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Kate's Brother: Reality Show Damaged the Kids

4/14/2010 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin's 8 kids suffered psychological damage while filming "Jon & Kate Plus 8 ... this according to Kate's own brother.

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin
Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi just testified at a Philadelphia hearing on child labor laws and reality television shows. Kevin said the kids had no privacy during the taping -- even their potty training was captured on video.

Kevin also said the kids suffered psychological damage as a result of the show, adding there were safety issues in the house, including large lighting equipment that created a danger.

During his testimony, Kevin said the Gosselins' kids were manipulated by producers who wanted drama.

UPDATE: Kevin's testimony is interesting ... considered a potty training scene was filmed at his house.

TLC tells TMZ the allegations are "either completely inaccurate or a distorted representation for maximum attention."

Jon Gosselin also released a statement, saying "the allegations made by Kevin and Jodi have not been my experience at all during the production."


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C'mon people, use your brains! These people started out with two children. On their salaries at the time, even they knew they couldn't afford more children. Kate came up with the idea to get IVF. Kate set this whole thing up with dollar signs bouncing in her eye sockets. The entire fiasco is about money NOT ABOUT THOSE KIDS! Funny, neither family is allowed to be a part of the children's lives, only Kate. Kate has control of everything, it's all about Kate. Who allows ANYONE to tape their children being potty trained? This bitch is out of control and only see's fame & fortune and if that means exploiting/abusing her children for the almighty dollar, so be it...that was the plan from the beginning after all. DWTS is a total joke, yet another opportunity to gain sympathy, bash Jon and make herself look like such a victim. Notice her facial expressions when the judges criticize her - the same expression she gives her children, the same expression she gave Jon & anyone else who doesn't pump her ego or agree with her. It is truly sickening that she demands the focus be on her and not her children who didn't ask for any of this!! She will her judgement day...where she has no control!!!

1654 days ago


Kate, shouldn't you be practicing dancing instead of surfing the internet for news about yourself? Go back to your practice for your rigged DWTS. You look like an idiot out there and you need more practice.

1654 days ago


To anyone who thinks that Jodi and Kevin are only out for fame, think again. Watch the early episodes of the show and see how wonderful they were to the kids, how low-key they were - they never asked for any sort of limelight. It wasn't until TLC wanted to pay them and Kate pitched a holy fit did the Kreiders stop filming. The whole time they were concerned with how the filming was encroaching on the kids' lives, and this hearing has been pending for at least a year. They have nothing to GAIN from this except to see the rights of their nieces and nephews upheld.

Jon and Kate are both pigs from hell. Jon - for crying out loud - you AGREED with Kevin and Jodi last year when you went and attacked Kate for filming the kids. So now all of a sudden you don't agree? Shut up, pig.

And Kate - go break a couple legs on DWTS. You are a hideous beast.

1654 days ago



Good improvement on your dancing Monday night. Learning how to dance without ever having taken any ballet or dance instruction is like trying to build a skyscraper when you've never seen one!


1654 days ago


Jodi is a vindictive b*tch! She had no problems when she and her children were being filmed, only after TLC no longer needed her! If she were so concerned for the children, she wouldn't have bashed their parents in the interview she SOLD to ROL and she would tell her sister to take down the hate site that she helped start! Kevin only says what Jodi tells him to as his balls are in her purse!

1654 days ago


OH my god what a bunch of haters anyone who sides with the brother are nuts and probly just jealous people who cant stand that kate makes money wow All you haters if someone came to you to make loads of money you wouldnt say no either wow just jealous fools go get a life people!! Some of these comments are just assign!!

1654 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

I think having kooks for parents is what damaged them.

1654 days ago


Who says the kids are damaged ?? The brother ??? that is a joke who is he what credentials does he have to say this ?? how do all of you haters know how the kids are ? im sure they are just fine There are more kids in the world who need help not these kids for god sake get a life haters none know crap about these kids !!

1654 days ago



You are a waste of skin parent. So is Jon. I feel sorry for your children. Of course you can defend yourself... however you want to spin it to make yourself okay with ruining your childrens lives. Karma is a Bitch Kate!!

1654 days ago


Kate, please go away. Many families have just as many kids as you, yet never whored themselves or their kids out as a means of income. They got a real job and made things happen. Try that novel concept if you want to do what's best for your kids. Show them a true rolemodel instead of an absent-minded parent who only is out for fame and handouts.

1654 days ago


I know how producers are when it comes to manipulating a shot- their mentality is that their career depends on it and they'll do and say anything and twist reality to no end in editing.

1654 days ago


ALL kids suffer some kind of physchological damage, who are we kidding. Being on reality tv is no more damaging than being raised in an abusive home, a home where there is only one parent, an alcholic parent, a drugged out parent, a parent in jail, yadda, yadda, yadda. The kids look like they're having fun 90% of the time. Pretty good, if you ask, me. Clearly, both Jon & Kate love their kids, they want a good life for them and a college education, that doesn't come cheap. Kate, keep doing what your doing, I was a single mom for a long time,only had two and it wasn't easy. Jon, get a job and quit chasing after young things with money. Oh yea, go on a diet would ya, it's not healthy to be in your shape. Brother and sister in law should go take care of their own families, or perhaps they're shopping for a show of their own, they could call it backstabbers!

1654 days ago


Daddys cheating and bringing his whores home damaged the kids.

1654 days ago


Well I guess Kate's brother is an expert in child psychology now. Was there ever evidence that any of the children were actually harmed in any physical way by this equipment ?
There seems to be some animosity here in the Kate and her brother situation. For a brother to go totally against his own sister, there must be an underlying issue. They didn't seem to have a problem being involved with the show at the time. He even let his own children be exposed on the show as well. If he and Jodi had true concerns they would have never allowed the filming in their own home with his and her family. I smell a rat, and see a snake in this situation.

1654 days ago


Glenda your are so right on with this I think the brother is so upset he isnt on the Kate train lol too bad !!! what a jerk lets just say this is all true wow what kind of brother is this ?? I dont belive a word TLC has alot at stake and belive me they played by the book they arent going to loose nothing !!! They know the laws all these networks know the laws Goooooo away haters !

1654 days ago
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