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Brittany Murphy -- Hundreds of Pills a Month

3/20/2010 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brittany Murphy received no fewer than 200 pills every month from January 2008 through August 2009 ... and sometimes as many as 400.

As we first reported, Murphy used an alias -- Lola Manilow Murphy -- at Eddie's Pharmacy in Los Angeles for nearly two years before the pharmacy finally cut her off 4 months before her death.

Pharmacy records show Murphy was getting regular scrips for hydrocodone (Vicodin), clonazepam and Klonopin (anti-anxiety), and Vicoprofen (a Vicodin/ibuprofen combo) -- doubling up on some prescriptions on certain months.

For example, one month Murphy was prescribed 200 hydrocodone and 100 clonazepam; another month it was 300 Vicoprofen and 100 Klonopin.

All the prescriptions were prescribed by Dr. Richard Kroop. We're told investigators paid a visit to Kroop on Friday afternoon.

As we first reported, the owner of Eddie's Pharmacy told TMZ he cut Brittany and her family off 4 months before her death because, "We thought there was going to be an accident there."


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there is NO way this young woman needed these pills! Stop making excuses she was addicted to narcotic pain pills period!1 And that addiction killed her period. Idiots. Who do you think you are helping by acting like this amount of meds is a normal thing. I think most of you defenders are worried your own doctors may start limiting your pill popping and you certainly don't want that. Sad thing is cases like this will negatively effect those who do actually need pain meds for real pain issues.

1642 days ago


Legalized drug dealing. It's very sad, because an addict isn't going to stop. The laws need to be changed, somehow, to address this.

1642 days ago


You bragged:
3. So what!! I have 11 prescriptions Blood pressure, irregular heart beat, Arthritis, diabetes and cholesterol. 9 different pills 7 of them 2 times a day. Plus I do 2 injections a day- 3 every other Sunday.

I used to take by doctors orders 2 Pain Pills 4 times a day. Thats 240 pills a month right there.
Posted at 3:28AM on Mar 20th 2010 by Prince Von A-Hole
FYI: If you lost weight, ate better and got some exercise you wouldnt need most of those pills. Blood pressure is lowered by exercise and reduced sodium diet. Cholesterol is also lowered by exercise and a healthier diet of fruits and veggies. Type 2 diabetes CURED by diet, weight loss and exercise. And I'm sure your "Arthritis" is caused by your extra weight on your joints. SWIM, walk, DO SOMETHING before you kill YOURSELF. You need a personal trainer not a doctor. GET UP AND MOVE.

1642 days ago


Doctors are not all to blame. Some are, but not all. There are plenty of people stealing script pads or using false identification to obtain drugs illegally. All these celebrities using fake names need to be arrested and charged BEFORE they end up dead. It's up to the pharmacies to be proactive when they suspect something is going on and call the police, the doctors and raise any red flags they possibly can in order to stop it.

There also need to be harsher laws for these crimes so that all the blame isn't placed on doctors, but some is rightfully placed on the criminals who make up aliases or steal to score their fixes.

It's unbelievable how lightly we as a society treat prescription drug abuse after all the death and destruction it has caused and we have witnessed.

1642 days ago


Just to put my two cents in - I'm a nurse I have been a nurse for 16 years. While the number of pills found that she had for a month seems large you have to take this into account:
Vicodin is normally 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours = 4-8/day = 120-240/month
Klonopin usual dosage 3-4x/day = 90-120/month
Vicoprofen usual dose 1-2 every 4-6 hrs = 4-8/day = 120-240/month

Take a look at your own prescription meds and total up how many you take each month. Now this is not saying that prescription abuse was happening because it looks like it was. My point is that there are thousands if not millions of people taking 100-140 pills a month for genuine reasons. Every prescription has deadly consequences even if it take as normally directed.

However, I do agree that they are too many docs out there writing scripts left and write for the hollywood crowd but we also need to acknowledge there may be some good docs who are being used by hollywood actors and those actors are doctor shopping to get their fix. Those that are bad docs though need to face the consequences of their actions-

1642 days ago

Jim in Texas    

I went through comlete morphine addiction (vicodin to oxycontin to morphine) and can relate to this story. This may seem like a shocking number of pills, but the body quickly builds up "tolerance" to morphine and diazapam (klonopin), so that in only a couple months of taking them, you need 4 times as much to accomplish the same. I was up to 12 oxycontin pills a day near the end. I went through 9 days of living hell kicking this in bed. Fully as bad as heroin withdrawal.
I will say that it took her a while to build up this kind of tolerance - this didn't just start - but the number of tabs are completely beleivable. I remember getting 100 count bottles of hydrocodone on a pretty regular basis.
The greatest risk for overdose of morphoids and diazapines is respiratory depression, but as I recall this is not what killed her. You can simply just stop breathing.
I miss her. She was adorable. Anyone can get addicted to Rx drugs. It's "OK" in our culture as long as it comes from a doctor. I had a doc ask me if I progressed to heroin, and I responded by saying "No way!" as I saw this as "hard drugs". He simply said "Well, it's the same stuff and a lot cheaper".

