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Brittany Murphy -- The Presciption List Goes On

3/21/2010 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britanny MurphyTMZ has learned Brittany Murphy used her own name -- besides the alias Lola Manilow Murphy -- to secure an array of prescription drugs.

Sources tell us between 2003-2009, Brittany had scores of prescriptions filled for 32 different drugs ... and that was at just one L.A. pharmacy -- and it's not Eddie's Pharmacy, the one that cut her off 4 months before her death because the owner feared an accident loomed.

The drugs included Inderal and Propranolol (high blood pressure), Sarafem (a type of Prozac), chlordiazepoxide (sedative), promethazine (sedative), and four different drugs for asthma.

Also on the list --- a number of antibiotic and allergy medications.

Brittany had a prescription filled five times for Biaxin -- a drug used to treat, among other things, pneumonia. The Coroner ruled Murphy died an accidental death caused by "community acquired pneumonia."


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Maby she really did have legit medical probs but it dont look good BUT it is possible b/c I have a lung disease and take 2 sometimes 3 meds for that and i get kidney stones so i have to take promethazine for nausea other wise i would throw my guts up- and YES that is used for its sedative properties! says so right in the PDR. Even net articles say so ect And far as the antibiotic biaxin goes- i one time got that prescribed to me 3 months in a row b/c i could not shake a severe sinus infection so thats nothing either- its an antibiotic not crack for gods sakes ppl some of u shold jus b glad you are healthy and dont have to rely on meds to LIVE like some do,,,,,,,,,,,,, Like me so jus saying we should not judge jus YET

1675 days ago


With all the investigation and research TMZ does, I'm always surprised at the gross inaccuracies concerning medication indications. How are you coming up with these indications? Can't you have a consultant pharmacist on call for stories such as these? I'm a registered pharmacy technician and know better.

Sometimes you will list a brand name drug, then a generic name drug as two separate drugs... they are one in the same. For example, Inderal and Propanolol are the same drugs. Listing them separately sensationalizes the story. She wasn't on two meds for HBP, it was one.

It's incorrect and irresponsible to list a drug as a "type of Prozac". Prozac is a brand name. There is no "type of Prozac". Do you mean it's an SSRI? A TYPE of antidepressant? Sarafem is the same chemical makeup of Prozac, fluoxetine, but it's not the brand name Prozac. I wonder if Eli Lilly (maker of Prozac) would appreciate an incorrect association with Warner Chilcott, maker and marketer of Sarafem?

I trust TMZ as a source, but these inaccuracies are GLARING to anyone who understands what they're looking at. Does it really take that much research to get it right? Consider adding someone with knowledge to your team.

1675 days ago


They were not all hers, keep in mind her Mom and husband were a part of the prescription drug popping. Do you recall her husband being removed from an airplane on a stretcher shortly before her death and she did not want medical assistance for him? Her Mom has a chronic disease that causes her pain. This prescription drug game will be played out time and time again just with different players...very sad.s

1675 days ago


Hey TMZ, get your facts straight....

Promethazine is an anti-nausea medication, which probably was being taken to aid in her opiate intake to keep her from getting sick and vomiting when she was coming down.

Hire a pharmacist, not some surfer punk from the "Bu" who didn't finish his HS education.......

1675 days ago


Promethazine (aka)Phenagrin, Inderal and Propranlol are all used for the treatment of migraines. Most specifically for cyclical migraine with accompany heavy and painful menstruation. All are very reasonable to have.Come on guys, really you put out just enough info to make her death sound suspicious and make her sound like an addict. Which may not be the case.

1675 days ago


Another note on the Propranolol -- it is indeed a HBP med, but it is also commonly used to assist patients with anxiety. My therapist's office has a pretty strict policy about not prescribing things like Ativan, Xanax, etc, and Propranolol, while a blood pressure med, can help with anxiety without having the addictive properties of other drugs. As I understand, it is also commonly used by performers/lecturers/public figures as a type of "stage fright" drug. Perhaps the pharmacist who commented earlier could speak to this.

1675 days ago


A JOINT a Day Keeps the DOCTOR away! ...Or was that an Apple?

1675 days ago


The whole house was/is a pill popping gallery! How can you be aware of someone else' addiction when you're an addict too? Answer: You can't. Simon self medicates to cover his bi-polar, borderline personality, and the realization that he's fat and ugly.
Sharon self medicates to deal with her depression. The house was/is deaf, dumb and blind with addiction.

1674 days ago

voice of reason    

inderal and propanalol



they are one and the same

nice research

1674 days ago


Promethazine IS NOT a sedative it is an anti-nausea medication... that is even given to infants!!! Come on ...if you are gonna put out the info MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT!!!!!!

1674 days ago


OK. i know a lot of people want to think the best but,

SHE WAS AN ADDICT. I have first hand knowledge of how screwed up this house hold was. While TMZ might have the scripts mixed up or wrong names does not change the fact that there were thousands of pills consumed up on that property. Yes Britt WAS a very very sweet person but,SHE WAS A SCRIPT JUNKIE and I BLAME SHARON for getting that poor Sweet girl started. She however is responsible for her own action she was an adult.

I gave an exclusive interview to a radio talk show with the REAL story of what went on in that house. Heres a link it takes about an hour. EVERY WORD IS THE TRUTH.

the butler

1674 days ago


I just wanted to say that although it's undoubtably horrible that she was using all these medications and the hydrocodone and vicoprofen are suspect, the other medicines prescribed make me think of anxiety. I suffer from panic attacks and many of those medicines are prescribed for people with similar problems. Many mentioned are simply the generic and the name brand of the same medicines. I know with myself, there were times where I was prescribed something and it didn't work for me, so I had to try another medicine. I have now been on the same medicines for over a year and I would say that they would say the same thing about me if they went looking at my prescription history. I haven't taken all the meds, but at least through my therapy, I've tried them. Of course, I've never had all the pain killers...that's a little disturbing.

1674 days ago


This really is old news!!!! ;oP

1674 days ago


Promethazine is the Generic form of Phenergan and it is NOT a sedative it is for nausea. They really should get their facts straight before they post them on here.

1674 days ago


Promethazine, or phenergan, is used for nausea. And lots of people have had 5 anitibiotics filled over several years. Inderal is used to treat migraines, in addition to cardiac issues. Is routinely ordered. Please get your facts straight before you start slamming people.

1674 days ago
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