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Dr. Murray's Defense - Jackson Killed Himself

4/5/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray's legal defense is that Michael Jackson gave himself the fatal dose of Propofol.

Multiple sources familiar with the strategy tell TMZ the defense argument goes like this:

- At around 10:50 AM, Dr. Murray gave Jackson 25 mg of Propofol from a 20 ml bottle -- that's only about 1/8 of the bottle.

- The dose Dr. Murray administered would keep someone asleep for only 5 to 10 minutes, but the Propofol, along with the Ativan and Versed that was already in MJ's system, had a synergistic effect that put Jackson to sleep for a longer period of time.

- For the next hour, Dr. Murray stayed in the room and was on the phone for much of the time. Dr. Murray didn't leave the room to make the calls because MJ liked activity in the room, regularly sleeping with the lights on and cartoons blaring on the TV.

- At around noon, Dr. Murray left the room for approximately two minutes to go to the bathroom. While he was gone, the defense believes Jackson suddenly awakened and was frustrated he had spent nearly 9 hours trying in vain to sleep. The defense theory -- Jackson took the 20 ml bottle of Propofol and self-injected the remaining contents through the IV, causing a massive overdose that stopped his heart.

- Dr. Murray walked back in the room and saw Jackson with his eyes open and pupils dilated. Dr. Murray dropped the phone (he was speaking with his girlfriend) and began administering CPR.

The defense will argue Michael Jackson was a long-time Propofol addict -- something TMZ first reported shortly after the singer's death. As one source said, Jackson liked the sensation of Propofol being administered by IV, adding, "Michael liked to push it."

L.A. County Coroner's investigators took a picture in the room, showing an empty Propofol bottle on the floor, underneath the nightstand by Jackson's bed. The defense will argue Jackson grabbed the bottle from the nightstand, injected himself and then dropped the bottle.

Remember, law enforcement believes Dr. Murray hid bottles of Propofol before paramedics arrived. The defense will argue ... if Dr. Murray was really hiding Propofol, he would have removed the empty bottle under the nightstand that caused Jackson's death.

Ed Chernoff, Murray's attorney, could not be reached for comment.

Conrad Murray


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97. How stupid does the defense think the jury is?

Enough BS and just admit Dr. Murray’s mistakes or intentions. No one will buy the story that MJ killed himself and with kids in the house, NO WAY.

Posted at 6:13AM on Apr 4th 2010 by Justice in the end

Well, and no way would Murray administer the dose of propofol for MAJOR surgery. I don't buy that either. Did he want to kill MJ?? Ok.Why use Propofol anyway which is illegal and not any other substance? Why the panic? Why leave all the evidence hanging at MJ'S home? You'd think that if he planned to murder him he'd have his butt covered better and in advance.

1580 days ago


You have a lot of nerve blaming your patient/victim for your own incompetence. You need to lose your license so you can't do this to some other unsuspecting patient. I can't believe they let you keep it this long. You murdered your patient, you psychopath. Take responsibility for you incompetence.

1580 days ago


BS BS BS BS!! If he could inject himself why did he need this "doctor" in first place?? Oh maybe he needed someone who performs CPR on a bed!! Or maybe he enjoyed listening to his endless chats on the phone!! I say this is the most ridiculous and desperate defense strategy I've ever seen! I can already see that court room cracking up in laughter.

1580 days ago


BS, first the girl friend would have known if he was in the bathroom but she said nothing like that, and why was their a empty 100ml bottle opened that was hidden with the others? murray used that to kill MJ. this will not work such a liar.

1580 days ago


The defense sounds like it's on LSD. That theory of Jackson "suddenly" awaking, precisely in a 2-minute period just when Murray stepped out after having been there for so long, just doesn't seem likely. It's an idea that paints things more conveniently than realistically. The time delay after Jackson should have woken up after taking the first shot of Propofol is quite a mismatch.

1580 days ago


This is a total BS made up story by the DEFENSE!We the people who want the truth in life must get it out of Murray ourselves!He is hiding everything and he must pay for the loss we have suffered!

1580 days ago

La Mom    

Michael NEVER did anything "himself" - he had assistants do it for him. Somebody else is always holding his umbrella, cooking his meals, do his shopping or have assistants hold the merchandise for him. He even handed his award to Eddie Murphy while making his acceptance speech (Eddie made a big joke about being Michael's assistant)

So after a houseful and lifetime of assistants, we're supposed to believe Michale self-administered an IV drug all by himself ???

No. Don't think so.

Michael would - and DID - pay someone else to do it for him ... DR. MURRY.

1580 days ago


Thanks for watching my conrad murray video Boing, but could you type something other than "boing boing" thanks.

1580 days ago


Didn't we already read sth like this months ago???

1580 days ago


totally gobsmacked with the crap they are coming out with to try and get the murdering doc of the hook, the only 2 that know are doc and mj 1 is a lying a**hole and the other is turning in his grave, he should admit what he did let mj rest in peace and stop hurting those 3 kids and his family

1580 days ago


You bots look for a scapegoat and Dr Murray fits the profile. Fortunately at least, he'd be the last person to pay for MJ's irresponsible behaviors.

Enough said...

Happy Easter to everyone.....and the bots.

1580 days ago

Tom Vjestica    

What crap! Michael Jackson would never be that selfish, he had NO need to kill himself. His career was getting back on track and he has 3 wonderful kids.

1580 days ago


LAX (Los Angeles airport) was shutdown for 2 hours on 25th June after Michael Jackson’s sudden death. A mysterious private jet departed from the airport during this time. The staff on the airport had been told to ignore the plane. This is interesting, since Jermaine Jackson made a little slip-up during a radio-interview not too long ago. He said that “Michael was not with us way before he arrived to the airport.” The woman who interviews Jermaine gives him a strange look, and Jermaine quickly says he meant “the hospital”. Airport… Hospital. Alike?

Do you think this is true? got it off that michaeljacksondeathhoax thing??

1580 days ago


Very simply put,if the LAPD and the coroner thought that it would have been ruled that and Conrad Murray would not be facing trial.If you have read the authopsy report,it states in there that Michael could not have reached the IV,coz of where it was placed.He could not have reached it.Not to mention the fact,that he would imo be far to groggy to have control over his hands as in being able to fiddle around with a syringe.This story is nonsense!

1580 days ago
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