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Kate Gosselin: There's No Special Law for Jon

4/12/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's lawyer is asking a judge to throw out Jon Gosselin's request for primary custody, arguing Jon's legal docs are riddled with mistakes.

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin

For starters -- Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, claims Jon went to the wrong court for child support.  Momjian raises other technical issues and wants the case tossed.

Momjian scoffs at Jon and his lawyer in legal docs, "There is no 'Jon Gosselin' exception to the Pennsylvania [law]."

Momjian tells TMZ the papers filed by Jon are "incoherent and filed by someone who clearly didn't know what he was doing."  


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22. IMHO, it's extremely hard for Kate to justify her "working" to support the kids when Jon is COURT ORDERED to pay some $20,000.00 per month in child support...
Then, you have TLC dictating what Jon can and cannot do to earn money by threatening to sue him for breach of contract, while Kate is allowed to VIOLATE the very same contract with her many appearances on The View, DWTS, her book promo tours, etc...
And yes, Kate ABUSED Jon consistently throughout the show...She berated him, emasculated him, and was downright nasty ALL in the presence of the kids...Psycho-nut much?...
If those tables were turned, Jon would likely be in jail...So, the better question here would be, why isn't anyone stepping forward to help Jon?...Kate & TLC would like us to believe that he's some kind of monster who somehow deserved the treatment he got from Kate, but those of us who were faithful viewers of their adorable kids know better...We've ALL seen Kate in action, yet the courts were obviously mistaken when they deemed her as a "fit" parent...
That being said, inasmuch that Kate should be entitled to work (LMAO), Jon should be equally entitled to do the same...Why TLC insists on UNFAIRLY holding Jon's feet to the fire over the "contract" makes no sense whatsoever...They should be going after Kate equally instead of encouraging her to keep PLAYING the victim...

Posted at 9:52 AM on Apr 12, 2010 by Hussie

Jon says he is paying 20K support-but we know from the past that what Jon and his lawyers say and play to the pubic is not always the "truth". From past experience, this might be one more lie from Jon's mouth. He and his "former" attorney lied about the nearly 200K Jon stole from the joint account. HIS family who he stole money from. The fact that he has an escrow account for his assets to pay debts is due to the courts seeing him as not competent or trustworthy enough to pay his debts directly.

TLC is not being unfair-Jon violated his contract over and over he said he didn't want to work on the network. Forcing TLC to sue him contract violation. They are not preventing him from making a living doing his former job in IT-he still gets paid through TLC to the terms of the end of this contract. He bad mouthed his boss/job and I dare anyone do that in their line of work

Kate yelled at him that is hardly abuse. He sat around and did very little until asked then would plant his butt down or played in stores till Kate spent would yell at him to help.

Kate has not violated her contract, in fact she continues to work at gaining as much money now as possible for her family. What the hell is Jon doing towards that end.

No job, no girlfriend to support his ass, no home-what happened to his NYC pad? This is clearly a cash grab.

1656 days ago


16. i think she scared. i think the whole thing is retarded, but why else is she grasping for technicalities ...?

Posted at 9:27 AM on Apr 12, 2010 by jess

Why is she scared? She is working,earning money, being responsible.
Jon's lawyer is supposed to know the rules of the court and proper filing in WHICH court to file.
This is a shell game sweetie, Jon is trying to grab some more money from his family.

1656 days ago


23. Kate got full physical custody of the kids-It should have been joint physical custody because the kids were to stay in the house and Jon & Kate were to have separate living quarters when they didn't have the kids. Jon was ordered to pay 20k in child support-That should be modified due to decrease of income. There is NO reason for Nannies When Kate is out of town (Save money)-Jon should have them. They are soooooo worried about the money coming in so why did Kate spend thousands of dollars for hair extensions. She is such a CON artist

Posted at 9:54 AM on Apr 12, 2010 by Judith

Ok! So Kate got the house, the car, support all normal things of a divorce.
Jon not living in the main house fr a reason, he lies, steals, has been reported to have gotten into Kate's private email/bank and other information.
There is nothing wrong with nannies, all working parents have some form of aftercare,childcare, babysitter. It is rare for the 1050 mom at home deal to work in the modern age.
Kate is smart to worry about money-8 little kids to get through to college, not including food,utilities,medical/dental,housing,car payments.
JON is not doing anything and has not since the divorce other than party and chase tail.
Kate said that he would never support them it was on her.
Go for it Kate get all the money you can now because nursing will be your main gig when it all dries up.
Oh and who said that she has paid for hair extensions? That was for a photo op and I am sure they were "comp ted".

