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Jesse James Huge Sexual Harassment Settlement

3/24/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a former high level, female executive with West Coast Choppers settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against Jesse James and West Coast Choppers for more than $700,000 in 2007, while he was married to Sandra Bullock ... according to documents.

The woman claimed between 2006 - 2007, Jesse James repeatedly made sexual advances, which allegedly included sexual acts.

The woman kept several suggestive emails from Jesse. In one email in 2007, which is included in the file, Jesse wrote to the woman, "Need anything before I split?" She responded, "Some Tums." Jesse replied, "I have some special fluid that you can drink and it makes it all better ...."

And, she claims after an oral encounter with Jesse, she kept a telltale Clintonesque T-shirt.

The woman quit in 2007 and hired Gloria Allred's law firm to represent her. No lawsuit was ever filed, but on September 27, 2007, the matter settled for $725,000.

In the settlement docs, Jesse neither admitted nor denied the allegations.


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Spike Jones    


1676 days ago


Soon we'll be reading this perv hung himself while he was trying to jerk off. What a loser.

1676 days ago


TMZ, Why do you have a picture of Ben Rothlisberger in the article about Jesse James?

1676 days ago


Bet BOMBSHELL is feeling pretty stupid right now. She sold her story for only $30,000 .... Wonder how much Jesse would have paid her to keep her mouth shut!

1676 days ago


Who cares about Jesse James?

1676 days ago


$750,000 - Take note Michelle. You could have received much much more than 30K.

Seriously ... how could Sandra not know about this lawsuit?

1676 days ago

Madam Obvious    

Those lemon tofu burgers sound delicious, thanks for the recipe!

Can't say I'm a huge fan of Bullock's acting (she always seems to be in such cheesy films) but she strikes me as a lovely, down-to-earth person with a great sense of humour. She does not deserve the shame this moron is bringing down on her head. She needs to cut all ties to him and his children immediately. Yes, the hurt will be devastating in the short-term, but to stay with him would bring far more heartache and most likely kill her career just when it has reached its peak.

1676 days ago

Andre Cassis    

Honestly...what did poor Sandra B expect? Look at this book! You certainly can judge it by its cover!I hate the term but here it is...White trash!

1676 days ago

Andre Cassis    

And what's more....the dumb fxck paid $725,000 for a sexual favor? That is one expensive sexual favor!

1676 days ago


137. And what's more....the dumb fxck paid $725,000 for a sexual favor? That is one expensive sexual favor!

Posted at 4:54PM on Mar 24th 2010 by boubou613

Seriously! You would think that this would have been a wake up call.

1676 days ago

Kevin Beyreuther    

So she had an "oral" encounter with Jesse....She has the "evidence".....And then suddenly his comments became sexual harrassment worth $750,000...GIVE ME A BREAK

1676 days ago

Kevin Beyreuther    

I thought that it was very curious when Jesse was on "Celebrity Apprentice" last year and he refused to say anything about any personal or financial details between him and Sandra. He even seemed to blanch whenever Trump mentioned Sandra's name. Maybe these two where like "ships passing in the night". But seriously folks, if this is all you're worried about, get a life. Oh yeah, here I am writing MY comments.

1676 days ago



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1676 days ago


What befuddles me right now, today, is why Sandra would run off to Texas leaving her step-daughter abandoned and completely confused. That speaks volumes about the whole custody case. This was not the act of a woman caring about a child but about her own self interests.

1676 days ago


I would be amazed if that out-of-court settlement wasn't paid by Sandra Bullock's side, to keep up her Ms. Congeniality-America's Sweetheart image. There is one born every minute — and Sandra Bullock isn't one of those fools. And she has "people" to do diligence (background checks), just like all wealthy, prominent people have for their personal safety, security, privacy, et cetera. She knew exactly what she was getting into. There is more to this story. I am not saying Sandra Bullock is a kinky closet skank, but people are complex — as most people over the age of 12 know.

1676 days ago
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