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Frank McCourt Lowballs Jamie

3/29/2010 5:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Frank McCourt has offered to pay his wife Jamie $150,000 a month in spousal support ... which doesn't sound bad until you realize she was asking for $1 million.

Jamie's lawyers requested the astronomical amount in part because they say she has to pay mortgages on seven houses.

Outside of court today, Frank's lawyers came out swinging by claiming Jamie uses one house to do laundry, one to hold her furniture and one as a $27 million swimming hole ... and if she wants to pay the mortgages, she can simply place some of the multi-million dollar mansions up for rent.

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Great photo of old lady Jamie displaying her one and only talent - a mouth that opens wide enough for.....well, you fill in the blank.
$150K a month doesn't cover her plastic surgery, botox and vaginal rejuvenation treatments, let alone buying jewelry and cars for the guy who gets paid to sleep with her. Ick, that image just made me throw up a little.

1668 days ago


Oh wow, when you get divorced from a rich guy, then sorry that life ends. Guess she will have to stop living outside of her means. He shouldn't have to support her extravagant lifestyle, thats ridiculous.

1668 days ago


Shes got a huge problem if she needs that much!!!! Is she on CRACK????

1668 days ago


when you get divorced from a rich guy in the state of California you get half!

1668 days ago


All I can say is WOW! Making her sell some of those houses seems to make a lot of sense.

1668 days ago


$150,000 per month... hmmm... try surviving off of less then $1500 per month. These people make me want to puke.

1668 days ago

Man Whore    

There is no bitch in this world worth that kinda money. I haven't heard of one born with a golden VAGINA yet!!!

1668 days ago

Fred Farkel    

"...and if she wants to pay the mortgages, she can simply place some of the multi-million dollar mansions up for rent."

Frank, you ARE the man!!!

And so long to you, you estrogen deprived POS!!! Hope that jerk you were d!cking around with was worth it... :-O

1668 days ago

Fred Farkel    

LMAO... I would gladly pay admission to go to Frank's AFTER PARTY when that POS menopausal WITCH is put in her place!!!

I'm not the type to get drunk (OK maybe that's a little lie) but I would love to get drunk just to be there at the toast declaring that THE THING is ancient history... :-O

1668 days ago


Seven houses? That's pathetic. Feed a child or two you idjits.

1668 days ago


7 Houses?! Jeez!! If you're that desperate for money sugar SELL some of them lol!! Honestly these people don't know what living in the real world is like! Hey, just had an idea - why not rent one out to Octobum, she may not get paid on time or at all but well two spongers together should be good company for one another lol!!
#4 Yeah, and when you marry a wealthy man and he can prove you've been cheating on him, he gets a 90% cut in some states - now to me even as a woman that's the kind of law I like lol!! Marry him for his money, cheat on him and get virtually nothing - sure would cut down on some gold digging little ho's lol!!

1668 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Has this greedy woman ever had a job?

1668 days ago

George William Gockel    

Frank and Jamie McCourt's divorce will take. And I also am a Los Angeles Dodgers fan.

1668 days ago

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