1656 days ago


26. I am still trying to understand WHY these idiots have 3 Nannies ?
Jon doesn't work, why isn't he taking care of them ????????? Ridiculous.......Sad to think what will happen when all the media glitter wears off as these kids get older, when Kate nor Jon is in the spotlight, and stop getting all this ridiculous attention and reality offers..............

Posted at 10:11 AM on Apr 12, 2010 by Kay

Well we only have Jon's word that it is three nannies? But I can clearly see the need for 2 because 8 kids to pick up and run around. I would feel safer with 2 people while I was away.
I think Kate is smart enough to milk this "celebrity" as long as she can to bank more money for the harder times to come.
Jon is not doing anything to gain real employment.
Believe it or not the bills do still have to be paid.

1656 days ago


8. I think it's VERY UNPROFESSIONAL for Mark Momjian to be speaking to TMZ and Radar Online about this matter. Seems to me he's liking seeing his name in the media a bit too much. Has he been bitten by the same fame bug as Kate?

BOTH of these parents are LOSERS and neither deserves to have custody. Kate is screwing up these kids just as much, if not more, than Jon.

Posted at 10:30 AM on Apr 12, 2010 by Pam
He answered some questions about the case. He wasn't Jon's jackazz going on Nancy Grace chomping gum while barely answering questions.

1656 days ago


Kate is number 1 in my eyes. She has come a long ways. I've enjoyed her so much with DWTS. She is gaining confidents. She is beautiful. I have so much respect for her. Each week she is doing so much better. What a MOM!!! We love you and we are watching you and wishing you the best tonight. I know you can do this. Smile and show more confidents. I know you been through hell but I really have high hopes for you. Doris

1656 days ago


32. He wants custody so as to get out from under monthly support payments. He'd rather she pay him.
Then he'd have an income w/o breaking a sweat.

Posted at 10:44 AM on Apr 12, 2010 by lee

Basically, you are right.

But basically he wants to sit on his lazy butt until some little hot thing wants to get next to his slime for fame.
Go to bed kiddies I want to get my freak on.

1656 days ago


Kate just makes me sick.In my op inion she is a bad mom.I really hope john gets custody of the kids.She is on tv all the time looking for attention ,fake tears all for show.The octomon is a far better mom and its time someone lets kate know we are not open to her lies and games.She has asked for all the attentiono .Man she makes me ill she is so phony/

1656 days ago

A Mom Myself    

Clearly, Jon's ego is as big as his jelly belly and as big as his lack of hair and good common sense!

1656 days ago


Given Jon's ability to stick to a job, a girl, an apt., a state for cripes sake. He is in no position to ask to have custody of these kids. He lacks stability, food and functioning household leader. He wants the judge to provide him with a home now that his sluts have kicked him out. Hell he was never an adult in his marriage, he was the little boy playing house. When he grew up to be a teenager he ran away from home (divorce) to get his rocks off regaining his twenties that the "lost" running around like a homeless friend mooching off everyone. Blowing all his cash.

The courts saw fit to escrow some of his divorce money due to his lack of ability to pay his bills. I think that is were the 20K is a figure he is using as child support. Methinks Jon is a liar again about that one too. He lied about stealing money from the family which the courts had him return. Yeah he is a peach of a person. I would hate to have him near my house.

While Kate has her faults, she clearly is a driven goal oriented person who knows this "celebrity" is going to come to an end someday and why not gain all the cash to raise the kids now. There will be times ahead when nursing will be the job she has to take.

1656 days ago


I will take I don't give a rat's butt for a thousand alex.

1656 days ago


Someone needs to slap Jon with a common sense stick. Get a job, go to work, prove you can provide for the freaking kids, and THEN you could try to get custody, although I'm still on Team Kate.
What an idiot.

1655 days ago


great video

1655 days ago


I think Kate has every right to work. She needs to make as much as she can while she can. The amount she is making is only temporary, this will not last forever. John needs to focus on the same instead of spending every last penny on lawers!!!!!!!!!! Spend the money on your kids, grow up loser!!!!!!!!!!!

1655 days ago


I think Kate has every right to work. She needs to make as much as she can while she can. The amount she is making is only temporary, this will not last forever. John needs to focus on the same instead of spending every last penny on lawers!!!!!!!!!! Spend the money on your kids, grow up loser!!!!!!!!!!!

1655 days ago
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