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Jason Wahler

Cuffed in Mexico

After Club Fight

3/14/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Laguna Beach" pseudo-star Jason Wahler got a serious dose of reality Thursday night -- because dude was cuffed and thrown into the back of a pickup truck in Mexico after he allegedly got into a fight at a nightclub.

Jason Wahler
Sources tell TMZ it all went down at the Pink Kitty nightclub in Cabo San Lucas where Wahler allegedly got into a scuffle with someone inside the bar.

We're told security escorted Wahler outside after the alleged fight where cops manhandled him and tossed him into the back of a pickup truck.

The local police told us they didn't have anybody named Jason Wahler in their jail ... and so far no comments from his rep or lawyer ... so ... if you we never see him again, we know why.


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this is serious and scary! shame on u TMZ for making a joke of it. he is a jerk yes but after watching that video i actually hope he is ok. never thought i'd care about that guy cuz he is so arrogant and spoiled, but wow no one deserves to be a victim of police brutality and possible death. if he gets out of this situation hopefully he will change his life around.

1686 days ago

F. Attorneys    

Can we send Spencer to Mexico???

Oh, and ps: shut up beth.

1686 days ago

Brute Reynolds    

Why can't we have the authorities disappear pseudo-stars like they do in Mexico? Seems like a pretty good law.

1686 days ago


it's a foreign country!!! he got into a fight and deserves to be manhandle, it's not like u can just go into another country and expect to brawl and do whatever u want. maybe it we (usa) didn't tolerate drunken fights and just dealt w/ it, be a lot less aggressive behavior

1686 days ago

lost in lalaland    

1 minute & 43 seconds of what apparently passes for 'music' and I have a raging headache! Who the hell can listen to that crap full blast? Personally, I prefer to enjoy myself when drinking, not torture myself.

1685 days ago


the police in 3rd world countries dont care about human life only money,its not a race thing its a humanity thing and theses people lost happends all over the world my father told me a story when he and my mom visted some relatives in mexico my dad pulled over the side of the road and they were being watched by the police that kept circling them so my dad left to the nearest gas station and asked the owner if they can rest there and owner said yes he is safe there.also people get sold into slavery there to he said white or not like i said all over the world this happends like natalie hollaway who dissapeared in aruba a couple years ago,it happends in are own back yard also in america if you go in the back alleys of new orleans at night and your a tourist you will wind up dead same with l.a. you go to the wrong side of town and you dont belong there your dead. so this is not a question of race but of humanity and how people choose money over human life and thats really a sad thing

1685 days ago


Mexico is a dangerous country to travel to period! A shocking 32% of all non natural deaths of U.S. citizens outside this country happen in Mexico. Many of these deaths take place in resort areas and are a direct result of poor or non existent safety standards. To read tragic Mexico vacation DEATH stories as well as stories written by victims that “survived” their Mexico vacation go to:

1685 days ago


They let him go.

By the way, I live in Cabo and it is very safe.

1684 days ago


Has anyone seen or heard from him since? This is kinda shady... don't know who the guys is but I hope hes not dead...

1684 days ago


How many times must this idiot have to get into fights, get arrested and then have his family bail him out before he actually gets killed? They probably beat the daylights out of him, had their way with him with a baton then told him he'd be there longer if he didn't give up the cash. Just Jason being stupid old Jason; nothing new except THIS time, he picked the wrong place to act an arse.

1683 days ago


thats obviously his arm not his butt..

1639 days ago
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