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Tiger Woods Shoots New Commercial for Nike

3/26/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Tiger Woods shot a commercial for Nike yesterday ... in his own backyard.

Tiger Woods Shoots New Commercial for Nike

Sources say Tiger -- who was wearing his trademark black and red during at least part of the shoot -- shot the commercial on the Isleworth Country Club golf course in his neighborhood in Windermere, Florida Thursday morning.

We're told a Tiger stand-in was used Wednesday to set up the shots.

As for the shoot, we're told Tiger got in and out very quickly.

The photo on the left was taken Wednesday during the set up.

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To everyone who wants to boycott Nike...

WHO CARES THAT TIGER CHEATED?! I sure as hell don't. Men cheat all the time and I don't understand why Tiger should be held to a higher standard because he plays golf. We supported him because he is good at what he does, why should we stop now?

Nike as a brand represents athleticism, so they're sticking by the man who's the best. I'm sure all of you men (AND WOMEN)out there who are claiming that Tiger is a dirty pig has cheated at one point. So please stop being hypocrites and leave Tiger and Nike alone.

1675 days ago


Go NIKE, a pervert training ho's and bringing std's home to his wife and doing who knows what to his little girl when his ho cup is empty. Yes, great brand and exactly what I will want to say on the court.

1675 days ago


You sir are an idiot.
The ONLY reason the ratings will be higher is because of this scandal and his hiding out. This world loves train wrecks and this club swinging tripod is one now. It does not matter what he wins or does not win for the rest of his life as the scandal will always be the footnote following him around. The extra audience are not golf lovers they are waiting for wench number X to show up and make a scene or grab her 10min of fame off the man. They are also slowly becoming aware from all the stories that golfers are not the straight laced golf players we have been fed over the years. There are cracks in the surface showing the parties, cheating, groupies for the golfers and their staff/assistants and it is too late to put that back in the bottle.
You may have a larger viewing audience but not for the silly reasons you presented.

1675 days ago


How silly of those bashing Nike. Clearly, those of you bashing Nike are seriously "trippin". You have NO comprehension of what a BILLION DOLLAR empire like Nike, Perdue, AT&T, Google, Tropicana, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, Coke, Dell, etc. focuses on. It's ALL about BUSINESS and business means REVENUE. Bottom line.


Where have you people been? Are you going to throw away EVERYTHING you own too? Really?

Nike is a billion dollar company, it's all about making money, NO DIFFERENT than any other company making BILLIONS every day. That's what capitalism is ALL about folks.

SO STOP with the idle threats and criticism. Nike is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT to endorse their BIGGEST money revenue product, Tiger Woods. They would NOT be where they were if they didn't.

Tiger is one of the BIGGEST MONEY MAKER in the world. He is KNOWN ALL OVER THE WORLD and HE'S THE BEST GOLFER IN THE WORLD. So Nike is doing what Nike does best, THEIR JOB!!!

So go ahead and THROW AWAY all the Nike products you spent hundreds of dollars on. Nike still GOT PAID and will CONTINUE TO GET PAID!! You on the other hand, just ignorantly threw you're hard-earned money down the drain.

1675 days ago



Straight lace? What? Are you insane? Tiger NEVER deemed himself your SAINT. It's FOLKS LIKE YOU who put him on that pedestal, NOT Tiger. He NEVER claimed to be your ROLE MODEL or SAVIOR. He's an athlete you fool. He's been MARKETED because he's the BEST IN THE WORLD!!!

You obviously bought into the "fantasy world." Let's be VERY clear. Folks LOVE to blame actors, athletes, musicians, etc. for everything under the sun!!! Get a grip. What ever happened to common sense?

NO HUMAN BEING is PERFECT, without faults, sins or mistakes. NOT ONE. So unless your name is G-O-D, you are delusional in thinking that our wealthy athletes do not cheat and sleep around or WORSE.

Your bonkers if you think Tiger Woods owes you ANYTHING, he doesn't OWE you squat. Tiger Woods has EARNED the title of BEST GOLFER because he is the BEST at what he does. It has NOTHING to do with his personal life. NO ONE CARES about his personal life.

ALL folks care about and get caught up about is TRASHY SEX-DRIVEN GOSSIP MONGERING!! Americans are quick to put folks on a PEDESTAL and they cry bloody murder when they mess up. Go figure. TIGER WOODS didn't break any laws...

