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Bombshell's 'I Slept with Jesse Shirt' -- Real Deal?

3/28/2010 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's not exactly a blue dress from the GAP, but Michelle "Bombshell" McGee kept a souvenir from the night she reportedly hooked up with Jesse James, so says one of her closest friends.

Michelle bombshell mcgee wolf t-shirt

TMZ has obtained a photo showing Michelle striking a pining pose for a man (not Jesse) near the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

According to the friend, Michelle claimed Jesse left the shirt in her hotel room after the two rendezvoused together the night before.

So what does this prove? Only that Jesse could have the same taste in clothing as Debbie Rowe.


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who f***ing cares

1640 days ago


Trying to figure out who's worse, Jesse, the whore's that "suddenly" come out of the wood work for their 15min or the media whore Gloria Allred. This "bombshell" chick is totally exploiting the fact she's a tramp and a slut and so does who ever else that claims they had an affair with him.

1640 days ago


James and this skank are now sullying the good name of the WOLF SHIRT?!!

This is unacceptable.

1640 days ago


Ohhhh, KOOKY, You rock. I only wish I knew you. Long live KOOKY!

1640 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Looks like a homeless chick pleading for money

1640 days ago


omg someone punch this dumb COW in the face already.... WHAT A WASTE of space...

1640 days ago

Still suckin your mommas T*ttie!    

this girl is so gross. total whore, skank, and omg just flat out disgusting. seriously. where are her parents to set her straigt seriously, its comical.

1640 days ago


Three wolf moon!!! No wonder those women couldn't help themselves. It's magic.

1640 days ago



Does TMZ even know about the three wolf moon??? Google it people!!

1640 days ago


I can't tell you how glad I am to be married to a "nice guy". The best looking or most exciting....well, it depends on your opinion, I guess. He is BEAUTIFUL to me - so strong and handsome. We are not rich at all, but I come home to a safe place where we are excited to see each other everyday - after 11 years. I fall asleep in his arms EVERY NIGHT. We have a soft, warm light we keep on all night and sometimes I wake up to it and am so glad I have everything I do. I will always have to work and we do not have every luxury, but I am way luckier than the women of leisure I read about. I would't trade anything with them for what I have now. Nice guys and geeks are where you will find true love - I promise. They have the sensitivity and emotional depth to meet your needs....bad boys will be fun and a challenge for a very short time - then like any other drug, they will only cause you great heartacke and problems after that...Take my word - have somebody that adores you and that you adore. My husband and I giggle and laugh all of the time - yeah, we fight too, but it is nothing horible. Sorry Sandra and Elin, you may be able to afford the best - but I am married to the best. No handbag or mansion can equal what I have. sucks to be you - get a real man.S

1640 days ago


What is she doing to that guy? It looks like she's begging him to let her give him a BJ.

1640 days ago


She can't help it. The shirt gives off special pheromones that make it irresistible to women. Magic i tell you.

I think Tiger must wear one under his clothes.

1640 days ago


1640 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Hey The Realworld, it was only a short time ago that both Elin and Sandra had the same opinion of their husbands. Install a key logger on your husband's computer and see if you still feel the same in 2 weeks. You're in for a big shock, lady!

Also, I second the motion to block Canadians from TMZ. They contribute nothing to TMZ, or mankind for that matter.

1640 days ago

Interesting Man    

I get laid every time I wear my wolf shirt.

This shirt is powerful.

1640 days ago
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