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ZZ Top -- Charlie Sheen's Fantasy

4/1/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was stoked Wednesday afternoon when he shared his "Two and a Half Men" stage with ZZ Top.

We got this pic from Wednesday's rehearsal. The show tapes today in front of a live audience.

We're told Mr. Top will play himself in a "fantasy sequence." So if you ever wanted to see Charlie's fantasy ...


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My fantasy, is that hot hot MILF from the show. Oh yeah!

1667 days ago

I put fun comments on about the song, and you dont post them tmz...shame on you.

you let other comments fly about meanness...

but some foudness for fun of names of songs...and you cant post it... comedy....fredom of speach......hey tmz, look up song titles and stop not posting good comments by people and fans that care....come on....Charlie is our hero, always will be, hes a professional...rock on...

1667 days ago


My fantasy is for Charlie to quit being so arrogant and self centered and to possibly get himself some help for all his children's sake.

1667 days ago


Peoples comments are so judgemental like they are so

We love Charlie Sheen.......We just do....stop the bs

and TMZ you really need a professional photo department, doesnt the WB pay enought to get talent in the photo lab????????Hire me, I'm great in the dark room....I'm a fast developer, and ZZZ Top fans need a better photo on this.....I'm going to the Rollling Stone for real news................and better pics TMZ

but I do love this site....when I want no news....this is the place...

1667 days ago


"We're told Mr. Top will play himself in a "fantasy sequence."

Wait.... "We" do know that ZZ Top is a GROUP right? Not just one person

1667 days ago

Chad Dyer    

Yo...TMZ...ZZ Top is Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard. The band was named ZZ Top after BB King and ZZ Hill. Do your reporting correctly, please.

1667 days ago


Ben Karlin: "Sumner Redstone Licked My Dog's Crack" (New York) Accusations of overfriendly behavior towards animals on the part of Sumner Redstone shook

1667 days ago

Blue Swan    

Did ZZ top spin their guitars around and then give him a set of car keys that magically changed his shorts and shirt into a tux?

Oh, wait.

That's the show?

1667 days ago

two cents    

LOVE the show, UNTIL this season with that @#$^$#% Chelsea storyline. TMZ, find out WHO she's banging, behind the scenes, and why she continues to be on the show even after they "broke up". We want our drunk, slutty Charlie back!!!! It pains me to see him so p*ssywhipped. Enough already. Don't mess with success!!

1666 days ago


If only every garbage man (sanitation engineer sorry) looked like Charlie Sheen in Men at Work. And he still looks that way 20 years later. . . and he still looks the same. So whatever show he is in he is still hot.

1666 days ago


I'm sure Charlie's fantasy has to do with doing a big crack hit, bangin a tranny then beating on a woman or two. I'm just shaking my head on this guys support. Tiger messes around and people want his head yet this continual dbag does every drug in the book, is up to his a$$ in legal quagmires for years at a time, beats on women and not just this one but many...and people still think "Charlies hot"
Charlie and the very least needs a little time away from the camera to get his life as well as his wife back in order.

1666 days ago

toeknee gee    

why post pictures when they are blurred to the point you cannot see or decipher what is in them?

Just keep it to yourself because it does nothing for the readers.

1666 days ago

Wanda W.    

Will Heide Fleiss and her merry band of hookers that Sheen paid be there too ? Oh wait, I know,he'll be giving out coupons for membership in on line porn ! What a slimy creep !

1666 days ago


Mr. Top will play himself? Are you kidding me? Did you guys look at your own picture? ZZ Top is a band with three members. Maybe on next week's episode Mr. Lynyrd Skynyrd will perform.

1666 days ago


Seriously what is up with the "I'm middle aged and I can't figure out how to focus my new digital camera right" picture?? I mean I go places and get pictures of celebs every now and then and they always look just like this, blurry, out of focus, like you had it on the wrong setting or someone bumped you at the very moment you snapped your picture. Hell if I'd known TMZ buys this sort of picture I would have sold you guys some!

1666 days ago
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