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Conrad Murray - Michael Was Alive at UCLA

3/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned doctors who worked on Michael Jackson at the UCLA Medical Center ran two EKGs on the singer, and at least one doctor who interpreted the results claims there was heart rhythmic activity both times.

Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray
Furthermore, sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray insists he was able to restart Jackson's heart at the singer's home before paramedics arrived and then maintained heart activity in the ambulance.

Dr. Murray's evaluation contradicts paramedics at the scene who wanted to take Jackson to the morgue, not UCLA, because they believed he was dead.

It also contradicts Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, who tells TMZ he believes Jackson was dead even before paramedics arrived at the house. Oxman says the weak pulse detected at UCLA was in reaction to resuscitation efforts.

We're told the criminal case is shaping up as a legal war between medical experts, who will be interpreting medical tests and charts in various ways -- always confusing for a jury.


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For Sure    

Mar 30th 2010 by tis_ruthy

yes ruthy but that does not mean he is alive it just means they are trying to protect Michael's legacy and children.

wake up he is dead .

1638 days ago


97. Are you implying that hoax believers are nuts? I believe Michael was Mr Magoo and dressed as a green man..does that make me insane? I have no desire to open anyones crypt, you are judging everyone unfairly

noone is implying that all on anyside are nuts. Some hoaxers have gotten out of control and the family is aware of it.. To lots of people the hoaxers are just a money making entity. why don't you police your own crowd.

Posted at 9:01AM on Mar 30th 2010 by Just Saying

I appreciate your opinion, but if you watch my video about Murray I think you will find the justice for Michael crowd screaming at Murray outside of the court are a pretty intimidating, volatile bunch. I am more scared of their anger and bully tactics than I am of a hoax believer. Hoax believers do not push their beliefs onto others, nor do they put people down for not believing. Justice for Michael often resort to anger and put down methods, saying we are not real fans. That said, I fully respect their feelings and their attitude towards Murray..but really, who is to do not know.

1638 days ago


The quack and his team are clutching at the thinnest of straws but it won't do Murray any good. He's finished and he's going down for the third time. Bye Bye killer.

1638 days ago


Thankyou very much!

Ok scenario, as I do not believe Michael is dead.....scenario...Michael hires a rubbishy doctor who does not have a clue about how to use propofol, he is so desperate for medication hed rather risk his entire life every night? Who is to blame.. were you at 100 north carolwood drive that day? What if Michael altered the propofol dosage??? Conrad Murray did not force it upon him, yes I believe Dr feel goods the world over should be held responsible to an extent...they enable addictions, they never refuse and say NO I wont help you. Anything is possible for a price. You can say Murray lied all you like .. but so did the ucla, so have members of his family .. they have all come out with contradictory stories that Michael was alive at ucla...apparently he should have been flatlined at carolwood, say the paramedics......if Murray is lying, hes not the only one is he...think about it.

Posted at 9:08AM on Mar 30th 2010 by tis_ruthy

Read more:

What has UCLA 'lied' about & how do you know this? No 'I' wasn't at Carolwood Drive but then again neither were you, right?! I'm going by the condition MJ was in when the EMT's arrived & 'how' he got that way. Did the coroner 'lie' about MJ's autopsy as well? I just don't really understand where your going with this. I would believe the hospital AND the coroner AND the EMT's before I believed a single word that came out of Murray's mouth. A doctor who will give a patient anesthesia in his bedroom out of GREED.

1638 days ago


brigha UK:

OK, I'll say it - those who claim Michael is alive are either joking or nuts. Completely nuts.

Not even when he was devastated after the trial, did he hide. He left the country, but everyone knew where he was. I don't think it would ever occur to him to hurt people by pretending to be dead - and live apart from his children to boot. Never!

1638 days ago


@Just Saying

I don't think the hoaxers and the TRUE fans will try to open the cript, cause they really love Michael.

If Michael is dead he's not at Forest Lawn but in a secret place.
Dead or alive I will always love him.

1638 days ago


68. I feel sorry for all those who truly believe Michael is alive. There is no way so many people would agree to play in this charade, no way it wouldn't leak for all those months, and no way he would do it in the first place.

