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Kate Gosselin's Lean

Jon's Mean

4/6/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's lawyer says Jon Gosselin and his attorney are "mean-spirited" and "reckless" by suggesting she's become an absentee mom by appearing on "Dancing with the Stars."

Kate Gosselin's Lean, Jon's Mean
Mark Momjian is reacting to TMZ's story, that Jon and his lawyer, Anthony F. List, will file legal papers asking for primary physical custody of the couple's 8 kids as well as child support.

Momjian says Jon's move is, "downright offensive and outrageous," adding, "Kate has been the primary parent of these kids since they day they were born." Momjian says "DWTS" is not interfering with her ability to parent, and that "she is devoted to her children."

And this parting shot from Momjian: "I can't believe anyone would take their claim serious, but consider what we're dealing with."


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Not to worry Jon, Kate will be home in no time. Her dancing (if you want to call it that) is horrible.

1600 days ago


Kate is a piece of crap. She actually thinks she is a star now after doing a reality show. Let her go back to work like everyone else and make a living grinding out the workday....being filmed for a silly reality show does not mean you are some great actress...also I am shocked that TLC would pay them as much as they did for a reality show. This HAG's 15 minutes of fame is up ...time to move along....

1600 days ago


I guess no parents are supposed to work, for that means they can't be good parents.

I guess we will all just sit back and let the government take care of us so we can raise our kids to be just like us...

then there will be no one left working to tax...

1600 days ago


Most parents, married or single, work for a living. So why do people think she's a bad mom for being on DWTS? If she went back to nursing she would be pulling 10 hour shifts, days on end, would that be better. She is however, making a complete fool of herself on DWTS. If she doesn't get voted off this week the show must be rigged. She is the worst dancer they have ever had. On the other hand Jon is a complete moron. Where does he get the money to pay these attorneys? I only hope for the kids sake that they did save some of that money because the gravy train may be running out.

1600 days ago


First of all, Kate is working, which is way more than I can say for Jon. Second, no one even mentioned "abandonment" when others have done dancing with the stars...Brooke Burns has 4 kids, Marie Osmond has about 8 kids. She is trying to make a living and as we all have to do, she has to be away from her kids some for that. Everyone needs to grow up and leave this alone....

1600 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Let's remember why their divorced to begin with......Kate is a bitch and talked to Jon like he was a piece of shit in front of their kids. Her rants have not stopped, only driected at the kids and their nanny's. As soon as she's kicked off DWTS she'll hit the media and be gone again. those poor kids have been left behind for the past year while she's gone promoting herself and getting hair least Jon is coming to his senses and is spending more time with the kids now. I wonder if anyone has thought about the fact her own brother has turned on her? Does anyone think he would have done that with Jon out on the town if there wasn't good reason? Even her dance instructor has had it with her! Get lost one cares about you but YOU!

1600 days ago


It is just hilarious the things Jon Gosselin comes up with. Kate is out there earning a living for her kids and Jon is the woman chaser. He is so out of line with this latest ploy and getting a lawyer to file his claim for the children and child support is for the birds. Jon, go back to what you've been doing for the past year or so, chasing woman!!! You are so pathetic!!!

1600 days ago


Katie - if there's any karma it should be biting Jon in the a*s right about NOW. I don't think Kate is the most charming person on the planet, but she IS a responsible mother. The reason he is now suing for primary custody is b/c his most recent 20-something girlfriend kicked him out of her parents' mansion where he was living with her - several thousand miles from where his kids live! Part of the reason Kate has gone into overdrive to earn a living is b/c SHE CAN'T COUNT ON HIM. He's a useless lazy POS. He's realized his 15 minutes are up, he's burned out his (mysterious) appeal to the 20-something skanks and he has no skills and does not want to get a job. Period. And frankly, I think if Kate did not have the opportunity to make a lot more money for her kids college funds and such, she would just go back to nursing. He on the other hand, would continue to try to latch on to whatever money train he could get on. PS - As someone else said, her hours working as a nurse would be MUCH worse than what she does now.

1600 days ago


It is really pathetic when a man takes to the airwaves to disrespect his ex-wife because he can't get a job and provide for himself. But rather try and take custody and have her pay him. SAD & PATHETIC. How is he going to show an income to the court to provide for those children? He's not, he will turn around and use those same kids to make money for him and make Kate thinks she owes him a living.

Kate, as long as you have those kids by him, he will be a noose on your neck. It shows what money does to people, but his ugly personality was already there.

Based on the previous comments, some of you really believe this loser. Remember, there are men out here like him all over.
Been there, done that!

1600 days ago


John Gosslin is so nasty. His face makes me sick.

1600 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

jon sucks. hes fat. he drinks too much, he doesnt work, and his moreles are non extistant. Kate HAS to work ...he sure the hell doesnt...someone has to pay the bills and feed those kids. good god the grocery bill. If working 2 days a week makes you an absentee mother then womens rights just went back 60 years.

what an asshole. Jon, lil boy you make me sick...grow up and be a MAN.

1600 days ago


I use to feel sorry for Jon for the way Kate spoke to him but if this does not prove he is the biggest douchebag ever I don't knwo what will. Kate maybe a lot of things but I would not say a bad mother is one of them. She was watching them while he was out whoring around and in Cannes. Kate wouldn't have to go on dancing with the stars if you had a job and helped support the kids you helpe make. Way to go loser Jon, you really suck at life.

1600 days ago

Miss Bu    

What a TOTAL LOSER he really can't think that he will win this after his ass was sent packing the last time they were in court.

1600 days ago


Jon: Just because you can't keep a girlfriend - it's not Kate fault that she is bringing in the bacon for the family. Man up Jon - get a job like a real man. When your kids have career day at school - what is your career? EMBARRASSING for your kids.

Jon: When you were with your girlfriends - you were not thinking who was taking care of your kids - if you cared - you would have been their for your kids instead of being in Las Vegas, New York, Santa Barbara, Utah, St. Tropez, Hawaii, Hollywood, Hamptons, and Aspen.

1600 days ago


hes just jelious because she is still getting TV time and no one cares about kate FTW

1600 days ago
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