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Conrad Murray -- I Will Never Cop a Plea

4/6/2010 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray has made it clear -- he will not take a plea bargain in the death of Michael Jackson.

Sources say Dr. Murray is adamant ... he did nothing wrong and will not plead to manslaughter or any lesser offense.

TMZ first broke the story of Dr. Murray's defense ... that Michael Jackson accidentally killed himself by self-injecting a fatal dose of Propofol into his bloodstream.

Dr. Murray, we're told, is "completely confident" that he will be found not guilty. He is less confident that the medical boards in Texas, Nevada and California will reach a similar result.

Dr. Murray is extremely relieved Judge Michael Pastor did not yank his California medical license yesterday. Nevertheless, he realizes it's all but inevitable all three medical boards will go after his license.


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1660 days ago

Jerry Martin    

He did the world a favor, but he should still lose his license.

1660 days ago


OMG he's going to get off. Did police screw up the investigation, is that why? They didn't seal off the house for a few days, in fact LaToya Jackson went in and cleaned out whatever she wanted, so the defense can use that as reasonable doubt too. Wow, what's up with the Keystone Kops in LA.

1660 days ago


Ha don't bet on the Texas medical board doing anything. They never took the doctors license away that killed my father. NY did.....
Murray and team is trying to put the benefit of doubt into play.

1660 days ago

MJ's PYT Superfly Sista    

He got off today simply because the judge couldnt preside over
case. Conflict of interest. He's a friend of Jerry Brown.Who's
filing to take Murrays license. long day at court. very draining.
Murray gave all the fans dirty looks one by one. Ignored and turned his back to Jacksons in courtroom. He was left there for
all of 35 minutes alone while his lawyers spoke with the judge.
I love Ms. Jackson shes truly hurting, cried in courtroom while
Janet stroked her mother back. Just too much. I tell ya. Hey to the TMZ boys covering the story.....

1660 days ago


I can't wait for all the nutjobs to post about Michael faking his death and how he's going to shock to world by reappearing soon. That's my favorite thing about these dumb Conrad Murray stories.

1660 days ago

bianca andrade    

Brazil is known to have a justice shameful, but I did not know that you Americans too!
It's a shame this whole trial. This doctor, if one can call a doctor unless this inget propofol in a patient until his death.
One thing I guarantee and record what I'm saying ... if justice is not done in this court, I guarantee you a fan of Michael Jackson, will do it.
And honestly?! I have faith and believe in God, but I will support those who do.

Justice for Michael Jackson

1660 days ago


Dr. Murray will walk. He won't lose his license either. Maybe for a while or in some states, but he will serve no time, and he'll stay a doctor.

Murray is a Dr. Feelgood, and every community has these "doctors," who primarily serve the upper classes. And when those folk over do it and die, or crash, or fall, it is never the doctor's fault.

1660 days ago


Hey PYT,

SO PROUD to know one of my TMZ friends was at the courthouse today. I watched Taaj's video of the banner flying and damn near cried. Read that Katherine was playing games with her grandchildren tonight.

Fans like you and FB groups are making all the difference for those who cannot be there in person. I'm sure you are helping to ease the enormous strain on Katherine Jackson at this time, and this in turn, helps the children (MJ3). After I saw a picture of Mrs. Jackson today, she looks thinner.

Please keep us posted here PYT. So proud of you!!

1660 days ago

reka from hungary    

ohh my god murray can't get away...and cant be innocent!oooh poor Jackson family...murray a big insensitive and evil-minded person...i hope he can't get away!!!! JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL!And you know, just he (murray) was with Michael when he...can't be someone else the faulty!

1660 days ago


The day will come soon-they will takes his license in all three states. That will be the best day!

1660 days ago

reka from hungary    

i like you too PYT, and thanks theinfos so much! i wan't to be there but i can't...i'm hungarian:/ so, thank you.

1660 days ago


Thanks for your update. That would be the good article certainly made this segment amazing.Keep it up!

green planet

1660 days ago


its just another part of hoax :D

1660 days ago


wow Harvey, you're really obsessed with this guy, are'nt you?

1660 days ago
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