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Dr. Murray

Lawyers Up

for Wrongful Death Suit

4/13/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad MurrayDr. Conrad Murray is already planning his legal strategy in a Michael Jackson wrongful death case ... TMZ has learned.

Dr. Murray, we're told, has already hired a civil lawyer, Charles Peckham, who handles medical board cases and wrongful death lawsuits.

We've learned Peckham has already been in touch with Dr. Murray's malpractice insurance carrier, and it turns out to be a tricky situation.

Sources connected with Dr. Murray's defense tell TMZ Dr. Murray had a malpractice policy issued in Texas that covered his medical practices in Texas and Nevada.

Here's the rub.  Dr. Murray did not have a medical practice in California, which is a prerequisite for his malpractice coverage.  So Dr. Murray's position is that he first saw  Michael Jackson as a Nevada patient and what he did for him in L.A. was merely an extension of the Nevada treatment.

We've learned the malpractice policy would only cover civil litigation, not criminal.  In the event the doctor is sued for wrongful death -- and Joe Jackson promises that will happen soon -- Murray expects the policy would cover attorney's fees and any judgment. 

One source told TMZ, "We fully expect the insurance company would cover such costs."


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How can you say MJ wasn't a junkie? Gimme a break, his insomnia was self induced. He'd binged on caffeine laden soda throughout the day then he'd use other drugs to bring him back down so he could sleep at night. Routinely taking one drug, an upper (caffeine) to pep yourself up then other drugs, downers to mellow yourself out, that's exactly what junkies do.

"BROWN: Joining me now, Dr. Drew Pinsky, who is professor of psychiatry at the Keck School of Medicine at USC. He's also host of executive producer of "Celebrity Rehab" on VH-1.

Dr. Drew, good to see you.


BROWN: Let's go through this timeline, first of all. This was from the coroner's preliminary report.

And I just want people to hear this -- 1:30 a.m., Murray gives 10 milligrams of Valium -- 2:00 a.m., he injects Jackson with two milligrams of the anti-anxiety drug Ativan -- 3:00 a.m., Murray then administers two milligrams of the sedative Versed -- 5:00 a.m., he administers another two milligrams of Ativan -- 7:00 a.m., Murray gave Jackson yet another two milligrams of Versed.

And, at 10:40 a.m., Murray administered 25 milligrams of Propofol -- quote -- "after repeated demands, requests" from Jackson.

I mean, I can't -- that's one day. It's kind of a mind-blowing amount of drugs here, Drew. What effect does that have on a patient?

PINSKY: It's truly a mind-blowing amount.

It's also clear that that is not the first time he has received that kind of medication, those sorts of doses, because the fact, if -- if I wanted to take down a large animal, a pachyderm, I would load it just about with probably what he got there, four milligrams of Lorazepam, a couple milligrams of Versed. That would take down almost anything and anybody.

That means he was already extremely tolerant of those substances, possibly in withdrawal. And it was inadequate to stop him in his tracks. These medicines were not just given orally. These were given intravenously. These are massive doses.

On top of that, at his bedside, they found Valium, Klonopin, Restoril, other benzodiazepines called -- these so-called somebody -- you heard somebody refer to these as downers. These are all medications that will induce sleep.

When we want to take down a large male in let's say, at a locked psychiatric unit who's agitated and aggressive, we would give him two milligrams of Ativan by shot. He received four milligrams over a very short period of time. Then on top of that took Propofol which is a relative of barbiturate, and you never use those medicines together. To think that Propofol was the lethal injection is a little bit of a misrepresentation, I think, because any use of Propofol outside of a hospital is potentially lethal.

BROWN: Well, I was going to say, and how can, with all of these drugs in his system, how you could even identify Propofol as the one that actually killed him?

PINSKY: I don't think you can. I don't know why that headline is being promoted the way it is. Because the fact is just that slurry of those high doses of benzodiazepine even with a small dose of Propofol is enough to make somebody stop breathing. In fact, there's sort of a recipe for that.

BROWN: So --

PINSKY: I think it's really the combination that really did him in.

BROWN: Drew, is there any -- just to go back to this -- I think I know the answer. But is there any responsible doctor that you know of that would have prescribed this combination, this quantity of drugs to a patient?

PINSKY: Well, I actually feel very sad for Dr. Murray. I mean, the fact it's clear he went into territory that he didn't fully understand. The idea of giving an addict, somebody with a history of addiction, IV Ativan, I must tell you is outlandish. That's absolutely not what an addict needs. And then to allow the patient determine the medicines that they're going to receive, that's a very disturbed situation.

He was in there alone way over his head. I really feel bad for the guy, but there needs to be a team of people with psychiatric expertise, with addiction expertise, with anesthesia expertise and also with cardiology and monitoring expertise as well. But a single doctor by himself simply could not have managed a situation like this.

And then to tiptoe in with these massive doses of medication, irregardless of the fact that he may have been receiving them for some time, which undoubtedly he was. I mean, to be able to tolerate that dose of medication, he must have been receiving this stuff for some quite some time.

BROWN: Let me ask you, though. PINSKY: It's still just --

BROWN: Who's responsible? Because we're also hearing, you know, he begged. We know he begged at least one nurse for Propofol specifically in the weeks before his death, offering tens of thousands of dollars. And even this coroner's report says Dr. Murray gave him Propofol after -- I read that quote, after repeated demands and requests from Jackson when you've treated abusers for years. Who do you think is responsible?


BROWN: I mean, is it Michael or is it the doctor?

