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Kate Gosselin's Lean

Jon's Mean

4/6/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's lawyer says Jon Gosselin and his attorney are "mean-spirited" and "reckless" by suggesting she's become an absentee mom by appearing on "Dancing with the Stars."

Kate Gosselin's Lean, Jon's Mean
Mark Momjian is reacting to TMZ's story, that Jon and his lawyer, Anthony F. List, will file legal papers asking for primary physical custody of the couple's 8 kids as well as child support.

Momjian says Jon's move is, "downright offensive and outrageous," adding, "Kate has been the primary parent of these kids since they day they were born." Momjian says "DWTS" is not interfering with her ability to parent, and that "she is devoted to her children."

And this parting shot from Momjian: "I can't believe anyone would take their claim serious, but consider what we're dealing with."


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To Love it !!! What a joke that name is. Since you have no children or husband you have no place to judge how hard the job of a stay at home or working mom is. I am not married, but I am raising two kids, my nieces. My brother has passed away, and the mother is in and out of trouble. I have always work, and just because I have taken custody of two girls, doesn't mean I have the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom. I make a very good living, doing a job that I love. I am a Flight Attendant, my job takes me away from home 2 nights a week. I work because we need an income, we need the medical benefits, and we enjoy the travel perks. I am home 4 full days and 2 partial days. I get my nails done, just polish, no fake nails, because my hands are in front of passengers face three days a week. I have been a part of their lives since they were babies. The days I am home, I am fully devoted to the care of my girls. I cook organic meals because I want my girls to eat foods free of chemicals and hormones(hormones are found in non-organic dairy,eggs,meat). Wonder why young girls are developing earlier? My girls love all vegetables, fish, fruits. We do not rely on junk food, because that is not a meal. My girls are normal weight, not fat like 3/4 of this country. That is why I care enough to cook healthy meals for them. It is not just about hugs & kisses. It is about teaching children about health & nutrition instead cramming junk food down their throat and calling it a meal. We go to church on Sundays, are involved in church club, both girls take piano lessons, swimming lessons during the summer, we eat together as a family, at the table. TV , computer, itouch, and WII are limited. Homework and doing well in school is their number one job. I am home from Thursday afternoon until Tuesday morning. I have more time at home and more time for my girls than I would have if I had a regular 9-5 job. My girls love to travel and have been places you will never get the chance to see. Have you been to Monte Carlo, Monaco, Paris, South of France, London, Portugal, Spain, Rome, Florence, Mexico, Washington DC, New York, they have traveled to 42 states. While you, your mom and sister sit on your sofa's and criticize people, take a good look in the mirror. If you don't like the program, turn off the TV!!! You seem filled with such hate, anger and jealousy at her financial gains. Who really cares who Kate tries to be, or pretends to be. She is the only one who will have to answer to her own God about the choices she made, good bad or indifferent. This bad parent is taking her girls to Greece, this summer, how far off the sofa will you venture ????

1622 days ago


Oh yes. Jon is REALLY stable! How many (very) young women has he gone through so far???

The last one (25) kicked him out of her home in UTAH on March 21st. He promptly came home and filed for primary custody of the kids.

Gee. He would be such a great primary parent. Let's see what other babysitter he can hire to screw in the hot tub while his children are asleep??!

If Kate was not a woman, there would be no question about her involvement on DWTS. I mean, it isn't like this show is going to last forever for her. It will occupy her time for several weeks.

I hope that the judge throws this case out!!

1622 days ago


I think that many people need to get their facts straight! DWTS paid to have a dance studio built in Kate's home in the basement so that Tony could practice THERE with her. Right now, she is only in Los Angeles 2 days a week.

1622 days ago


Jonboy 'minipeen' Gosselin isn't stable enough to be a primary parent. He's still acting like a teenager, running around trying to attach himself to rich men's daughters. As for Kate being unfit as a 'coast to coast' parent....exactly what has Jonboy been doing this past year. He stays in Utah with bimbo, and doesn't see his kids for months at a time! The man is a useless tool. His behavior is deplorable, and even when he's with his kids, he's not 'with them'. They're being cared for by nannies while he texts to women on his cell phone or gladhands the fans at the fence in front of the house. While Kate isn't the perfect parent, at least she's working, and trying to support her children.

