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Tiger Fans Overrun Hotels for Masters Tourney

3/16/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' return to golf at the Masters Tournament is causing a huge surge in fan attendance -- and the hotels surrounding the Augusta golf course can barely take the heat.

TMZ spoke to over a dozen hotels near the Augusta National Golf Club -- where the Masters is held -- and their phones have been ringing off the hook since Tiger's announcement this morning.

We're told a bunch of guests had inquired about canceling when they thought Tiger wouldn't be coming -- but have now called to confirm their reservations.

Many of the hotels in town are already sold out, and those that have rooms left are rapidly filling up ... so buy now.

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What celebs have to say about Tiger's plays

1683 days ago


The hotels are ALWAYS sold out way before this time! Masters is April 8th and by this time in March it is always impossible to get rooms. At this point, rooms at the lake halfway to Atlanta are half filled.

1683 days ago


I would like to tell everybody in TMZ Land that Augusta's Hotel's where booked before Tiger Woods every Year. Their will be booked again after Tiger Woods, this is coming from someone that lived in the Augusta, GA area for 31 years. I am very exited that Tiger is coming back. I stuck with him, even though I was disappointed by his behavior. But at least he did not kill a child or any other human being. I can only hope that the Media Attention, in particular the trash Media (TMZ not quiet included) Washington Road is bad enough on normal Day's not to mention the Master's.If you live in this area, doing the Master's either you skip town, or stay home, we locals are smarter then the average Bear,you all can come to Augusta and enjoy the Masters we dont mind, if you can buy Tickets. We cant.

1683 days ago


You can't just show up at the Masters, everything from badges to press passes have been issued a couple months in advance. Forget about any paps crashing the party.

1683 days ago


I wish I was massively rich so I could have bought out all the
hotel rooms within a 100 mile radius, then kept them empty
so all this piece of crap would have heard is crickets, which
is all he deserves.

1683 days ago


I wonder how many 'alleged mistresses' have booked rooms.

Or have rooms booked for them.

1683 days ago


the mass of fans are just a bunch of women hoping to hook up with Tiger for some free money, you know, the kind of women who want to hook up with men for money reasons.

1683 days ago


This is why TW is worth every cent to his sponsors. Whether you like Tiger or not the bottom line is...well the bottomn line. No one brings them in like Tiger. Go for it Tiger I hope you win and shut the whiners up or really give them something to whine about.

1683 days ago


I think this story is so funny! I work at a hotel that is 2 miles from the Augusta National and we have been sold out for months. In fact, almost all hotels in Augusta have been sold out. We have not had any calls from people cancelling rooms b/c they though Tiger was not playing! That is crazy! If people get tickets, they are coming to the Masters regardless if TW is playing or not! I would like to know what TMZ person called the hotel b/c they sure didn't call us! I hear they have hotel rooms available in Columbia SC (1 hour away) and in Atlanta (2 hours away)!

1683 days ago


Tiger's agent is probably booking rooms for all of the mistresses.

1683 days ago

Erik in Cal    

AugustaGirl says: "I work at a hotel that is 2 miles from the Augusta National and we have been sold out for months. In fact, almost all hotels in Augusta have been sold out. We have not had any calls from people cancelling rooms b/c they though Tiger was not playing!"

TMZ, please take down the story, you have an employee at alleged hotel CONFIRMING that no one had called to cancel the past few days leading to The Masters. **TMZ story is FICTIONAL**

1683 days ago

Donna - Phoenix    

Are you sure .... or is this just another "hollywood" PR thing (to make everyone think, let's get on the bandwagon with this or that, everyone else is)? I was watching CNBC today .... and I thought it was funny the financial station was pushing Matt Damon's movie (whatever it is called) because it didn't do so well over the weekend. That's what I mean by the PR thing .... god the trends you people on the East and West Coasts push (and it works .... trashy music, trashy movies) ...

1683 days ago


If you knew anything about Augusta, you would know that the Hotels are always booked, MONTHS in advance. Tigers arrival had nothing to do with it. Pinkerton security is tighter than a gnats booty and any paps think they will get a shot, might get the one they don't want. All of the Augusta stories you're postings are non issues, stay in your own playground.

1683 days ago


He you all writing in from Augusta, GA picture this: Washington Road doing the Masters blocked by Satellite Trucks and you all have to go to work all the way down Washington Road. This will never happen of course, and for the writer that wrote that he would buy tickets to boo TW go ahead, spend your 1000 something, and see how quick you be kicked out the Gate and you have to surrender your ticket. We mind have a Circus coming to town, but our Golf Patrons enjoying the Masters are no Clowns.Augusta National will handle this right and tight.You all come and see us now you hear

1682 days ago

Pankaj Tiwari    

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