But take a look at the likes of .......Ben Roethlisberger (RAPE charges) Mark McGwire (DRUGS), Allen Iverson, Gilbert Arenas(WEAPONS), Micheal Vick (DOGFIGHTING), Ryan Leaf (DRUGS) and the list goes on.

You're argument is baseless based on what a golfer or any athlete does in their PRIVATE LIVES. You must live in the world of "Saintsville" Get OVER your "holier than thou" BS. Tiger is an ADULT and last time I checked he didn't break any LAWS by sleeping around on his wife. He didn't MURDER anyone, OR used DRUGS or ALCOHOLIC!!!

ALL of a sudden the mere fact that Tiger Woods has slept around on his wife is surprising to you? Is it a crime? Is Nike's continued support of him a crime? What LAW was broken? What?

Unlike YOU, I don't give a rats ass if Tiger or any other athlete slept with 100+ women on any given day. That's NOT FOR ME TO JUDGE. That's for his WIFE, MOTHER and CHILDREN to decide.

What I judge Tiger Woods on is his GOLFING talent, what he DOES on the golf course. Anything else outside GOLF is his business. I don't buy Nike products based on Tiger or anyone else's libido. I buy Nike products because they're comfortable and I LIKE THEM. I don't drink Pepsi because Miriah Carey drinks it on TV, I buy it because I like the taste of it.

People need to stop blaming TIGER for something that is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!! If Tiger Woods wasn't worth BILLIONS, his personal life WOULDN'T even be an issue for you or anyone ELSE.

People are JEALOUS of the BILLION DOLLAR MAN. Everyone bashing Tiger only wishes they were HIM. Don't get it twisted, when you are worth BILLIONS everyone wants a piece of you, everyone is envious of you, your life, your lifestyle. That's just the nature of the business.

The mere fact that folks are so bitter and judgmental over what Tiger Woods does is proof that folks HATE and BASH because they are miserable with their own lives, are jealousy and they WANT TO TEAR DOWN someone who is worth BILLIONS of dollars as a means to make them feel liberated and valid when it come to their vicious attacks. Bottom line.

Just take a look at the Sandra Bullock story. Everyone has shifted to their marriage is claiming to be an EXPERT and AUTHORITY on how Sandra and Jesse should handle THEIR MARRIAGE. How ignorant is that? It's THEIR MARRIAGE, and yet everyone thinks and talks as if it is THEIR own marriage. Unbelievable.

1675 days ago


NO MO NIKE for the 6 of us in our family! Moving on to companies who pay inspiring athletes to endorse their products! AND they are out there! Too bad...I typically bought Nike, but until they show the 'smarts' and 'responsibility' due their customers...its adios to giving BUCKS for Nike products!!

1675 days ago


The problem is not if Tiger cheat The big problem here is the IMAGE that he sells. If he wants go around and sleep with all the women in the planet of course that is his problem. But the moment he sells a GOOD FAMILY MAN image , than become everyone problem who wants go around wearing goods that a man with no family values endorses?

1675 days ago


Nike seems to have spent a great deal of company time on putting up pro-Tiger posts on this thread.

I'm promoting the idea that not only should there be a complete boycott of all Nike and Nike-associated brand products, but that all Nike sales reps and company employees be abused as bad as a kid who is turned into an abortion or miserably abandoned with his mother by millionaire celebrities who are Cheetahs, those Cheetahs that Nike seems to LOVE SO MUCH NO MATTER WHAT. No threats beforehand, no regrets later. Just justice.

1675 days ago



1674 days ago


He's got lots of experience at getting in and out quickly.

1673 days ago


Great! He should be able to move on with his life. Who the hell am I to judge whether or not he can continue doing what he's been doing? What he did was morally wrong, but it's not criminal in this country. Let he and his wife work out their marriage in peace.

1672 days ago


No matter what he does and all the publicity............. he is still a loser to me. He could be the best golfer, I know, but these mistakes really make him look sick to me. I cant even stand to see his face any more. Its funny how much I admired him and thought of him as " Wow" and now he is thumbs DOWN to me and my 4 boys. He gotta leave to Sweden or elsewhere and move on and simply take golf as a hobby and go do another career. Elin is probably not returning with him. Shes just waiting the 2 years to cash in and move on. You go girl !!!!!!

1662 days ago
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