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'American Idol' Bandleader

Headed for Leno

4/13/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "American Idol" musical director Rickey Minor will become the new Kevin Eubanks on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

We're told the announcement is supposed to be made tomorrow.

Minor has worked as a musical director for Beyonce, Ray Charles, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and many others.  He was also musical director for the Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl.

Eubanks is leaving the show late next month... exactly the same time "Idol" goes on hiatus.

UPDATE: NBC has officially confirmed TMZ's story ... Minor will debut on "The Tonight Show" on June 7.



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Am I seeing things or are we really fighting about black people being on tv? Did I enter some time warp? Am I in like 1957 or something?

1631 days ago


WOW!! From racism and Hypocrites and jackass selling crap!!! YEAH TMZ!!!

As for the LAST YEAR FOR LENO ON THE TONIGHT SHOW!!! HA HA HA HA!! Check the ratings morons...FIRST PLACE!!! Coconut couldn't do that, why? YOU DIDN'T WATCH THE SHOW!!! MORONS!!!

HYPOCRITES...COCO bumpes LOPEZ BACK an hour!! You morons are a JOKE!!! LETS SEE how LOCO you are for COCO when LOPEZ gets FIRED!! HERE WE GO AGAIN!!

1631 days ago


You are a piece of crap zippy. I get it, you're upset because a black man holds power in status amongst men. Get over it. I'm not a big Obama fan myself, but not because he's black but I don't necessarily agree with his politics.

You hold that against him and you should be ashamed. God made something dysfunctional in you. We are all human. In the inside, we are all the same. The outside is what's different. Only a fool would not see it clearly as that. You should take the time to think about it and yourself. Self reflection is needed when you stand out amongst the crowd. You're a fool, regardless if it's internet shock you're doing or not.

1631 days ago


Zippy, as a white male I find your comments highly offensive. I also make 6 figures like adm1234 and several of my closest friends (and the godfather to my child) are black. It is racist, small-minded comments like yours that make the rest of us look bad.

The only reason your life is in the crapper is due to your own failings. Quit trying to blame others for your lot in life. I know your kind love FOX News and Guns and George W., but how about raising yourself out of the swamp and discovering that there are quality people everywhere and of every color, and religion and shape and size. Small-minded thinking is dragging this country down and hinders our ability to compete globally. Rise above it and open your eyes to the truth and ask what you are doing to better your life instead of casting blame elsewhere.....

1631 days ago


Ricky Minor will be missed. He has his group doing a very good job. Sorry to see him Go.

1631 days ago



1631 days ago


Zippy #11-I'm African American and your post didn't really upset me. I think because it's clear you are an idiot...and probably very unsuccessful in all your endeavors.

Nancy #14-you're a good person.

1631 days ago


Why is Kevin Eubanks leaving Leno?the real reason

1631 days ago


i love kooky

1631 days ago


Why do you even acknownledge *** MONSTERS like zippy. Anyways I guess their trying to trick all the old by hiring another brother

1631 days ago

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1631 days ago


confirms "TMZ's story" ???? Lame o's, this story had already been broke and posted on various sites including Yahoo way before you goofballs ever posted it.

1631 days ago


I love Kevin. Can't believe he's leaving.

1631 days ago


Well, Ricky abandoned one sinking ship for another. AI is pretty much done. He had a good run there. Jay might have another couple years, but I think people are realizing how stale he is. There isn't longevity there. Best of luck to Ricky, though!

1630 days ago


Come on Conan fans. Will you finally get it through your heads that Conan did bad on the tonight show. He let Letterman beat him every night. Now that Jay's back, Letterman doesn't win the ratings. This seems like it should be clear to you ignorant Conan fans. Jay...good....Conan .....bad. Do I need to repeat?

1628 days ago
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