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Kate Gosselin: There's No Special Law for Jon

4/12/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's lawyer is asking a judge to throw out Jon Gosselin's request for primary custody, arguing Jon's legal docs are riddled with mistakes.

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin

For starters -- Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, claims Jon went to the wrong court for child support.  Momjian raises other technical issues and wants the case tossed.

Momjian scoffs at Jon and his lawyer in legal docs, "There is no 'Jon Gosselin' exception to the Pennsylvania [law]."

Momjian tells TMZ the papers filed by Jon are "incoherent and filed by someone who clearly didn't know what he was doing."  


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How many of you mothers who say Jon should be watching the kids while Kate is away know about him having sex in the hot tub with the babysitter when he was supposed to be watching the kids? How about when he hired the skank to "help" with the kids without Kates knowledge and when she came home a day early he wouldn't even let her into her own house? Jon has proven that he doesn't have the kids best interest at heart and can't be trusted with them without supervision.

1620 days ago


#22......Your remarks are RIGHT ON! It all seems so one-sided, doesn't it? Like Jon is the bad guy and Kate is the good one, or sometimes its vice versa. Truth is, the are BOTH nut jobs and you gotta feel for those kids. Hope TLC has money set aside for the lawsuits those kids are gonna file someday! Also, while some of you guys are singing Kate's praises, think about this one.....She is on DWTS tonight (in LA) and at 7AM tomorrow is on the TODAY SHOW (in NY)to sell her book (in which she leaves messages for her kids because she is never there to TALK to them!) and back to DWTS again tomorrow night (in LA) Somehow, in between this traveling, she SHOULD be practicing for DWTS (although if she really was practicing she shouldn't be that awful! LOL) So, tell me, just HOW MUCH time is she spending with those kids? I have no problem with someone working and raising a family, I did it myself. The problem I have is with the LYING about always 'being there' and doing it all on her own when she can't possibly be spending much time with the kids! DON'T LIE ABOUT IT! You'd rather be a TV star than home with the kiddies. We get it. Otherwise you would be moving heaven and earth to find a job that keeps you at HOME rather than running around the country. (I thought that was the point of 'writing books"? You could do that at home and be with your children.) I know, I know, then you coudln't live in a million dollar house and get hair extensions and plastic surgery, etc. BTW...WHY is Jon paying $20,000 a month child support if Kate is out working and making so much money? Is it only HIS money that supports the kids and hers can go in the bank or to pay for HER expenses?? I am confused about that whole child support issue......sounds like a LOT of child support money! Oh, well, hopefully this entire train wreck will be over soon and someone else will pop out 8 or 10 kids and the Gosselins won't be so interesting anymore. WE CAN HOPE! LOL

1620 days ago


It's not going to get tossed. She has eight kids and is hanging out in LA, please.

1620 days ago

dirty diana    

big deal what jon does and who he does, point is he is willing to be with the kids, this is bull crap, and people just keep letting kate put an octomom!!!

1620 days ago



1620 days ago


If we wake up one of these mornings and read about how Kate has gone nuts and killed all of these kids it's not going to be a laughing matter. This is serious business and the welfare of all these kids is hanging in the balance.

1620 days ago


so sick of them!

1620 days ago


4. She is clearly unfit to care for these kids. They should either give them to Jon or make them eligible for adoption.

Posted at 8:54 AM on Apr 12, 2010 by Antwone

why because she works? Holy crap she is not a welfare mom, run and alert CPS. Moron.

Jon has been running all over the country rutting with any 20 something who will let him poke her and spending cash like it is water.

He had assets from the divorce frozen in escrow because the courts thought he would do exactly what he has done,Run through all his money and girlfriends good graces. Now he doesn't have a pot to piss in. So he wants to mooch off his kids and Kate? Hello!

1620 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I love Kate on DWTS, and moms everywhere are voting for her! Go Kate, u make me laugh with the sheer terror in ur face, you are fearless!

1620 days ago


O.K. folks, let's look at this from a legal standpoint...
If Jon were sitting on Death Row, he would still be LEGALLY entitled to visitation with HIS kids...Like it or not, Jon IS their Father, and unless you're THE one and only perfect parent on the planet, there are three fingers pointing back at you right now...
If Jon were truly the "bum" he's made out to be, why was the support order set so high?...Those figures had to come from somewhere, which shows that Jon is earning money and not trying to leech off of his kids (ahem, Kate)...

The point is, if TLC is suing Jon for violating the "contract" via paid appearances, they have a legal obligation to sue Kate for hers as well...It's the SAME contract that BOTH of them signed, only TLC is acting NBC childish by siding with an obviously imbalanced woman...
I know...It's because everybody just loves the "victim"...Too bad they aren't seeing past Kate's LIES and DRAMATICS where the REAL victims are...Those kids don't deserve any of this...

1620 days ago


Did people forget , John hired a babysister THE BAR MAID, when he had the kids. Now people complain about Kate having Nannies.

1620 days ago


LOL.. Jon needs more than rehab!

1620 days ago


Kate! Get a life a real life!!! You can't dance if you wanted to, go home and take care of your babies. Or don't you remember having any. At least Jon wants to take care of them (LOL) or remebers he has kids. Besides get off the show with dancing with the stars so I can go back watching it. SEE KATE, it is about you but not the way you think. I tuned in to see Buzz, Pamela Anderson (or do you think you are bigger (celebraties wise) the her. Cause honey, you are the last thing some (allot) of use do not want to hear or see on tv. So get off the dance floor and take care of those precious babies you have at home. Mary

1620 days ago


This doc is just a ploy to delay the court proceedings. After she gets booted off DWTS you will see pics of her at the park, McDonalds, etc with her kids being the "perfect mom" just like the pics of the Easter Egg hunt that just happened to be in the front yard in view of all the paps' cameras. Kate's sick. Get those kids away from her before she hurts one of them. Google her denying her daughter water, spanking one in public, slapping one in the face in public, etc. That's not discipline, its humilation. I don't blame Jon at all for wanting to get those kids away from her. I'd do the same thing. Kate's whole marketing ploy is "I'm doing it for the kids". She could easily raise those children if she went back to nursing and got the royalities from her books and the 22,000 a month from Jon but NO--she wants to be the next Pamela Anderson. If she wants to live in a fantasy world that's fine but PLEASE--get those poor kids out of it. I am truly concerned for their safety.

1620 days ago


He has always been the most nuturing and affectionate parent. He has always been the hands-on parent, while she relies on Nannies, housekeepers, volunteers, etc. to care for those children. She is a true Narcisist who has been USING THOSE CHILDREN as props, to make money and stroke her own, over-inflated ego....It's time for the courts in Pennsylvania to do the right thing, and give primary custody of the children to their Father.

1620 days ago
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