PINSKY: Well, Michael, to my eye, to my understanding based on what we're hearing so far, died of addiction. And the fact is, certainly the addict plays some responsibility in this. But we, as physicians, need to not cave into the demand of addicts. And if we can't withstand their demands, we have no business taking care of a patient like that.

This is a situation where -- that shows really when a power and balance that you set up in a physician/patient relationship, the relationship is adulterated, it's tainted. This is why people with a lot of money and a lot of power give bad medical care. They think they're getting special care but they end up getting substandard care.

There's a reason the standard of care is the standard of care because it's the best. If you demand something other than that, the fact is you're more likely to get something substandard if anything else. And particularly if the patient is determining what it is that the physician should be doing, that's an adulterated situation and that's a situation that's going to go bad for the patient.

BROWN: Dr. Drew Pinsky for us tonight. Drew, appreciate your time as always."

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I have a feeling there won't be justice for MJ. At least not enough! Murray should have been charged with murder and the DA fluffed it up and put a bow on it. That said, why not bankrupt this creep. That's the only other difficulty we can impose on him if not jail. I cannot tell you how little I think of this man. The fact that Nevada and Texas don't do something about him sooner, rather than later, is astounding to me! He could kill someone else.

1569 days ago


Every dancer has off moments during their performances. The man was overworked and over medicated by the quack he trusted to take care of him. Murray and his attorney(s) will write a book for profit only. You don't have to be a premed student to realize its wrong to administer a heart stopping drug, to a patient, outside an hospital enviroment,without medical equipment on hand, to help restart the patients heart. Also, ordinary people with no medical training know to dial 911 right away when a person is unconcious! That is unless you wanted them to die. Only a heartless person, no pun intended, would cause a person to die then say the patient killed himself. The coroner said a medical professional administered the drugs that killed Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson trusted Murray because he was a HEART doctor He didn't pay him to come kill him. If Michael wanted to die he didn't need Murray to do it. Murray knows a dead man can't talk. He had enough time to pump all the drugs he wanted into Michael Jackson when he was sedated. Read more:

Read more:

1561 days ago


Posted at 7:44 AM on Apr 13, 2010 by gimmeabreak

This link does not work... can you tell me what it says?

1569 days ago


Let's see...first a high profile court case..murder...then no a civil case...WHAT NEXT? the docter going to rob some one in a Las Vegas hotel room?' brian n. everett" look at my MJ blog.

1569 days ago


So you are telling me this IDIOT.... was not "Licensed" in the State which he administered the drug that KILLED our beloved King of Pop? Isn't that considered "practicing without a license in California?"...... His NEGLIGENCE with Michael Jackson is astounding! SHAME ON THE BASTARD.

1556 days ago

save something    

Did not know Dr.Murray came in the last week of MJ"s life...
MJ and his brother J.where in fact part of Muslim religion.
We know MJ wasn't able to give those 50 show .....
Why just poursuit DR,Murray?????
why about all the doctor who sing all the others prescriptions??????
why about the OTHERS who kept MJ in legal drugggggssss?

1569 days ago


OK, I am not going to try to convince you that believe he's still alive. You are intitled to your opinion. The same thing happened after Elvis died. Sometimes a death is so painful certain people just can't accept it. If you truely believe he is alive then what he is doing letting people think he's dead then he's doing something that would be a criminal act. Then that means MJ will go to jail if he's alive.

1569 days ago

maria das grraças de souza silva    

eu naõ comsigo em viar comentarios voçes pode mi a judar !!!! por favor

1554 days ago


Wah! Wah! Wah! Justice for child molester Mikey!
Wah! Wah! Wah! I still haven't donated to Joe Jackson's legal fund!
Wah! Wah! Wah! Would you like fries with that?

1569 days ago


TMZ, what kind of chaos do you have here with the timeline of the posts?? They are completely in disorder. Confusing!

1569 days ago


He was not trained in anestesiology anyway, so what´s the use of this limitation?He showed complete disregard for rules of medical
practice as well as ethics.His valuesystem is not compatible with the practice of medicine and all his licenses need to be revoked.

1550 days ago

gimme a break!    

Posted at 8:22 AM on Apr 13, 2010 by save something

Michael was NOT muslim...NEVER..his brother is... not him...
the info of him convting is nothing but BS...when someone will provide me actual PROOF of it then i'll consider it..

Posted at 8:22 AM on Apr 13, 2010 by gimmeabreak

that's called hearsay in case u didnt know... this person is making assumptions and drawing conclusions based on what he heard not on actual medical examinations/do***ents/whatever...the timeline and the drugs said that have been administered by Mr. "Da troot" as well as the quantity of each one of them, keeps changing all the time... no one can keep up a straight story... they contradict themselves over and over again...

as for the coca cola story... LOL...
once again tabloid trash that everybody buys...
yes he may have had some health issues but a junkie... no...

1569 days ago

gimme a break!    


no need to try and convince me... at this point i dont think that there's anything that can convince me that he's gone... unless someone can give me an explanation for everything...

as for elvis... no sorry not the same story... he didnt have a fake ambulance pic, fake death certificate, fake autopsy report, and a family smiling at his memorial-yeah watch the vid again when they are all on stage- and throwing after parties...
to just mention a few

and NO it's NOT a criminal act cuz in order to be one it's has to be either an insurance fraud or him profiting from his "death"... none of them happened... the money he made after june could have been a result of his sold out tour...
anyway i've already made ALL of my arguments and presented all facts about this case on the article with the poll on... i'm not gonna repeat them here...
believe what u want...

1569 days ago


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1548 days ago
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