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Investigation into Jackson, Murphy, Haim Deaths

3/19/2010 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The State Attorney General's Office is investigating a number of doctors who prescribed meds for Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy and Corey Haim ... sources tell TMZ.


We're told several dozen doctors are being investigated for allegedly prescribing meds without medical justification. The A.G. is also looking at various aliases that were used in prescribing powerful meds.

Sources say between 25 and 30 doctors are being "actively investigated."

UPDATE: The State AG officially now says they are investigating MJ and Haim but not Murphy. However, TMZ has confirmed that State investigators are indeed involved in the Murphy matter.


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1681 days ago

scum bag TMZ    


Posted at 11:49PM on Mar 19th 2010 by Phantom of the Opera

This is fantastic, thanks for the vid!

ONE LOVE, one heart.

OH MJ, we miss you so much. You beautiful, loving, giving, SEXY, SEXY man!

We love you. Why did you have to leave, gone too soon, gone way too soon.


1681 days ago

scum bag TMZ    



You are our King of Pop forever, then, now, always!

RIP, mike!

1681 days ago


It's about time these doctors were investigated and hopefully the pharmacies also. Not all celebrities abuse drugs but, those that do, just like "real" people, are weak or troubled or easily tempted by whatever it is they find in the drugs they are given. Greedy and corrupt doctors are taking advantage of these people, knowing that there is money to be had and even status. Shortly after Michael died, a medical professional stated that the very poor and the very rich have the worst health care in the world. How sadly true.

Hopefully some doctors will think twice before they bring out the prescription pad - I think the public outcry is being heard for once.

1681 days ago


Everyone will stand trial for what they have done!!!! either here on earth or before God the creator. People who think they have gotten away killing people by giving them drugs. your time is coming!! you are no better than the guy on the street selling drugs point blank!I agree w/ most of these comments. If they would have got on the ball years ago a lot of these people would still be alive today. BUT it took the death of a well know celebrity know around the world MICHAEL JACKSON. For anyone to stop these doctors. God is coming soon are u ready. READ YOUR BIBLE & LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND THE WORLD. HIS RETURN IS CLOSER THAN WE KNOW!!

1681 days ago


ICI watch said if I ever needed PM, he was only a post away. Does this still hold true? I need PM.

1681 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

This is something off topic. Sometime ago, some posters said that AEG never planned on having the TII concert in London & that tickets were never printed. Well, read the following & may be it would answer their question. I just came across this on the net.

"AEG, has informed Michael Jackson fans that details of how to obtain refunds will be revealed in due course.

Billboard understands AEG Live will hold a meeting at 9am L.A. time to discuss the situation regarding the 50 dates. As reported yesterday, the promoter and its ticketing partners will have the cost and logistical challenge of refunding more than $85 million on 750,000 ticket sales.

At more than 750,000 tickets sold, this is surely one of the biggest refunds efforts in the history of the concert industry, and was characterized by one concert executive as the "biggest mess in the history of our business."


1681 days ago


according to MJ True news, one of the new MJ albums will contain 15 new songs, these are some of the songs:

- Heal the world (spanish version, MJ ft Shakira)
- Do not be shy (featuring
- Another day
- Sexy girl (featuring Fergie)
- A place without no name
- Let's save our planet
- Joker (featuring lenny kravitz)
- How I make music (poem)
- Child Of Innocence (poem)

According to MJTN, they received the information from a employee from Sony, and according to MJTN, this employee took this information from a trash can.

Source: MJ True News

1681 days ago

I want ya back!    

Thank goodness somebody has taken the initiative to get these doctors investigated, hopefully it will go a long way in preventing more young lives being lost in the future.

1681 days ago


Whether you think these people were losers or not..they still didn't deserve to die,period! The doctors need to be held accountable just like drug dealers..The only difference is the doctors have an ETHICAL and LEGAL responsibility to not dole out meds like they are candy, just because they are a celebrity's personal doctor! These celebrities are human!

1681 days ago


It is a good thing that those docs are being investigated. I hope it is a THOROUGH investigation. And that there is NO MERCY for them.

In my eyes drug dealers on the streets are despicable. But DOCTORS who DO know better, who have the education to be able to make a good living without resorting to criminal behaviour, who have taken an OATH to do no harm, they are much, much, much more despicable and should be punished HARD!
Doctors killing people out of greed - I can´t think of anything worse.

1681 days ago

Vessa Allan    

Let's not forget Heath Ledger, Anna Nichole,and my first husband. He only had nine scrips in his body when they did the autopsy.Thirty two scrips from the same doc in the bathroom. Nothing like getting a wake up call from the coroner to come identify the body cause your 13 yr. old daughter is too young. It's not just celebrities. There is a serious problem in this country with drug addicts who don't want to risk street drugs and switching to prescription pills.

1681 days ago

a fan    

I so totally agree with you astabasta. It is just a shame it has taken this big public outcry since Michael's death to get it on the roll. and yes their has been a big public outcry ( i know if am going to be lashed for this from the haters but I don't care).

The attorney general's office has been flooded with people asking for something to be done before someone else dies.

Hopefully they do a great investigation and don't just sweep it under the rug.


1681 days ago


@Arty Ziff.Who the hell are you to call ANYONE a B or C artist? them? Michael Jackson B or C listed? You are a joke, really. On which list are YOU? YOU are the REAL loser. So please GET LOST. Nobody will cry over YOU or miss YOU!! That's for sure

1681 days ago
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