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Kate's Brother: Reality Show Damaged the Kids

4/14/2010 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin's 8 kids suffered psychological damage while filming "Jon & Kate Plus 8 ... this according to Kate's own brother.

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin
Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi just testified at a Philadelphia hearing on child labor laws and reality television shows. Kevin said the kids had no privacy during the taping -- even their potty training was captured on video.

Kevin also said the kids suffered psychological damage as a result of the show, adding there were safety issues in the house, including large lighting equipment that created a danger.

During his testimony, Kevin said the Gosselins' kids were manipulated by producers who wanted drama.

UPDATE: Kevin's testimony is interesting ... considered a potty training scene was filmed at his house.

TLC tells TMZ the allegations are "either completely inaccurate or a distorted representation for maximum attention."

Jon Gosselin also released a statement, saying "the allegations made by Kevin and Jodi have not been my experience at all during the production."


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Jon damaged the kids.

1651 days ago


oh this is the same brother and sister in law, who ALSO appeared on the show. nice try, your 15 minutes are up

1651 days ago


I watched a recent interview with Jodi and Kevin and Gloria Alred, and while Gloria's remarks about the lack of adequate child actor protection rules in some states sounded reasonable, not once did Gloria back up any of the complaints Jodi and Kevin made about the TLC show. Careful lady! She is using Jodi and Kevin just to get viewers, they are using the interview to get cash they would liked to get from the show, and the advertisers were using the interview to sell, etc. Kind of a sick world, isn't it?
I read somewhere that "reality show" rules in Pennsylvania differ from regular acting job rules. These are interesting distinctions and need to be addressed.
However, it is clear that Jon and Kate spent more time with their children as a result of the show than they would have be able to do had they had other jobs. I can't see any way other than welfare that they would have been able to look after those 8 children all so close in age, very abnormal cir***stance, without 2 good jobs plus either nannies or volunteers. The show was a better solution.
Unfortunately their desperation allowed TLC to pay them inadequately for the first years, and their success enabled them to correct that in the last two years, and now, after her success with DWTS ratings, TLC decided Kate may be the primary ratings winner in the family, hence her new shows. Kudos to Kate! I find it curious that some Americans have a problem with hardworking career women and dominant women. Is this a problem with lower income groups or older women or men? I just don't get it. Has anyone done an analysis on the haters to find out if they are all stay at home mothers, or even welfare bums or if any of them are career women with high paying jobs? I think we need better support for working mothers, whether married or not! Best of luck to all of them, including Kate.

1651 days ago


This Brother is one idot to say they made them film not on christmas day lol what movie or show about Christmas is filmed on Christmas day all show are filmed way ahead of time He is a jerk one big jerk !! that is called being taped ahead of time you ars !!!!

1651 days ago


I highly doubt Kate is posting here.

In my opinion, Jon and Kate Gosselin are despicable human beings.

Filming what should be the private moments of a child is reprehensible, and has the potential to create a lot of unnecessary psychological harm. I don’t care that a certain ilk condones it because they lack the wisdom to see the implications. We don’t own our children; philosophically, children have a, certain autonomy from their parents; they’re individuals. That autonomy grows into other areas as the child ages; i.e., psychologically and legally. The role of a parent is a caregiver. Unfortunately, some parents see their children as a commodity. Children need separate, legal protection under those cir***stances. I can’t imagine the pressure a child must feel when it’s ingrained in them that it’s their job to be filmed.

The kind of filming that was done on the Gosselin children was invasive and unnecessary. This wasn’t an issue of children making a conscious choice to be filmed and put under scrutiny; it was foisted on them from a very young age. Jon and Kate allowed their children to be filmed as a way to pay for their prior mistakes and inadequacies.

I don’t have a problem with Kate trying to make it on her own. If she can find an audience that finds her engaging she’ll continue to be successful.

Popular culture encourages people with no discernible talent to embark on a career simply because they desire it. Some people don’t mind being the butt of a joke, if it’s lining their pockets; dignity seems to be a thing of the past.

1651 days ago


Kate you are a such a famewhore. I hope Jon gets the children. They deserve better.

1651 days ago


towlam you are a moran if jon gets them they will all starve to death give me a break !!! what are you 10 ??

1651 days ago


funny how a lot of people are accusing jodi and kevin of negative things.

not so funny is how kate has treated her ENTIRE family (jon and the children mainly) like crap!!!!!!! i can not believe any real mommy could watch all of the jon and kate episodes (yes...from their original two hour do***entary on) and in any way believe that kate is a good mother or good person for that matter!!!! she is a witch!!!!!!!!

she loves to glorify herself. she was constantly looking to the camera for support in her belittling warfare against jon.

kate likes to keep secrets. kate likes to play fake mommy. kate likes to demean other people including her own children.

kate is a very, very scared insecure woman. she is ignorant, close-minded, not world savvy, immature, rigid, and uptight.

she run her marriage into the ground. you cant tell her anything, she already knows!!!!!

kate personal issues will always destroy her personal relationships. she is a taker. she has always been a very, very angry person. this didnt start with jon. (by the way...she sent jon packing long before he "cheated" on her. he was ready to end the show...thats what ended the marriage)

when her children finally get their chance...well, kate still wont get it. its exhausting seeing her face on t.v. i am soooooooo over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1651 days ago


oh...kate you dont look like kelly ripa and you never will so quit fake!!!!!!!

1651 days ago


Beth are you kidding me you act like you know these people?? Hilarious how you think you know them by watching reality tv or gossip site lol who is the ignorant person here wow get a life women !!

1651 days ago


Beth sounds like you are one jealous person what do you look like lol I think Kate looks great !! Better than ever !!!

1651 days ago


anyone who beats up on their husband and children like that is a poor excuse for moms and wives. she is a screamer and a camera whore. have you never watched jon and kate?

when i got home from work today, while watching CNN, i saw a bleep about the pennsylvania decision regarding the gosselin children. yes...i was curious. kate has been shoving her crybaby issues down our throats for a year. i was curious to see if the state was supporting the rights of these children. a year in the life of jon and kate can be recovered, they are adults. a year in the life of the gosselin children is very, very sad.

my opinion of kate is own opinion. remember, kate is the one that keeps reminding everyone how "real" their show was. and i think (again tiv that is allowed in my world) that she is a bitch!!!!!! as a mother, a wife and as a woman.

tiv...i didn't have to buy my belly. i worked for it. so if you are asking how i stay in such great shape and why i am a truly happy person in my marriage, with my children, my job and my world because i take personal responsibility for my happiness and the happiness of the people in my life. i dont try to buy it. i listen. i see. i try to make my life better. i wish you the same. i would almost bet every dollar i have (and a have a lot of them...more than kate. a scale you can understand) i have got it way more together than you. just remember, honey, you are the one that went there. YOU are the one that has to bring it to that level with ME...go team kate!!!!!!

Better tiv?

1651 days ago


ho hos or twinkies, tiv? try an apple.

1651 days ago


LOL i knew it was all about you I dont prejudge people i dont know and you shouldnt either watching people on tv and gossip things are not the real people !! and i dont come on site and bash people i dont know !! I belive me have alot myself and i dont put people down for bettering themselves life is to hard to do that!! just remmber hollywood isnt real i live there and i know all about reality tv so dont judge people you dont know nothing about

1651 days ago


ho ho's or twinkies what does that mean belive me i look pretty dam good for my age honey weighed 105 all my life and could eat anything i wanted so im not jealous of people who look good people fat and ugly care dont they beth and if people want to pay for looking better so what !!!

1651 days ago
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