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Jesse James Gets Personal During CHP Stop

3/30/2010 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse JamesTMZ has learned Jesse James was stopped by the California Highway Patrol four days ago, and the conversation Jesse had with the officer got very personal -- about his private woes involving Sandra Bullock.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ James was pulled over last Friday outside of Blythe, California on the 10 Freeway after a CHP officer noticed he didn't have a front license plate and was driving his black Mercedes with tinted windows.

We're told the officer had a 15 minute conversation with James that got very personal. We're told James discussed his marital problems with the officer, who eventually decided to let Jesse off the hook with a warning ... the first break he's caught in 2 weeks.

One source tells TMZ James said he was heading to Arizona to save his marriage, though the source would not elaborate.


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Enough is Enough    

Heading to Arizona to "save" his marriage ? I thought Sandra was back in L.A. ?????????????????

1670 days ago


I guess he's headed to rehab for sexual addiction.

1670 days ago


How in the hell can he think to save his so called marrage when all trust is GONE. Jesse must be smokin somethin. Go back to your skanks and leave Sandra alone. Haven't you put her through enough humiliation for a LIFE TIME looser?!

1670 days ago


The guy LIED to Sandra for 5 years. I'm sure he was lying to CHP. Seems he's become pretty good at it.

1670 days ago


I honestly wonder how you people just can't understand the sheer number of woman that hound famous men and just how hard it is to turn off that innate need to have sex with every gorgeous woman who wants you.

The lot of you are little more than hypocrites who make just as many mistakes and to a much larger degree on the morality scale but just don't have a horde of parasites scrutinizing your every move.

1670 days ago


I WANTED them to save their marriage. I hoped they would. I feel like he's a lost soul. I hope they can have a long talk and resolve something. This at least makes me think the guy has some sort of a conscience. He just screwed up REALLY, REALLY bad, but NONE of us is without fault!!!

1670 days ago

Wanda W.    

I bet he "gets personal" That was what got him into the mess he's in now ! What was he thinking about just before he slipped it in? Probably the same thing he was thinking WITH !

1670 days ago


Sorry #4, bedding with pitiful hos while married to a beautiful person inside and out is beyond the "lot of us." To degrade a marrage and humiliate your so called wife is not a common ocrrurance; maybe in your world. To try and minimalize what Jesse has done says a lot about you!

1670 days ago

juli seutter    


1670 days ago


so the cops out there don't treat everyone the same

1670 days ago


First of all, I find it hard to believe they're not talking at all, maybe going to arizona, was something suggested by Sandra, "either go get help or I'll file divorce." Seems logical to me if they agree to save the marriage. seeing as how nothing has been filed yet I would say they're looking to fix things.

1670 days ago


so the cop let him off because...
a. he's a celebrity and law enforcement treats celebrities much better than they treat the general public
b. the cop is a racist pig who agrees with james' sick philosophies
c. the cop is a serial cheater who feels sorry for james because he got caught

it doesn't matter which of the above is true; all that matters is that it's TOTAL BS. james should have gotten a ticket and the cop should have told him he couldn't care less about his stupid personal problems. because that's what a cop would have told any of us regular old normal people.
celebrities are a PLAGUE of @$$holes who think they can do whatever they like with no consequences. and that is just plain WRONG.

1670 days ago


Isn't Arizone where Tiger went to rehab for "sexual addiction"?

1670 days ago


Sorry #7... what planet do you live on? Go look up the statistics - 60% of all men cheat on their wives and 40-50% of all wives cheat on their husbands. The statistics are much higher in the entertainment industry. This means Bullock has more than a 60% chance she would experience the same problem with a different spouse. If she truly loves this guy it might be worth trying to save her marriage. In any case it is up to her and not to you!

1670 days ago


Sandra left her Hollywood hills home a couple of days ago. I hope they work it out and get some help doing so. I can see they love each other. It's extremely obvious. Sometimes marriages get off track. To cut and run nets you nothing - I've been married 40 years.

1670 days ago
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