Miss you, Brittany. There but for the grace of God go I...

1642 days ago


Nurse Sonja, what exactly was Ms. Murphy's pain that was so terrible that she needed those meds in the first place? Is it not a fact that Oxycontin was at one point reserved for end-stage cancer patients and now it s given out like bubblegum at Halloween for menstrual cramps and backaches? What the hell has happened to our pain tolerance? Disregard the prescribing recommendations because they are irrelevant when a person DOESN'T NEED THE MED TO BEGIN WITH!

When you add up all the drugs I take in any given month it is zero. I take no prescriptions because I eat right, exercise six days a week and I am not sissy. I occasionally take two Advil when my menstrual cramps are unbearable, which is maybe one dose every three months or so.

If you have a heart condition and needs a med then fine, but don't tell me that this young girl in the prime of her life or any of the millions of others out there need any opiates to function normally. It's just not correct. Doctors skip naproxen and ibuprofen and jump straight to the hard stuff because we're a bunch of lazy pansies who can't deal with our crap. Doctors are in the habit of pandering to our weakness and it has to stop. We need to toughen up again and take a little bit of responsibility and learn some proper coping mechanisms. Drugs masking the problem isn't solving it.

I'm sure you've seen someone "nod off" after taking a large dose of hydrocodone or oxycodone and it's NO DIFFERENT THAN WATCHING A HEROIN ADDICT. Parents who are doing this need to have their kids taken away. I'm sick to death of the BS and the excuses. America is nothing but a society of addicts and it's embarrassing and sad.

1642 days ago

chicken head    

I really don't get how she got this many
I had 30 Vicodin from one doctor and had that filled from Rite Aid and a 3 weeks later i got another 30 from a specialist and had that filled at this pharmacy near his office BUT!!!! they would not fill it because they thought since it was from another doctor it was suspicious !!!!!!!!!!! my name is on the COMPUTER - What wrong with Calf>??? don;t they do that there???
I finally got it but it was such a problem-

1642 days ago


It is one thing to take that many pain meds for a short period of time while recovering from an injury or surgery. It is quite another to take them on a regular basis. That is why responsible doctors try to get their chronic patients into physical therapy and pain management programs before they become addicted. Yes, there are many many every day people who are taking large amounts of pain medicine. That doesn't mean they should be. Most people with chronic pain take their medications begrudgingly knowing full well that they are risking dangerous side effects and addiction in exchange for being able to live a somewhat normal, mostly pain free life. Brittany Murphy suffered from cramps. There is simply no way she needed that many pain pills each month. As for her other problems, a healthy diet and a whole lot of therapy would have served her better than all those pills. And yes, even though it was the pneumonia and complications from diabetes that killed her, it was all those pills that kept her from being able to summon the health she needed to recover.

1642 days ago


I agree with Prince Von A-Hole. This SOUNDS worse than it really is. My son has an illness and he takes about 9 pills a day (that includes thyroid medicine and med for nausea because of the other medicine). All CLOSELY monitored by two specialists. If you add that up in a month, it is 270 pills (9 pills * 30 days). When you look at it in a month's time frame it appears bad, but not necessarily. I take four pills a day (bp, vit, omega3, iron) all under the doctor's care and advice. That along is 120 pills a month.

1642 days ago


1642 days ago


addicts like murphy, jackson, ledger, haim, anna nicole smith, all of them were fed their addiction through doctors and the ones who are still alive charlie sheen and his wife and the list goes on. yes they were and are still addicts but doctors need to be held responsible; its all about money.

1642 days ago


clonazepam and Klonopin (anti-anxiety) are the same thing. No difference.

1642 days ago


You people who come on here listing your various illnesses and broken bones (like we care) and how many pain medications you take are stupid. She was supposedly taking these medications for MENSTRUAL CRAMPS, which last maybe a week at the most! And I'm sorry but most doctors would recommend a hysterectomy before they'd continually prescribe enough pills to knock out a horse. She was an addict, PERIOD.

1642 days ago

Jim Brothers are on notice. If you try to prescribe antipsychotics or pain medications and someone dies, you will be sued and then a complaint will be made to have your license revoked. STOP PRESCRIBING THESE DRUGS. What happened to Jerry Brown's drug database??? and you want to elect this do-nothing as governor???

1642 days ago
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