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Investigation into Jackson, Murphy, Haim Deaths

3/19/2010 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The State Attorney General's Office is investigating a number of doctors who prescribed meds for Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy and Corey Haim ... sources tell TMZ.


We're told several dozen doctors are being investigated for allegedly prescribing meds without medical justification. The A.G. is also looking at various aliases that were used in prescribing powerful meds.

Sources say between 25 and 30 doctors are being "actively investigated."

UPDATE: The State AG officially now says they are investigating MJ and Haim but not Murphy. However, TMZ has confirmed that State investigators are indeed involved in the Murphy matter.


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61. Michael Jackson was an embarasssment towards the end of his life, his weird plastic surgery his nose prcatically held onto to his face but only scotch tape. lol I would be so embarassed to call myself a fan of his. Thriller was good (in 1983-84) but it's 2010. Music has move don and left him behind . His most recent music basically SUCKED.

Posted at 6:34PM on Mar 19th 2010 by Jan


Ask yourself, am I a critic or a hater?

"Don't cry! We all have critics, and critics help us. But sometimes
it's hard to tell a critic from the type of person known as a hater.

Step 1. Criticism helps you refine aspects or your artistry. If
something could obviously and easily be fixed to make things better,
a critic will tell you.

Step 2. A hater will pretend to be a critic.

Step 3. The hater, unlike the critic, will dismiss your whole style
as worthless based on one little thing. Haters don't see in shades of
gray. Everything is either really good or bad.

Step 4. Critics know that artists can change and develop their
skills. One day you might make something good, the next something not
so good, and the next, something great.

Step 5. Haters pretend that no one will ever get any better and no
one will get any worse. They constantly repeat that everything will
always stay the same.

Step 6. Haters have given up. They don't want to help or support
anyone because they want everyone to give up.

Step 7. Critics want everyone to get better, and everyone to move
forward by helping them reach their goals.

Step 8. Listen to critics, but ignore haters.

Step 9. If someone close to you is criticizing all your art or music, work in private, and don't show them the finished result immediately.

This is so tempting for mean people.

"Here's a track I just made."
"That sucks."

They want to criticize you right away in order to have maximum power and make you stop being creative. For them it's not about the art or music at all."

It's easy for haters to hide behind a lighted computer screen,
filling it with useless words, most often misspelled and try to
convince the critics they are incorrect in their thoughts. Haters
think that they are helpful to people, but in reality they are
drowning in their own misery while trying to pull society down with
them. There is a place on this earth for haters, it's somewhere between the three chemical layers; the crust, mantle and core.

1685 days ago


comment 122 was not from me I can assure you.

I love MJ!


1685 days ago


Riddler I totally agree with you.
The person who cloned me should be upfront not hide behind their computer screen.

1685 days ago


123. comment 122 was not from me I can assure you.

I love MJ!


Posted at 1:30PM on Mar 20th 2010 by Jan


Rest assured, I know. The language is different and you can spell correctly. Names can be cloned, but writing styles cannot.

1685 days ago


All three were exploited and used in the hollywood business of presription medication frenzies.

1685 days ago


this woman cannot write a column in the sun (she is not a qualified journalist) about MJ without having a go at him. I used to like the woman but she is so sad:

1685 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

think that they are helpful to people, but in reality they are
drowning in their own misery

Posted at 1:23PM on Mar 20th 2010 by riddler~

I read all of it & I agree. Haters are loser. MJ's music legacy will live on through his fans.

1685 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

My father died when I was a little kid from a prescription med overdose, so I am MAD about this practice on a personal level too. It left me fatherless at a very young age (four).

Posted at 10:12AM on Mar 20th 2010 by astabasta

So sad to hear about your loss.

1685 days ago


1685 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

And it's all legal. But is it ethical?

Some feel it is. After all, Branca is a respected entertainment lawyer and McClain is an experienced music executive. They have the expertise to broker deals like this. And clearly, judging by the amount of money they've brought into the estate, they're good at what they do. And Michael Jackson's heirs are benefiting from their expertise.

Posted at 1:45PM on Mar 20th 2010 by Butterfly

I read your whole post & u made your points. I think its both legal & ethical. From the executors' point of view, of course, the 1st thing they looked at was "is it legal", and as for "ethical", as u said they were able to bring in so much $$$ to the estates, so why not compensate them generously. Just like any other jobs, i.e. . someone who is a member of the management team in the company, apart from a paycheck that should be commensurate with the level of his experience, he is offered share options. The total compensation package would give him the drive & ambition to work hard & achieve the company's sales goals. In that sense, yeah, I think its OK for them to get paid generously. JMO.

1685 days ago


Hi Daphne,
excuse me, off topic, but.... it's Saturday night...

1685 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

136. Hi Daphne,
excuse me, off topic, but.... it's Saturday night...

Posted at 5:32PM on Mar 20th 2010 by susie

Very nice, Susie. Its 3:56 pm Calgary, Canada time. What brought u to Italy? My son's friend from University taught him how to dance the Tektonik which is very popular in Europe. We saw on YouTube how some young people did the Tektonik in the main square in Milano. Tektonik is still new in Canada, but its slowly coming to North America. On another note, are u going to see that MJ film made by that guy who wrote the "Unmasked" book on MJ. I don't care too much on things that are not sanctioned by the Estates. I'm a loyal fan & I saw TII 17 times in Calgary. I'm crazy???

1685 days ago


I've been curious about this. Has Katherine and MJ3 visited Michael's resting place since his death. TMZ reported the wanna be Dr. Murray, some fans & Debbie Roe visiting, but not Michael's own mother. I would guess if she did, TMZ would be all over it. Just curious that's all.

1685 days ago
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