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Sandra Bullock, Jesse James Lawyer Up

3/23/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources tell TMZ reps for both Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have been interviewing divorce lawyers.

We're told Sandra's reps have been in touch with several high-end divorce lawyers. Our sources say Lance Spiegel, who handled divorces for Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear and Michael Jackson, is the frontrunner.

As for Jesse, we're told his business people have contacted several lawyers as well, but he will not be initiating the divorce. We're told his reps are asking the attorneys "if they'd be interested in taking the case" if Sandra files.

As for whether a divorce petition will be filed, one source simply said, "Something's happening."


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I respect Sandra for her decision...Elin take note

a one off is bad enough but the couple may be able to get past it with counseling--but this kind of repeated cheating is a definite deal-breaker

with a one off, the offending person has some kind of regret or remorse or guilt, something that makes them not repeat the behavior so there is a chance that the marriage may be saved

with Jesse/Tiger etc. it is like there is no conscience or they are absent an essential filter in their psyche so that they see this as acceptable as long as it doesn't come to light

only when it is revealed do they have any emotion-and it is probably embarrassment that they are revealed for who they are and what they have been doing

and sadly for their wives they seem to pick women similar to themselves -no conscience, no shame and to willing to reveal details at the drop of a dime

it must pain Sandra to have to leave the family home where there are children she has grown to love and help to fight for their custody-she was the stabilizing influence for them. I'm sure she will be talking to professionals to see how best to handle everything concerning the children

1642 days ago


why does jesse need a lawyer for?? Sandra makes WAY more money then he does and if they had a prenup where she would have paid him alimony or something that would all go out the window due to him cheating.

Due to Jesse cheating a judge is going to go in favor of Sandra when it comes to splitting there accents such as the house, vehicles, etc.

1642 days ago


Sandy is a cruel person.

If Jesse returns she will only be cruel to him again, and he again will be forced to find affection outside the marriage.

Sandy went too far when she let Cinnabun out again. She called the emergency finding service because she felt guilty over the extreme danger she placed Cinnabun in, but Cinnabun was safe because Jesse found her and kept her at the shop where Sandy could not once again hurt the pup.

Sandy can never again be allowed to abuse Jesse or Cinnabun.

1642 days ago


That was right.
I hope it'll be smoothly & quickly.
( by )

1642 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Excuse me??

I don't care how beautiful or talented she may be... but as with MOST women these days... SHE CHOSE TO MARRY THIS JACKA$$ and blew off a million decent men.

These dumb b!tches want their bad boys??

OK. Fine.

But when the bad boys do that BAD BOY thing... then what are all the tears about?? I thought that is precisely what (in this case) Sandra wanted.

Oh. Now I remember. Nothing a woman does makes sense.

Silly me.

I forgot.

1642 days ago


I wish this would have never of happened. It makes me sick to think of how in love she is with him but Jesse chose to throw all of that away only thinking of his pr**k. I feel sorry for both of them as now the kids are going to be hurt yet again as Sandra is out of their life now. I wish there was a way for her to forgive him if he truly was sorry but I know if it were me it would be over. I am so sorry Sandy! :(

1642 days ago


that nazi lover, hoe lover, low life creep, never had sandra's back, he was just concerned about his front; sandra is smart boy did she evaluate the situation quickly, get rid of the ugly bum and please try your best not to give his a red cent, let his portion go to the people in Haiti. elin should really look at how sandra is handling this quick and swiftly; she needs to wake up and follow sandra. what i feel back about this came immediately following her big win at the oscars and her cancellation of two be openings in europe, what a shame. too bad she doesn't go.

1642 days ago


The real victim here is the little girl Sunny. She finally had stability and a good role model in her life. Nice job screwing up all these lives Jesse! What is wrong with people????? Please stop contributing to this mIchelle famewhore's five minutes of fame. She is a classless, tacky disgusting hateful person and she and the ex wife janine should crawl in a hole together and stay there.

1642 days ago

mrs. jones    

She has to leave him for the kids, too. I had a 2 and 5 year-old and no money after 13 years of marriage but had I stayed, my spirit would have been broken. When someone like Jesse crosses a huge boundary of trust, honesty and respect like that, there are no more boundaries left if you take him back. And he looked at her like he loved and respected her at the OScars--what an actor he is...if women left men when they were emotionally abused like this with lies and subjected to STD's etc., fewer men would feel like they could get away with it. Men used to be able to beat their wives into submission until women decided not to take it. Same thing with infidelity only the scars are on the inside.

I resent the idea that if a woman has kids or stepkids with her husband that she is suddenly a hostage to the marriage and must put up with lying, disrespect, health concerns, and cheating. Tear him to pieces Sandra, wear his testicles as earrings.

1642 days ago


I'm glad Sandra isn't just going to let him walk all over her like Elin lets Tiger. I really feel bad for SB. She had been talking on interviews about how she is happy to have a home to come home to and now this. And how she mentioned him at the awards show. I don't think she got what she deserved at all, but I hope she finds someone to treat her like she deserves to be treated.

1642 days ago


Good girl Sandra. Let the two tattooed goof balls have their time together. Get out get custody and start over. You got class hes got tats.

1642 days ago


ohhhh I feel so sad for Sandra Bullock and the children she loves like they where her own. Devorce is still the only solution. What rolemodel would she be otherwise?

This new situation gives the social authorities new perspectives. I am not refering to the fact that Jesse James cheated on his wife but that he now is without the suport he needed to give his children a female rolemodel to look up to.

I hope a stepmother does have rights when it comes to the children she helped to parent. If both the children and the stepmother want to continue to be a family it would be fair to them to let them do so. Could the children be part time with Sandra? How does the law work in such a specific situation like this one.

Even if everyone says think about yourself first I am shure it is impossible if you have learned to love the children of your husband.

I hope Sandra has a realy tuff and bright lawer or group of lawers specialised on the different issues that Sandra wants to have fixed. I hope they smash Jesse James and get the best possible deal for Sandra end the children. They deserv better then hard core adults with racist values around them.

1642 days ago


Sounds like Jesse should get an acting award - sounds like he was acting like the loving husband the whole time - and I (and others I know) thought he was like a gentle giant - after seeing him on the Apprentice - sounds like he fooled enough people - he should get an Oscar for the acting job he did.

Sandra definitely does not deserve this loser.

1642 days ago


I am so sorry that Sandra is going through this at what should be a high point in her life. It is obvious that she really loved the guy and this will ultimately hurt him more than he has hurt her. Hang in there Sandra, time will take care of everything.

1642 days ago
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