles joke and the apron joke on his show. It's kind of pathetic he's that stuck to come up things.

1685 days ago


It was also posted on Mike's DeviantArt page before it became viral, where you can see his gallery of amazing work. Great job Mike!!

1685 days ago


@ Mike (#29):

You infer much from a one-word comment. Glad I dropped the "Potsie Weber" reference from my original post or things might have gotten ugly.

1685 days ago


"Numbers can be deceiving"? Seriously, Wellington, do you even believe your own spin anymore?

1685 days ago


They say they have raised money for charity. Ask this guy how much money he has made. He is acting altruistic but last time I checked the site, only $1 from an $18 tee shirt was going to charity and it wasn't going to Haiti. The original point of the site was to have some impact on the future viewership of Conan O'brien but all this guy is doing is making money. And people keep complaining about the quality.

i was on the site from the beginning and was very supportive of Conan but when I suggested there should be some accounting for the monies and that it was in fact going to Haiti charities, i was banned from the site. If you look at the site occasionally, there have been other complaints about people being banned or comments being deleted that are negative in any way.
Kudos though to this guy for making a fortune on the situation. Conan said he didn't like cynicism, but when a guy bans anyone who questions the money trail, or quality or anything else, he bans them. Pretty cynical or maybe it's just me.

1685 days ago
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