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Kate's Lawyer -- Jon's Move Is 'Pathetic'

4/7/2010 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinKate Gosselin's lawyer says Jon's attempt to wrestle custody away from his client is "pathetic."

Attorney Mark Momjian tells TMZ Jon's motives are transparent, saying, "He's never questioned her ability to provide for their children. He's out of the limelight, while 23 million people are watching Kate on 'Dancing with the Stars.'"

Momjian finds it ironic that Kate is effectively the only breadwinner, and when she goes to Hollywood to earn a living he turns around and says she's not in Pennsylvania caring for the kids.

Momjian says the legal docs filed by Jon are "incoherent" and so flawed that he fully expects the judge to throw his petition out ... stat.

Momjian says Jon is out for Jon, adding, "Do I think his motivation is the children's best interest. Squarely no."


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PATHETIC! This women is a loser but because she's a women other women support her and blame the guy. It doesn't matter the situation it's always the guy! But from what I can tell, she's a weak and ineffective as a person. She's using her divorce as a crutch on the show and all the ladies are buying, even though she's horrible and her partner can't stand her.

And you can't possibly stand up for her on this one, eight kids equal no time for dancing with the stars! If you all care about her and her family . . . send her home!

1659 days ago


Why is this Hag on a tv show anymore? Let her go back to working what she is...a nurse.....she is NOT a celebrity and could never be an actress. She was on a reality tv show....file her away with past reality show folks or let Ron Jeremy loose to make a movie with her and the Octohag.

1659 days ago

Concern Citizen    

Her attorney said she was earning money dancing. I wouldn't call what she doing on DWS dancing. More like walking. Go home Kate. Enough is enough

1659 days ago


Who cares what they are doing. Why do these people keep playing out their dirty laudry in the media where their kids can read it?? It is a pretty low thing to do just to stay in the tabloids.

1659 days ago

Maggie :)    

Jon is an opportunist and when the opportunity is not extended to him he kicks and stamps his feet like a small child. The welfare of his children is not on his mind at all. Is he able to provide for them? NO. But when the mother can his ego, pride or whatever you want to call it is hurt and he goes running to his lawyer. If I was in the business of show business I would avoid Jon like the black plague. This is not getting him any offers and the ones that he is getting is not paying him 1/10th of what she is making. Jon, why don't you get your crap together, actually care and love your children and look out for their well being for let's say 1-2 years without trying to get in the limelight for attacking your ex wife who is doing all of those things and then maybe we (the general public) wouldn't mind seeing your face on tv.

1659 days ago


Daddy, why do you keep banging the babysitters?
~The Gosselin kids

1659 days ago


I'd like to see Mark momjian's (KG's lawyer) wife destroy his livlihood and see what he would do! KG literally destroyed Jon's life so he can't work anymore! SHe used his sperm to get her CASH COW's then treated him like the pet dog for 10 yrs. He finally finds a way out (sure he should of done it better so he didn't look so bad) they BOTH moved into that 1.4 house and now he has nothing to show for it. She made him get rid of his cars BUT she drives all around in her $64,000 land Rover, she gets $7000 hair ext's., gets those Ugley Fat toes painted every wk., tans, wears her designer clothes & heels like some teenager 2 go 2 Target so she Lks good 4 the PAPPAZZI (that she loves!) because in her OWN sick mind she is a celebrity & goes on any show to cry the POOR MOUTH blues 2 get pity and more $$. Her kids already have college funds GIVEN 2 them by the town of Reading PA & this women just keeps taking & taking. She is a greedy unbalanced women that needs that $$ 2 go 2 therapy & be put on medication. Dr. Lillian Glass commented on how she see's this women as DISTURBED & IMMATURE. Wake up people, she even tried to control Tony D. like he was her new pet dog!! When her ride ends she will finally be seen as a nut by people and no one will want nothing 2 do with her & Jon won't look so bad anymore. He just needs to get his life back and NOT worry about the young girls & show people he's probaley really not that bad of a guy. He was given a raw deal by Kate and she didn't need him anymore and told him the marriage was over be4 he even started to go out on her. She waited until they got in2 that 1.4 $$ house & then told him the marriage was over. She figured the courts always go 4 the women because of kids and that he didn't have a chance. She is going to rot in hell!!Hell!!!

1659 days ago


whats pathetic is seeing her on TV and trying to act all young and hip. you're not a celebrity- only a media whore!

1659 days ago


105. Where is my Mommy. Who are these strange men in the house.

Posted at 6:52PM on Apr 7th 2010 by The Gosselin Kids

On the count of three you will wake up!


Congraduations! Your regression therapy revealed more than you thought! However, you are NOT the 'Gosselin Kids'!

1659 days ago


Why is it that when a WOMAN becomes seperated from her husband - not even talking about divorce yet! - we CELEBRATE her when she goes 'out wit her gurrrls' and we ENCOURAGE her to 'get back out there, girlfriend!' and we APPLAUD her for being such a brave soul when we see her stretched all over some ridiculous college boy 10 years her junior...but when the MAN does it, he's just a big ol' DOUCHE BAG?

i'm just saying...

1659 days ago

Maybe if we all just stop talking about Jon & Kate, they'll go away.

1659 days ago


Maybe they should BOTH shut up and get REAL jobs!!

1659 days ago


Lets get this right.....25 million viewers are not watching DWTS to see Kate. As usual everything is about her

1659 days ago


I don't understand her. She says she is broke, yet the amount she is making on DWTS is very substancial. and she does travel for a living. she will soon be starting a new show and her new book comes out soon. MORE INTERVIEWS. Her comment the other night about not being able to state her feelings, huh. I watched the show and she was very capable of telling people her needs and wants. Jon was not smart about his post marriage dating, but I would flee to the nearest dating service if I had to be with that woman. She is mean. I wonder what did she plan on doing when she had all those pregnacies via IVF. She was a nurse and Jon worked. When they got famous she wrote books and she traveled. Jon became a stay at home dad. MANY men do this in these times. WHy is it if the marriage does not work the men turns into a bum for not supporting thier children. The children always seemed to be going on vacation with him. He took each one seperatly to skiing and other sports like vacations. Fishing at home. Kate takes them to 5 star resorts and spends time yelling at everyone. I never heard Jon yell at the kids.

The season before last on the last episode, Jon hinted that they may not be back. Could that have started this mess. Jon can't get a job for basically behaving as any single guy would do if allowed privacy. He pays a five fiqure child support payment and can't get work due to all the stories out there about him. It is becoming clear if a woman looks at a celebrity he or she owes them something. Our normal citizens are becoming just like the paps.

I am a woman who believes that the parent that can spend the most time with the children should have the children. If Jon can't get a job that pays him well, than why would Kate not just let him have the kids, she could travel and make money. It is about the kids. I think Kate wants to use the kids. Her I am a single mother doing the best I can bit is getting old. "If I am worrying about what I am going to cook for dinner comes before any performance that so be it" does not work for me. Was that her attitude when she was a nurse too! This woman does not deserve the adualtion she gets from some woman. She had these children while a nurse, did she have selling her story a along. Because she has stated she can't support her family on a nurses pay. And plus any shild support Jon gives her. She does not always tell the whole truth.

1659 days ago


I agree that he won't win father of the year, but she makes "Octomom" look like a great mother compared to her. I sick of both them trying to make money off the fact they did a stupid thing and had a lot of children all at once. No one cares at all any more, they just feel sorry for the children. No one wants to be around or see a "bitchy" woman. Not a man or the public. Get her off the air and TV for good.

1659 days ago
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