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Brittany Murphy -- Hundreds of Pills a Month

3/20/2010 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brittany Murphy received no fewer than 200 pills every month from January 2008 through August 2009 ... and sometimes as many as 400.

As we first reported, Murphy used an alias -- Lola Manilow Murphy -- at Eddie's Pharmacy in Los Angeles for nearly two years before the pharmacy finally cut her off 4 months before her death.

Pharmacy records show Murphy was getting regular scrips for hydrocodone (Vicodin), clonazepam and Klonopin (anti-anxiety), and Vicoprofen (a Vicodin/ibuprofen combo) -- doubling up on some prescriptions on certain months.

For example, one month Murphy was prescribed 200 hydrocodone and 100 clonazepam; another month it was 300 Vicoprofen and 100 Klonopin.

All the prescriptions were prescribed by Dr. Richard Kroop. We're told investigators paid a visit to Kroop on Friday afternoon.

As we first reported, the owner of Eddie's Pharmacy told TMZ he cut Brittany and her family off 4 months before her death because, "We thought there was going to be an accident there."


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The only thing fishy about the mom and husband is that they are also addicts. They all took pills. They all covered for each other and shared, co-dependency and enabling at it's best. Sad thing is Brittany's death probably won't be enough to get them off the pills.. just another reason to get more prescriptions for their stress and anxiety over their loss.

1642 days ago


The Klonopin and Vicodine drugs the Looney anorexic actress was Voluntarily popping were the kind to get " HIGH" on. She knew very well how dangerous narcotic meds are. The dumb and stupid celebrities end up dead. Survival of the fittest prevail, the un-fit don't survive due to their stupidity. And in the beginning, how the press, her family and friends, "insisted" vigorously defended she would NEVER have taken drugs, especially those fun drugs to get high on. HA, most celebrities have mental disorders that eventually surface, or they end up dead from their favorite narcotics. Sick of dumb Celebrities in the news. They are nothing but morons who act, or try to. Is it the low IQ morons that are attracted to acting? Beginning to think so! We don't need more laws to protect celebrities from themselves. We dont need more nanny laws to save them. Folks are free to kill themselves however they enjoy doing so.

1642 days ago


Oh I see. So in order to be a known actress in Hollywood or actor for that matter, one must take lots of prescription drugs and die, is that about it?

1642 days ago


RE:those of you commenting about the mom,& her looking so zonked,etc......I just read an article about him whining about accusations he's bedding the mom.....know what he said???that she suffers from TOXIC NEUROPATHY,therefore can barely walk(um,what walking has to do with bedding her I still haven't figured out,lol).....BUT,thing is that condition is caused by,you got it....drug over-use.Doubt it,Google.;-) He went on to say that he lives downstairs,she,upstairs,"Not together",on top of all his other crap,he has her living upstairs while saying she can barely walk????STILL doesn't explain why SHE found BM & not him.Add,it seems if he talks enough,he might just end up hanging himself,in a legal sense,huh?I'll post the link,if I can find it again,I know I followed it from here tho.So, a story about HE being investigated???Sounds like HE is the pill pusher,to BOTH women,& whatta better way to gain control.God,he's so vile,in every sense,starting with 1st impression,his fugly outer appearance.

1642 days ago


VILE is a perfect word to describe Simon.

1642 days ago


How can a doctor prescribe that many pills in that short a time and get away with it? are doctors immune from prosecution? And how can the drug stores fill a RX for that amout without getting suspicious? Something is very wrong here and until the doctors and pharmacies are prosecuted and their license revoked. But we know this will never happen because of the doctor shortage. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Proving once again that people in a position of power and wealth are not held to the same standards as the common man. One more thing. The doctors were obviously getting paid to do this. Are they reporting this extra income to the IRS. probably not.

1642 days ago


Its sad that money means more to a doctor than human life,in scioto county ohio ,where i live there are several pill mills

1642 days ago


""" if you think you are going to go to another Dr. and double up, it isn't going to work for the average joe blow.
Posted at 6:32PM on Mar 20th 2010 by This Is so Outrageous!""

outrageous.....I think they may have a rude awakening if they try that crap in NY.....cause I live in NY & most of these drugs mentioned need a 3 dr write off.Most narcotics do here,tho I'm sure some sleaze drs buddy up & sign off for each other.Notice how allthese celeb (or hasbeen/wannabe celebs) are doing this crap in Ca,but you don't really hear of it in NY,even in the city where many celebs are.Makes it clear the prob is more of a Cali state of mind & seems AG Jerry Brown isn't quite handling the situation the way he touts he is....I'malso wondering why they wanna move to NY,the mom's not from NY,or is she?Somebody send that slimy pig of a 'widower'(by his own perhaps intentional doing,imo) back to UK PLEASE.Of course he's gonna stay glued to the mom,he overdrugs her too & she inherited everything BM had.

1642 days ago


There is no need for new drug is the doctors who giving them away...the law needs to change for them..

1642 days ago


That's honestly not that much given the fact that if you're in chronic pain, your tolerance levels go up and you need more.
I know everyone wants to jump on the druggie band wagon, but ya'll are WAY off base.

1642 days ago


I want to add that most Vicodin abusers take upwards of 30 Vicodin PER DAY. Again, put this in perspective. The REALITY is that for a "drug abuser", she sure wasn't taking very much.

1642 days ago


Funnyfarker, save your money and just talk to a friend, or a complete stranger for that matter. Shrinks are friggin' nuts.

1642 days ago


Start arresting the Doctors they are no longer doctors they have become drug dealers

1642 days ago

J. Carson Black    

It seems prescription drugs are the biggest problem for people, and the willingness of doctors, pharmacies, managers, etc., to give these stars what they want.

I read that the country/pop singer Brienne Cross was on a lot of prescription drugs before she died, and that there was a ton of drug use on the set of her new reality TV show, "Soul Mate."

But of course it had nothing to do with her death. With Brittany, I'm just so sad this happened. She had a lot of talent, and her whole life in front of her.

1642 days ago


I wonder if they'll make her into a SKULLebrity??

1642 days ago
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