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Brain Irregularity Sidelines UFC Fighter

3/25/2010 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 UFC Fighter UFC's Thiago "Pitbull" Alves will not fight at Saturday's UFC 111, because a CAT Scan shows an irregularity in his brain ... TMZ has learned.

Thiago was scheduled to rumble with Jon Fitch on Saturday -- but a pre-fight CAT Scan revealed an irregularity -- a source close to 26-year-old Pitbull tells TMZ the irregularity involves an artery in the brain.

UFC honcho Dana White tells TMZ he will fly Pitbull to a specialist for further evaluation. White says, "If it's true, it can be career-ending."

No one will replace Pitbull on Saturday. The headliner is Georges St- Pierre -- ironically, the fighter who solidly beat Thiago in his last fight last July.

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technical problem

1671 days ago


I guess being kicked and punched in the head has a side effect. BRAIN DAMAGE !!!

1675 days ago



1675 days ago


What??? they actually found a brain in there, who knew?

1675 days ago


No biggie. This crap isn't even remotely a sport. Let 'em all rot of brain damage.

1675 days ago


Those guys kick ass.....Actually this is safer than boxing.

1675 days ago


When is everyone going to realize that punching the hell out of someone is NOT a sport? It is a barbaric form of cruelty between human beings. The phrase "punch drunk" was coined because of boxing.

1675 days ago


LOL Are you serious? non of these guys have a brain!and even worse the people that attend these "fights" are brainless as well.

1675 days ago


MMA is as much of a sport as boxing is. Sanctioned by the athletic commission as well.

1675 days ago


You got to love these computer commandoes talking like tough guys on here sitting behind their screens.These MMA guys would hit you so hard your whole family would hurt.Har Har Har!!!

1675 days ago


Whoever is talking a lot of negatives about the sport clearly don't know what they are talking about. It is MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. It's boxing, karate, jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling, muay thai, etc all put into one. If you are saying that it is not a sport, then clearly all those other "activities" are not sports either. Within the past 10 years that MMA have been in the mainstream, there have been more injuries due to boxing than in MMA. Every one of these guys are world class athletes who have advanced their skills from one aspect, such as wrestling and boxing, to a more well rounded athlete. Events put on by the UFC, Strikeforce and Dream are all sanctioned such as professional boxing. You guys need to do your homework before saying anything because if you don't then you're all just bunch of poopy peepers.

1675 days ago


Robert, most of the people who practice boxing professionally end up as drooling idiots after their careers end. That is a tragic fact, unfortunately. So no, the sort of activity that leaves human beings maimed in such a horrible way should not be considered a sport or tolerated.

1675 days ago


Wait. What part of it is not a sport?

The wrestling? (Olympic sport)
The boxing? (Olympic sport)
The judo? (Olympic sport)

1675 days ago


The fact that this was caught before he fought on Saturday shows how safe the sport is. They may have just prevented a death by taking the necessary precautionary measures in regards to fighter safety. The ignorant comments shouldn't be too surprising, I mean hell, I'm reading comments on TMZ. But maybe first some of you people should have at least a little education on the sport and the people who participate in it. The majority of these guys have college educations and degrees. And from a physical standpoint, mixed martial arts training is one of the most insane workouts you'd ever imagine. As a matter of fact, there's a new trend in the NFL where players are training MMA for their off season strenth and conditioning.

Educate yourself a little so you don't sound like an ignorant fool, and don't write MMA off as a fad because it's not going anywhere.

1675 days ago

Tiili Sallotii    

Ovius De`brainos Los`fighty bull NOUS?.Jumpus noodle> na? life is novous dis evry brain noodlus jumpie?.NAS NAS nor vorus

1675 days ago
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