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'American Idol' Bandleader

Headed for Leno

4/13/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "American Idol" musical director Rickey Minor will become the new Kevin Eubanks on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

We're told the announcement is supposed to be made tomorrow.

Minor has worked as a musical director for Beyonce, Ray Charles, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and many others.  He was also musical director for the Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl.

Eubanks is leaving the show late next month... exactly the same time "Idol" goes on hiatus.

UPDATE: NBC has officially confirmed TMZ's story ... Minor will debut on "The Tonight Show" on June 7.



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First and this is the last season

1653 days ago


surprise, surprise, another token black guy

1653 days ago


Jay seems to have a thing for bald black guys!

1653 days ago


wait that's not kevin eubanks?

1653 days ago


Apparently only bald black musicians find Jay funny.

1653 days ago



1653 days ago


Maybe he can get a gig with kevin in about a year, when the Tonight Show ends........Viva Conando!!!

1653 days ago


That looks like Biff Henderson from the Late Show. Can you put up a side by side comparison?

1653 days ago


Where is KOOKY?
Where is KOOKY?
Here I am, here I am.
How are you today?
Very well, thank you.
Go away, go away.

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1653 days ago


this obama mania has got to stop, im getting sick and tired of seeing nothing but blacks on t.v. be fore obama became head black aa the white house it was fine they werent in every damn commerical and t.v. show, they kept to the black networks, but now? getting really old im not watching anything with a black in it anymore,period, when obama leaves office and gets impeached wont take long till things are back to normal, i never used to be this way, ever,i sure wowuldnt hire a black, sad isnt it, no matter how much they make? they are still the biggest segment of our society that are the criminals and on welfare

1653 days ago


Dream on #8. Go find yourself a conan site.

1653 days ago


ugh i used to like mike on tmz live but he is really not contributing anymore other than interrupting people and sticking up for big ben.
bring back the two lawyers permanently, harvey can do the star gossip and answer the questions and the lawyer (i forget his name, sorry) can be the usual voice of reason. then i wont have to skip ahead like 45 seconds to the end of mike's pointless rants.
p.s. i know he gets all whiny when people complain about him. i am prepared for some more whining about how everybody dislikes his comments, but ill just skip over that too.
by the way, he wasn't always like this! what the hell happened i used to love mike. just seems like too opinionated or something.

1653 days ago


#11 zippy. You think you're superior?? You are a piece of crap. People like you are really better off dead. That's my wish for you. You sound old and miserable. I'm sure if you ended it tonight, no one would care. By the way, I'm white and find you disgusting. You live in a trailer, don't you?

1653 days ago


Zippy, for many years all we saw on tv was white america congested on every channnel and you have the audacity to complain now that you see a few well deserved blacks on tv. And as for the Obama comment on him being impeached,if Bush stayed in office what makes you think he won't. For the history of the presidency all we've ever known was the elder wrinkled up white men who couldn't relate to the average american. And no I'm not on welfare,I'm a college degreed african american making 6-figures annually thank god! I can get hit upside the head but my knowledge can't be taken away by you some of you bitter people. Now you have a small taste of what black americans have been enduring for years and some white people like to comment that racism is over if your comments weren't totally and completely racist I don't know what is and I bet you work alongside blacks acting all fake @ work and then run to your computer @ home to type up this mess!

1653 days ago

The Ascension    

And to TMZ Land ppl like Zippy are why this country can't grow up with 1950's mindframe.He said he was never like this but c'mon you know damn well you are racist to the core Do me a favor just kill yourself because that confederacy **** is dead and gone.Conservatives claim to be Christians but are the biggest racists.You can't do a damn thing about what's going on blacks,Latinos,Muslim,Gay,Interracial Dating isnt going anywhere hahahahahaha! I laugh at ppl like you God has a place for hateful ppl like you...........Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1653 days ago
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