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Bombshell's 'I Slept with Jesse Shirt' -- Real Deal?

3/28/2010 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's not exactly a blue dress from the GAP, but Michelle "Bombshell" McGee kept a souvenir from the night she reportedly hooked up with Jesse James, so says one of her closest friends.

Michelle bombshell mcgee wolf t-shirt

TMZ has obtained a photo showing Michelle striking a pining pose for a man (not Jesse) near the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

According to the friend, Michelle claimed Jesse left the shirt in her hotel room after the two rendezvoused together the night before.

So what does this prove? Only that Jesse could have the same taste in clothing as Debbie Rowe.


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El Kev    

I don't think the post says whether or not Jesse wore the Wal-Mart Three Wolf Moon shirt. But that's not the most important question. The most important question is this. Which one of the 3 is Jacob?

1634 days ago


Strange how Michelle McGee's personal photos keep popping up on TMZ. She supplies the photos and TMZ keeps publishing them.

My only wish is that this story dies down. Sick of this nasty chick. She's not a celebrity and never will be. I don't remember her winning an Oscar and they don't give awards to the most notorious homewrecking hooker of the year.

1634 days ago


1634 days ago


Nothing screams classy like a forehead tattoo!

1634 days ago

Chin Lee 3    

Michael K. is gonna love it.

1634 days ago


She looks like she passed out at a party and someone wrote all over her with a marker.

1634 days ago


Oh man, I laughed so much at that photo. That's the shirt Dwight from 'The Office' wore in the episode with Jim and Pam's wedding. He said: "It's suggestive to women. Because of howling during sex."

1634 days ago


why would jessie walk out without his shirt on. just saying.

1634 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Rolling my eyes knowing this shirt will hit ebay's celebrity auction some time soon. Like her download video of $9.95, the skank tries to make $$$ anyway she can.

Can't believe Jesse banged her more than once. If I woke up next to that thing, I'd give up drinking.

1634 days ago


whats wrong with Canadians? You guys are just jealous that we kicked your ass in the Olympics! And we have a great healthcare system that doesn't bankrupt families. I would never want to live in the states. Canada is the place to be!

1634 days ago


A million people could have this shirt. He may have slept with her, but it's no one else's business but theirs. All it comes down to is money and fame. Why else who these whores come out and claim to be home-wreckers?

1634 days ago


A howling bitch. (female dog or female wolf)

1634 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

First, I agree with many of the other posters-- Who cares!

Second, why did you have to bring Debbie Rowe into this? Even if she has the exact same shirt, there's no need to bring her into this. Debbie has been the end of many jokes and harsh criticism and has enough she is dealing with than to be labeled as having the same clothing taste as this cheating a$$hole. Or even in the same conversation as an ugly tatted biker chick.

Go after Jesse. He broke the heart of America's sweetheart. Leave Debbie alone!

1634 days ago


I am sure Jesse kept a souvenir from their last hook up. Now it burns when he pees.

1634 days ago


Really? Are you kidding me? Take a look at that BRAND NEW SHIRT - it still has that never been washed shine on it. TMZ, in the words of that great philosopher P.T. Barnum - "There's a sucker born every minute." Guess it was your minute Mr. Levin.

1634 days ago
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