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Tiger Woods -- Back on Daddy Duty

4/3/2010 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods took a break from apologizing warming up for The Masters to pick his daughter from day care in Isleworth on Friday.

Tiger Woods

It's the only girl he's allowed to pick up these days.

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Allred Tree    

FBI, do you think he could be involved in kiddie porn?

I still think CPS should investigate if they haven't already done so. Quickly after this broke, I sickened of it so haven't followed closely.

Elin clearly is being protected from prosecution. I think with that temper and the fact those kids look so much like Tiger, she needs to be watched like a hawk. She almost killed Tiger and wonder how she disciplines those kids now. Just think what she could do as they get older and start acting out if they haven't already. I also wonder if there is any emotional abuse going on, considering what all is known about this fake marriage. That, of course, is the most difficult to prove but I do think that Elin needs anger management classes as much as he needs his "sex-addict" treatment.

1625 days ago


I'm in the media and just got word of quite a story about some of Tiger's doings, to be released by a major but quite unsuspected news source. Hold on to your hats. Vanity Fair comes out with their mag April 7th and shortly after that this other bit hits the news.

1625 days ago


A. I think any gay rumors is bunk - already been brought up.

B. Rec Drug use is bunk - Plenty of hotshots (limbaugh, farve, oprah) have used drugs.

C. Perf enhancing drugs bunk - Tiger is a prodigy, he was great as a child, and has made his money with putting and short game - his power game is erratic and his weak point, plus he called for drug testing as his power game slipped further (Mickelson said that it was his 'inferior' Nike Clubs but Tiger attributed it to drugs).

D. FBI - funny. Eric holder and Obama don't want any thing to do with a Tiger Woods scandal investigation next to their names.

E. videos and audios - communiques from Tiger (voice mail, texts) are all over the net.

F. orgies - we know he had them

None of the above is worth 10 million.

Which leads us back to why Team Tiger Woods wanted Rachel to shut up. She's the central piece in the Tiger and Elin blow up. Tiger confided with Rachel and let her know more details of his life than any of the others (many of whom only got 9inches, some texts, and maybe a sandwich). Uchitel purportedly knows about the nature of the marriage and surroundingthe Argument, Car Wreck, and aftermath. She was more than a booty call, she was the only bonafide mistress/other woman.

Elin let the others slide and of course she knew about the affairs (she's checking his phones - confirmed in the voicemail tapes) and so did many others (considering the Enquirer was on Rachel's trail early). But this Rachel really threatened the marriage. Tiger was going to leave Elin for his soulmate. Hence the blow up.

So pay Uchitel to keep quiet about what she knows about the Real Tiger and Elin Woods Marriage. At this moment and then, the "wronged" wife is actually one of Tiger's best assets (outside of winning golf). But what if the "wronged" wife knew and allowed more than the public knows and did something extremely violent - she becomes a less sympathetic figure and actually makes Tiger look worse. At least this way he can lean on FAMILY.


She got the big payout because at the time, Team Tiger thought she was the lone smoking gun. Shut her up and it would just be another "National Enquirer" allegation. But they didn't factor in the other women who soon jumped into the ring. By that time, they weren't going to pay 10 million to each and every woman.

1625 days ago


There is a suspicion of a link between the $10 million and Nike.

1625 days ago


I hope he at least washed his hands!

1625 days ago


He should not be allowed near his children. He has abused and debased and degraded their mother.

Posted at 7:50PM on Apr 3rd 2010 by Maria

Maria, you have hit the nail right on the head. That is exactly what should happen. He is an unfit father, no doubt about it. No decent man would do what he has done to his children's mother, if he cared at all about his children. Case closed.

1625 days ago


"It's the only girl he's allowed to pick up these days."

Haha! The only thing Tiger should be sorry about is that he got caught. Which guy wouldn't want to sleep with multiple women? Those who disagree with that statement are either stupid or lying.

1625 days ago


Hey Peter (87) So you agree that having sex with many unclean women who very well could give you diseases is a good thing? Especially if you have a beautiful wife at home and two small children? I think you should do some poor girl a favor and never get married.

"Just so you know" (79), Tiger will be eternally grateful that Elin didn't kill him after learning about his many prostitute/porn star mistresses. Elin will be eternally grateful if he hasn't given her AIDS.

"Purebred" (82) What do you mean, Elin almost killed Tiger? There's no proof of her trying to kill him. She tried to get him out of the car that HE crashed. She is Swedish, not Norwegian; close though.

1625 days ago


Please! It is just a photo op for him. If he cared about his family he wouldn't be returning to golf; he would be spending some QUALITY time w/ his wife & children. I completely bought into Tiger's hype but now I am SO over his fake image.

1625 days ago

dora rice    

I hope Tiger wins another green Jacket. It's important that he wins. It will be hard for him to concentrate. We will see. It's time that he goes on with his life and we forget his escapades. If I would have been caught every time I stepped out, I don't know where I would be. Certainly not married for decades. So I hope he goes on now, he suffered enough.

1624 days ago

dora rice    

I wish Tiger would teach me how to play golf. ha ha....no I wouldn't take advantage of him, and no I wouldn't hire Albright , and no I wouldn't go on the Media and say he should apologize to me, and no, I wouldn't try to take him to the cleaners because he had sex with me, and no, I wouldn't destroy his marriage because we had sex, since I knew he was married, and I would wish him the best.....after all, all he wanted was a piece of .......he didn't want a divorce for goodness sake. I don't believe he ever dated much when he was growing up, his Dad just let him play fricking golf all day.....get a grip, all of us where on lovers lane, and peak, while he had to play golf.

1624 days ago


"I wonder if Tiger gets Wood holding his daughter."


1624 days ago


“All those women Cheetah had and not one black. Suprised? Not really, nobody else wants them either.............He is such a proud example of a man for the community.”

Tiger doesn’t like himself. I feel sorry for him actually. Um, Tiger screwed a bunch of white trash whores. This has nothing to do with black people/women. If he did screw black women (which I doubt) at least they had the respect not to announce their slutty ways to the world.

1624 days ago


“Maybe the black women don't want the white men. Did that ever occur to you? I think Tiger is a very mixed up guy. He's never gone out with black women. Maybe they don't want him either, who knows? ‘

Black people just like white people are INDIVIDUALS.

1624 days ago


“Yeah, no black women want a billionare golfer names Tiger. You must be smoking some good stuff. Just like OJ and all the rest. get money and fame, get da white trophy they would never get otherwise.”

OJ was married to a black woman and had children with her. Anyhoo,no disrespect to the dead but Nicole was just another blonde groupie. It wasn’t exactly a “challenge”. Elin was just a babysitter. I’m sure she thought she must have struck it rich when he married her. Tiger could have had his pick at plenty of women just like Elin. She’s a dime a dozen.

1624 days ago
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