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Jesse James and His Nuclear Divorce

3/21/2010 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A sliver of good news for Jesse James: If Sandra Bullock divorces him, it can't possibly get as ugly as the violent break-up of his prior marriage.

Janine Lindemulder, Jesse James, Sandra Bullock

TMZ has obtained legal docs in Jesse's divorce from Janine Lindemulder. James filed several declarations, accusing Janine of various acts of brutality -- including punching him, bludgeoning him in the back of the head with a flowerpot, swinging a steel bone sculpture at him, trying to run him over with her car, socking him in the eyeball because he used her parking space, and going Naomi Campbell on him with a cellphone.

James says on one occasion, when Janine was pregnant, she began hitting and chasing him in their bedroom, and he grabbed her by the hair to hold her at bay.

Bullock will probably choose to bludgeon Jesse with a Beverly Hills lawyer.


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1654 days ago


No one, not a man, or a woman deserves to be beat up. I am a woman and a feminist and I think that she had no right to lay one hand on Jesse. It shows the level of her intelligence which is a zero. Anyone who uses their fists to handle a situation is a COMPLETE MORON!

1654 days ago


If this is true, Janine had absolutely no right to physically abuse Jesse. Clearly, the woman is mentally crazy. I am NOT justifying what Jesse may or may not have done to her, but violence is NEVER the answer. Abuse against women is wrong and so is abuse against men.

If you don't like and/or respect the person that you are with, find the door, open it up and leave. Simple.

If Sandy wants to do that now that she knows that Jesse was cheating (if, in fact this is true) then that is her right and her choice.

The only truly "innocent and defenseless" person in this whole situation is Jesse's young daughter. I really feel sorry for that child as she is completely and 100% innocent.

1654 days ago


My heart goes out to Sandra, for being married & putting her trust in that IDIOT!!!!! Shes better off without him!!

1654 days ago


Never thought Jesse & Sandra looked right anyway as she out-classed him. (Truth be told.) But, she appears strong and should be OK no matter what happens from here. Best of Luck Sandra!!

1654 days ago


Those poor kids, having carnival drug freaks for parents. People like James shouldn't be allowed to breed.

1654 days ago


What's up with everyone tolerating Jesse James use of Nazi symbols for his business, someone needs to eff this ahole up.

1654 days ago


Janine suffered to great deal of both verbal and physical abuse during her marriage to Jesse, rent or buy Motorcycle Mania 3, see for yourself them talk about his bad temper. He had high priced lawyers, she didn't, so of course he came out looking like a victim in their divorce. He left her when she was pregnant with Sunny to pursue a relationship with Sandra, then turned his back on the child and didn't want anything to do with her. Now that Sandra is out of the picture, it'll be obvious WHO wanted Sunny, Sandra did, not Jesse. Jesse's a piece of crap.

1654 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

10. Thanks Jessie!!!!!!!!!!!! You didn't just break her HEART... Does that mean anything to you?? Did that second of pleasure make up for that?? You didn't just break Sandra's heart.. it was every chick over 40 that "used to believe" there were some good guys left... SHAME ON US!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted at 3:00AM on Mar 21st 2010 by karriO

Honey, there ARE MANY good guys out there. The guys who would open a door for you, offer to help, speak nervously to you. BUT, many women are QUICK to write-off these guys because they don't have the fancy car or exude power.

So, many gals like the bad boys or the rich guys (who actually can get almost ANY woman they want e.g. S. Hayek's husband).

Bottom line: think twice about overlooking the guys who would actually make an excellent husband.

1654 days ago

dora rice    

Sandra should have seen it coming. She must have known of his two wifes and the one being in the porno world. And many other things that were public about him. I don't condemm her for not noticing he hurt her like no other. I hoe she leaves him for good. Or she won't be the sweetheart no more

1654 days ago

dora rice    

He is so used to to live a bachlor's life. That's why the two previous marriage ended in divorce. He also live pretty much in the porno world in my opinion, and had stuff going on in his shop, where the rich and famous stopped of. Sandra should have seen it coming, the kind of nice person she is, she didn't . Who can blame her. I hope she gets rid of the dirt bag or we will never seen another picture of her. Tiger can be rehabilitated twice before this dirt bag can.

1654 days ago


In time, Sandra will realize it WAS HER YEAR! She will realize how LUCKY she was to be RID of that douche bag!!! TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS! The world is behind her. We will give her the support she will need until then!!! Hope Sandra has read all the comments from people so she KNOWS how much back up she really has!!!

1654 days ago


What Ms. Bullock can do is do a Lorena Bobbitt on Jesse.

1654 days ago


Ms. Sandra , you can do it.
Remember the Latina Lorena Bobbitt?
She had a very swift hand.
With one swing
She sliced off his wand.

Surprisingly, he did'nt mind it.
Now when urinating he just sit.

1654 days ago


Sandra, you now have an OSCAR; you do not need a Jesse!!!

1653 days ago
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