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Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Part Deux?

4/12/2010 4:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin is "definitely open" to co-starring with ex-wife Kate Gosselin on a new TV project -- with one big string attached ... TMZ has learned.


Jon's lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, tells TMZ "under the right circumstances" Jon would do a show with Kate, but "the contract would have to be tighter."  He did not elaborate, but we're guessing it has something to do with the way TLC cleaned Jon's clock in court.

List did not say what type of show he'd like to do, but said having Jon and Kate around the kids more would be a definite plus.

List says Jon would "love to settle" the latest legal dispute he ignited. TMZ broke the story that Jon filed legal papers asking for primary custody and child support.  But Jon will press on with the case, unless Kate gives up her "global commitments."  According to List, Jon feels Kate can't have it both ways -- being both a star and an attentive parent.

List says he and Jon both feel Kate is "addicted to the paparazzi." He says even if Kate is booted from "Dancing with the Stars" on Tuesday, he won't drop his custody case because Kate is "caught up in the glamour of Hollywood" and will take other jobs. 

Now if Kate brings Jon along for the Hollywood tour, well apparently that's a whole other Oprah.


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12. Jon is a dumb a**!He is the one addicted 2 the media.She has the right to work and support her children.This is all about jealousy b/c she is getting more attention than him.He needs to get a life!

Posted at 2:54 AM on Apr 11, 2010 by kristi

This is really about his girl friends no longer letting him be a freeloader,having no income and living with his brother-Aunt Jodi's hubby.

He doesn't have an address-according to the court papers and he wants to live at the main house when Kate is not there and the apt.over the garage the rest of the time with KATE paying him support? UM NO!

1635 days ago


NO NO NO!!!!! NEITHER of these 2 should be on TV!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't their kids suffered enough???? Haven't the American TV viewers suffered enough??? Time for these 2 child makers to get REAL jobs and stay away from the media!!!!!

1635 days ago

Christina G.    

Could this guy be any more of a terd? Whoever raised him should apologize to the rest of us.

1635 days ago


He just can't take it that she is making money, and he is not. ITS KILLING HIM. He has to ef it up for her. If he got a gig or a show, then it would be fine for the kids to be back on tv. Jon, go crawl in a hole.

1635 days ago


KATE is addicted to the papparazzi?!!? That's rich! I assume one of the first things Kate's attorney will do is to subpoena Jon's personal pap/bodyguard and show the court Jon doing his street interviews with the paps in NYC and at the fence in Pennsylvania.

1635 days ago


"But Jon will press on with the case, unless Kate gives up her "global commitments." "
Someone has to be the adult in this situation and bring in money so the 8 kids can be taken care of. She has 3 nannies to fill in for her when she is working. If Jon had really cared about the kids then he would have bought a house in the neighborhood, instead of running off to NY. He could have watched after the children.
I would suggest that Kate drops all 8 kids over at Jon's brother's house unannounced and said ok you keep the kids today and let's see how you do. Have a good day. But that would be cruel and unusual punishment on the children.

1635 days ago


Why would Kate or TLC EVER want to have Jon do a show? He is delusional!

1635 days ago


OMG. She already has a new reality show scheduled and he's trying to hone in on her parade! Now if That's not pot calling the kettle black! Geez! That being said, they Should do it! Apparently the world can't get enough and who can blame them from grabbing their 15 and running with it?! It won't last forever! Tick Tock Tick Tock

1635 days ago


I don't see how Kate is in the wrong when she is working to make money to raise her children. Many women right now are laid off, not working because of children, or not making enough to support their children. Who is Jon to think he has the right to tell Kate not to work. That's the career she is making the money in for her family, and he didn't seem to mad when he was raking in the benefits too.
It also seems "funny" that no one hears from Jon until Kate does something else publicly!

1635 days ago


Jon is a tool. It's fine for him to galavant the world with aspirations of signing deals with designers and such but when Kate is actually bringing home the bacon it's another story. He's pathetic and probably realizing the biggest mistake he made was leaving that relationship. As demanding as Kate can be, she certainly knows how to manage a household and take out the garbage (aka Jon).

1635 days ago


Kate is so nice. Shes a great person. Shes a perfect mother. Shes not what Jon says she is.

1635 days ago


Kate is the one who is addicted to paparazzi? Jon's d-bag antics post-divorce (including this new lawsuit) have generated far more pap attention than anything Kate has done. Why isn't Jon working? If Kate has primary physical custody, Jon should be using his free time to find a real job away from the cameras. His problem seems to be he wants a job that will keep him in the spotlight, can't find it, and now wants to drain his wife's account.

1635 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Hello, stupid Jon, are you listening to yourself? Why is it not right that Kate should not be working while supporting the kids but it's ok if she does it as long as it is with you? You disgust me, Jon.

1635 days ago


Jon is just looking for publicity. The lawsuit has no merit.
What judge is going to give a man with no job custody
when his wife is the breadwinner in the family?

1635 days ago

Kristin M.    

They're bost the same, but very different. They both crave money and fame. Who doesn't? The only difference is that Jon craves money and fame because he's dead ass broke and needs to pay off his legal team and his child support. Kate needs money and fame in order to pay for her 8 kids. Plus, what girl doesn't wanna get glammed up get and get attention? I know I would.

1635 days ago
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