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Marc Cherry -- More Proof I Never Hit Nicollette ...

4/14/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry scored some high-powered support in his legal war with Nicollette Sheridan last night ... and it wasn't just because he paid for dinner.

Marc Cherry -- More Proof I Never Hit Nicollette ...
Cherry and "Housewives" star Dana Delany chowed down together at Bouchon in L.A. -- on Marc's dime -- and while Marc wasn't talking about the lawsuit, Dana told us she'd never seen any violence on set and called him "a great boss."

As we previously reported, several members on the show's crew -- along with Eva Longoria -- also stand by their producer.


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It's unfortunate that Nicolette lost her job; but trying to get some publicity in this manner is pretty "desperate". Certainly doesn't do much to help attract future employers either.

1650 days ago


Desperate Nicolette needs to move on.

1650 days ago


Of course the current cast is standing by him, you think they want the rest of their time on the show to be miserable?
Look, none of us know what really happened, and we probably never will. But Marc sure comes across as that creepy guy that has a shrine in his basement to his mother and who spends his free time brushing hair on wigs and talking to them while calling them "mother" - just saying.

1650 days ago


Also, on Ryan Seacrest the other day with Eva Longoria, she said "there was an incident" but them blew it off and said she didnt know what it was.
You don't say "there was an incident" if you are 100% behind this guy.

1650 days ago

northern gypsy    

i have a feeling if you believe half of what she say's and half of what he say's...
you'll come up with the truth...good luck getting either one to admit it !!!

1650 days ago

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1650 days ago


Have you ever worked in an office or on a set? My experience says that if Marc Cherry had hit anyone, let alone a major player, the incident would have been reported "by unnamed sources" to every entertainment show in the land. Apparently, Nicole's reporting of it a year and one-half later is the first time the story is coming out. Curiouser and curiouser.

1650 days ago


Kooky we haven't heard from you in ages!! I believe Nicole...

1650 days ago


Nicolette did report it to abc That marc looks like a real Biatch to me and could fly off the handle !!! like he could have a hissy fit if you know what i mean !!! And the cast is not going to say anything and loose their jobs come one here

1650 days ago


I believe her - and miss her on the show.
Her replacement character, Angie, is terrific.

1650 days ago


Nicolette doesn't seem like the kind of person to make a false allegation like that.

Of course the actresses are standing behind Marc, they need a paycheck!!!!

1650 days ago


I believe Nicolette. He is sort of emotional and queenie and I can see him totally loosing it. Also, none of the other people are going to go against him.

1650 days ago


I believe every word of it. Anyone who has spent any time working in LA production knows that, not only do you believe what you hear, you times it by ten.

I have 15 years in production and just when I thought I'd seen it all, something else happens. I've had food thrown at me because it wasn't cooked enough, or it did or did not have pickles. I have picked up highly delicate prescriptions. I have covered for so many affairs that I could write a Harelqiun novel. Drug runs? Please. It's on speed dial. I have worked so much non-compensated overtime that it would make any labor attorney wish it was 1901 again.

Let's face it. Hollywood is notoriously abusive and it will always be this way until brave people like Nicolette speak up against it. The reason why people don't is because they will be blackballed and never work again.

Good for Nicolette.

1648 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

to the people who think nicolette is actually telling the truth remember this: almost ALL "behind the scenes" people are creepy/weird looking, if they weren't they'd be ON the screen.
If I were Marc Cherry and had to deal with a bunch of money hungry diva's *i'd* be arguing with them ALL day! i'm sure an arguement is what they're referring to.

and as for nicolette? if you just shut up, do your job and stop complaining you won't get written off the show - you're not the writer or producer, you're paid to ACT, keep you're comments to yourself and arguements will keep to a minimum. So now you're losing money, and want publicity? well good, cuz now that you've told the entire world you're accusing the creator of the show the paid you act on, of abuse... there's not a production company in the world that's going to want to hire you now ... moron

1648 days ago


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