1622 days ago


For all you Kate supporters out there who are more interested in Kate then her 8 children----------- I DON,T GET IT! (kates words) Do you think that her small children say to their mommy,go mommy, bring home more money mommy. More money is better then more mommy. It's okay mommy, the nannies are here with us so you don't have to be. We will talk to you on the phone, that's just as good mommy. Have fun mommy, we will watch you on tv.

1622 days ago


I agree with your above statements

1620 days ago


I agree with your above statements

1620 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

After watching what I call the "real Kate" on DWTS I have decided she's just as much of a train wreck as her husband. What a whiney control freak. She'll be gone tonight anyway. Thank goodness. I have to fast forward everytime she dances.....gag.

1620 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Its funny how Jon says nothing when it is first announced that Kate
will be on DWTS and only just now has something to grib about when he
sees Kate is not voted off right away?!? If you were really worried
about your kids you would have tried to put a stop to it as soon as
you could not afterwards. Poor Jon. Do I sense a little bit of
jealousy from you? After all, You did have plans to be on a singles
father show didnt you? Oh but thats a different story aint it?

1620 days ago

Thunder Thighs    


1620 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Please, parents get custody for much, much less every day.
The lady has eight kids and already makes money off them, enough is enough.
They need a full time parent and their dad is the logical choice.

1620 days ago

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1619 days ago


kate is so embarassing to watch. this women has no talent. and to think she is on t.v. only because she has eight kids. the middle class people have kids and they are not on tv. they have to work for a living. i cant stand watching her or her husband. makes me sick. what has the world come to, when reality stars are becoming famous with no talent.

1618 days ago


how many people in this world are raising 8 kids? If TLC had not put them in the spotlight how would they be living now. I believe there are other parents with multiples and they are surviving without all the glitz and glamour. If you watch the show from the beginning you will see that Jon was the work horse and got little praise for his work. He worked an 8hr job and came homw to work also. I do not agree with his actions since the divorce, but I am appalled at the fakeness that went on with the renewing of the vows. This was not just Jon - it was Kate also and she noted in one interview that they had been having problems for six months - then why do the vow renewal till all had been resolved. Finally, she stated the kids ask when will they go on a plane ride again - how many children in this world never go on a plane ride? That is the least of her worries. No one knows what is in each others heart and mind.

1613 days ago


I am sick of hearing Kate say how she has to work to take care of her kids. Thats great, she should. But go back to your nursing job. I raised my 7 kids on my nursing income. Why does she think she should do it by being on TV? Look what It's done to her life. I wouldn't want that in my kid's life. When she was having them 6 babies, how did she think she would raise them then? There was no TLC or No dancing with the stars. ( by the way, Lord, Kate stop making a fool of yourself on that show. You can't dance at all) Just think of all of us women out there that do what Kate is doing everyday, we get up we raise our kids, we go to work. So what, she had 6 at one time, In today's world thats no big deal anymore. So why does she think she has to have her face all over the new's and TV to take care of her kid's??? It's done nothing but harm her family. And yet still she keep's going on for more!? She does It because she like's it. She think's she a big star!!! Get her off TV. I'm sick of seeing her and hearing about her.I just wonder how much free thing's that family has got. Must be nice, I never had anyone give me hand out's. And there was enough time's that I sure could have used help with 7 kids. And I am sure that there are a lot of Other Mothers out there that knows what I mean. And I think she Is just a mean person at heart. Look how she always had to put Jon down. Carried on over Jodie giving the kid's gum. I would have been thrilled to have a sister in law who would watch my kid's. Not go nuts over some gum. PLEASE! And the Pointing at her eye and the heart and then pointing her finger on dancing with the stars. ok, we get it kate. But It's a dance show not a Barny show!

1612 days ago
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