But then - there are people who think earth is only 6000 years old. I don't know why some refuse to use their brains, but maybe they're happier that way. Since Michael will never return, they will think for the rest of their lives he is happy on an island somewhere.

Posted at 7:10AM on Mar 30th 2010 by A.B.

A.B. we don't need your sympathy so don't be sad for us. Also, just because we believe he is still alive does not mean that we believe he will make some sort of comeback. He will probably stay hidden until the day he DOES die. What if he didn't have a choice? We all know he had death threats. What if he had received another threat and had to appear dead to save his own life and those of his family?

Those who believe he is dead are as much in the dark as those who believe he is still alive. Maybe we will never know the truth.

1638 days ago


Michael Jackson, at least the MJ that the fans all know & LOVE, I'm convinced would never do such a cruel thing as to basically lie to the whole world. I don't think for a second he would 'involve' his children in the lie as well. Even if he didn't think he could do this tour, he would have found another way. MJ was a decent, kind, & honorable man who wouldn't watch the world grieve & cry buckets of tears while he 'hid himself' somewhere. It's just not who he was. Not the Michael Jackson he demonstrated himself to be ALL HIS LIFE at least. What a cruel & hateful thing to do.

1638 days ago


What has UCLA 'lied' about & how do you know this? No 'I' wasn't at Carolwood Drive but then again neither were you, right?! I'm going by the condition MJ was in when the EMT's arrived & 'how' he got that way. Did the coroner 'lie' about MJ's autopsy as well? I just don't really understand where your going with this. I would believe the hospital AND the coroner AND the EMT's before I believed a single word that came out of Murray's mouth. A doctor who will give a patient anesthesia in his bedroom out of GREED.

Posted at 9:16AM on Mar 30th 2010 by janalal4

You are right, I wasn't at carolwood drive and yes greed and complacency have a lot to answer for. Let's use an example: Say I am addicted to propofol, I need someone to help me, someone medical of course. I ask you, you refuse, I ask someone else, they refuse...eventually, right down the bottom of the line I find a dodgy doctor, someone who does not specialise in this, but I am desperate....I die... who is to blame .. me for choosing the worst possible candidate to help me, or the doctor??

1638 days ago


Keyword there is choosing.. ie choice .. I had a choice!

1638 days ago



1638 days ago


How sad. This Dr. has done so many things wrong! Just think if he had done everything correctly, not given the propovol, giving him cpr correctly on the floor using both hands, Michael would still be here. So very very sad :(

1638 days ago


I have heard time and time again .. how can you believe Michael would
hoax is death ... how could he do that to his children ....ASK
yourself how he could hire the rubbishest doc and knowingly risk his
life every night ... propofol has a huge risk factor ...little bit
over the correct dosage and you are in you think he
loved his children so little he would risk that??? Do you? To say to Murray every night, here is my life take charge of it.

1638 days ago


99. This is hard to believe because of the conflicting reports that Michael had passed there at the Holmbly home in Beverly Hills, at least those were "your" reports from the Paramedics who arrived there. Now these reports that they're was a possible chance to have saved him that he was breathing, especially when he arrived at the hospital? Wasn't the story then that Dr. Murray did not wish to declare him DOA at the home, but wanted Jackson at the hospital for the staff there to declare him DOA there. These stories are now becoming conflicting and more like tabloid trash....

Posted at 9:25AM on Mar 30th 2010 by Mags

Read more:

I don't think any of what we have read recently said 'he was breathing' but that there was 'some electrical cardiac activity'. When you attempt resuscitation, there are drugs & measures that are taken, particularly at the hospital(remember the mention of an intra-aortic balloon pump?) that will produce some cardiac activity that will 'read out' onto an EKG. If the patient's heart cannot SUSTAIN this heart pumping activity on it's own then it is not considered 'spontaneous' cardiac activity but is rather artificially induced. This doesn't mean that MJ was 'still with us' if that makes sense, only that they attempted to kick-start(if you will) his heart but failed. I hope this helps & believe me, this will all be made clear thru medical testimony if there is a trial:)

What it DOES mean though is that had MJ arrived at UCLA sooner, perhaps there would have been a better chance to successfully resuscitate him.

1638 days ago



1638 days ago
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