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Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Part Deux?

4/12/2010 4:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin is "definitely open" to co-starring with ex-wife Kate Gosselin on a new TV project -- with one big string attached ... TMZ has learned.


Jon's lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, tells TMZ "under the right circumstances" Jon would do a show with Kate, but "the contract would have to be tighter."  He did not elaborate, but we're guessing it has something to do with the way TLC cleaned Jon's clock in court.

List did not say what type of show he'd like to do, but said having Jon and Kate around the kids more would be a definite plus.

List says Jon would "love to settle" the latest legal dispute he ignited. TMZ broke the story that Jon filed legal papers asking for primary custody and child support.  But Jon will press on with the case, unless Kate gives up her "global commitments."  According to List, Jon feels Kate can't have it both ways -- being both a star and an attentive parent.

List says he and Jon both feel Kate is "addicted to the paparazzi." He says even if Kate is booted from "Dancing with the Stars" on Tuesday, he won't drop his custody case because Kate is "caught up in the glamour of Hollywood" and will take other jobs. 

Now if Kate brings Jon along for the Hollywood tour, well apparently that's a whole other Oprah.


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Hey Jon, Can you say "hypocrite"?! Who's the one that was always out at the fence line at the kids' home in PA, chattin' it up with the paparazzi? If memory serves, it sure wasn't Kate. So now, if she is doing TV on her own, she is a bad mother, but if the two of you do it together, then it's OK? What color is the sky in your world?

1658 days ago


Yeah, whatever!

1658 days ago


Maybe they'll call it "Jon and Kate Re-conciliate".

1658 days ago

Patty M.    

Yep! I wondered when Jon would rear his ugly head! He is so jealous that his ex is making money...good money and he still has to pay her child's obvious Jon is feeling angry that he can't find a job that would allow him to live in the way that he would like to. Hell, there's alot of us who have that problem...but he smells money! He wants to go back to having the big money and if that's the only way that he can do it...guess what? That's exactly what this loser is doing! Be a man Jon. Get a job and do what's right. Keep paying for those beautiful kids already. Stop whining!

1658 days ago


Dear God - make these two go away forever. Send them into the corn.

Jon and Kate - the geriatric version of Speidi. Ugh.

1658 days ago


One thing I have noticed is that the people who blindly support Kate, especially at her shrine a/k/a RadarOnline, are lucky to have been highschool graduates. The lack of I.Q. and knowledge of the facts, insight, AND THE LAW are appalling.

1658 days ago


If he would go back to work the judge would base child support on his income. Go back to being an engineer, the spotlight isn't for you Jon, you are not star material. I am glad the young girls have found out just how big a loser you are. I think he hates women, look how he treats them, and why doesn't his mom take him in. He's got major mental issues....

1658 days ago


Now everybody knows why Kate was so bitchy to him all the time. She knew he was a scumbag and regretted getting herself in the situation she was in.

1658 days ago


I usually vote along with the majority on the polls - but not this time! I don't know how you guys can think Jon "craves" the attention more than Kate. He just keeps getting caught being a pig of a man, not seeking out the cameras as Kate does because she CRAVES the camera and attention it brings.

1658 days ago


How people can believe that Kate is anything less than a media whore is beyond me. It was so obvious that jon was the real parentduring the show - Kate was too busy on the road. She admitted herself that the kids liked the Nanny more than her and they CALLED HER THE NANNIES NAME!!! Who does she think she is kidding. All she wants is to be on TV - the fact that she is going to TRAVEl around and help other Moms with their problems are so laughable its pathetic. Hopefully these homes are ultra clean and the people are perfect in Kates eyes. Remember how she would NOT touch fans - she skeeved them!! This show ought to be a bigger laugh than DWTS. Go away Kate, you are disgusting.

1658 days ago


There should be 2 shows. Jon + 8 and Kate + 8. The one that gets the best ratings after a month gets to stay on air, the other gets axed.

1658 days ago


show seems like a real c*nt but I'd still eat her bum

1658 days ago


i AM IN COMPLETE AGREEMENT WITH YOU NUNYA! Kate is definately the bigger media whore

1658 days ago


If she was on welfare you guys would have a heart attack..She's working people, while her x is trying to find another dumb rich girl. What single girl wants a man with 8 kids, unless she wanted to be in the media...Really who is the REAL media whore?

1658 days ago


that motherfucker is a stupid loser!!! can't not do nothing for him self. First he want custody of the 8 kids when he is not around because he can't pay the child support, and Kate is working and he need child support becuause the guy is mentally handicaped

1658 days ago
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