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Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Part Deux?

4/12/2010 4:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin is "definitely open" to co-starring with ex-wife Kate Gosselin on a new TV project -- with one big string attached ... TMZ has learned.


Jon's lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, tells TMZ "under the right circumstances" Jon would do a show with Kate, but "the contract would have to be tighter."  He did not elaborate, but we're guessing it has something to do with the way TLC cleaned Jon's clock in court.

List did not say what type of show he'd like to do, but said having Jon and Kate around the kids more would be a definite plus.

List says Jon would "love to settle" the latest legal dispute he ignited. TMZ broke the story that Jon filed legal papers asking for primary custody and child support.  But Jon will press on with the case, unless Kate gives up her "global commitments."  According to List, Jon feels Kate can't have it both ways -- being both a star and an attentive parent.

List says he and Jon both feel Kate is "addicted to the paparazzi." He says even if Kate is booted from "Dancing with the Stars" on Tuesday, he won't drop his custody case because Kate is "caught up in the glamour of Hollywood" and will take other jobs. 

Now if Kate brings Jon along for the Hollywood tour, well apparently that's a whole other Oprah.


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Jon is one of the lowest man I know, he's jealous he doesn't have a job now, when he left Kate he thought she would be nothing just like him, Go kate and I wish the court can see this looser and take all the rights for being a father only give him 2hrs visitation rights, now that he has nothing he wants to come back, Kate is HOT and he can see that, he thought he would make all the monies and give it to prostitute, even his apartment robbery was fake!!! he has nothing now and this is why he stole the money in their joint account, go to HELL LOOSER...Kate is HOT and what's make him even jealous is that Kate will earn money that he doesn't have and also there are single MOM who works and still being great mothers, SO THIS FULL IS FULL OF SH$$$$$, SO IN HIS LOWEST MIND KATE SHOULDN'T WORK? he wants her to be nothing like him, he enjoyed all the publicist before TLC sued the hell out of his A@@@$$$, GO TO HELL AND LV KATE ALONE

1600 days ago

Just Sayin    

They're both pathetic excuses for parents. They brought 8 kids into the world, and neither one is interested in the sometimes thankless, often mundane task of parenting them. Bring on the nannies!!! The minute one gets more or less attention than the other, they go into meltdown mode due to "lack of spotlight". Good grief, put them both together and there's still not one complete worthwhile parent. He's a total loser and she's a modern-day Norma Desmond looking for her next big picture....."I'm ready for my close-up now, Mr. DeMille...."

1600 days ago


#159, if you had eight kids and were offered a tv show would you turn it down? I doubt you would!

1600 days ago


yes, jon does hate women. the name for that is a 'misojinist'. he hates women, but his pleasure is in abusing them and using them until they can no longer bear to be in his presence. He will never stop.hE will hunt them down as long as they live and tell every lie he can think of...and they will be manyj In the end, he may take their lives
when he finds he can no longer abuse Kate as
he so loves to do. it happens all the time, read the papers and watch the news. These men will not give up control.

1600 days ago


folks, if you hate to read about success of Kadute, then may I make a suggestion not to watch her and not to read about her. That's
what I DO with Jon. Plain to see he is immature and emotionally disturbed. He actually did cut his own nose off , to spite his own face. Sorry for him.

1600 days ago


Of course he wants back on the show... he has no money.

1600 days ago


I thought I was done commenting on this but have to respond to this idiot calling himself "poorjon": The apt break-in was NOT a fake--they found that the spoiled brat daughter of the plastic surgeon he was "dating" did it. Typically I don't think they even charged her but I saw on the news that evidence said it was she who broke in and took her stuff back so she said and then vandalized the apt. So you're full of it there! Also what do you mean--"Leave Kate alone" ??!! Give me a break PLEASE!!! When hell freezes over he should!! What is she some fragile innocent damsel or something?? That castrating bitch brings everything upon her vile disgusting self you know!! What goes around comes around. She should have bitten her tongue back when she kept screaming and berating him and insulting him and humiliating him in public in front of strangers. Should we give her an award for that? Please!! No I won't leave her alone!!

1600 days ago


This is exactly why Michael Jordans wife suffers, Tiger Woods wife, Charles Barkleys wife, Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and sooo many others. Because there is always some woman that will stab other women in the back for these men. You try having twins and sextuplets for someone and have him try to destroy you. You women are no better than Sandras husbands bitches...

1600 days ago



1600 days ago


Seriously, the guy is a moron. No wonder she was such a biotch to him on the show -- he deserved it! She should be glad that she divorced him. He's an idiot.

1600 days ago


if anyone took the time toook closely, they would see that John Gosselin is very depressed. Yes he was bad for cheating and got swept up into the whole showbusiness lifestyle during the j&K + 8 heyday. But she was so verbally abusive to him on the show, and eroded his self esteem. TLC needs to cancel any show featuring any of the Gosselins. This family will survive just fine financially. Most people don't earn in a lifetime, what these two have made on a monthly basis from the show and other publicity. IF these 2 people were to never be employed again, they would still have plenty of money to live very comfortably(more than most people)--for the rest of their lives.

1600 days ago


So sick of people defending Kate. She gets $22K a month from Jon, so please stop with the, she's trying to support her Family BS. Can't stand either of them, wish they would go away.

1600 days ago

Just Sayin    

# 160..., you doubt wrong. If you can't afford them, then don't have them. NOT having them, isn't a hard thing to figure out. Having them and treating them like public pawns in your pathetic excuse for a marriage/divorce is not only ridiculous, it should be illegal.

1600 days ago


SURE dd, thats why everyone cheats, because we see Kate Gossellin for the scum she is. She has made a living out of exploiting her children - it has NOTHING to do with backing up a woman who has been abused or cheated on. She drove him out screaming, not even knowing his own mind. She will do it to anyone that gets near her. Just watch her for a day. Poor little Kate needs no help. She has some very long sharp claws. You were sucked in - she wouldn't look at you if you were in the same room with her. smarten up!

1600 days ago


Yea right! She knows her husband better than we do, I am sure he's been cheating for quite a while, and no I wasn't sucked in because I stopped watching the show because of the bitterness that I saw, I couldn't take it. Jon showed his true colors in the end, maybe thats why she is bitter....Who screws there wifes doctors daughter and calls her his SOUL MATE!!!!!

1600 days ago
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